A Conversation with Mike Reiss

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  1. Murphys95

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    As many of you know, we broadcast an all fan Patriots post-game show every week. This past week we had the opportunity to speak with Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe. He is a great reporter and is extremely passionate about the Pats. The entire conversation is part of our latest show. Give a listen, it's definitely worth it...

    Link to our Post-Game Show
    (FYI, you can listen via streaming audio, just click "listen now")

    Here are some of the topics he discussed in depth:

    *Bill Belichick's Press Conferences
    *Corey Dillon's Future with the Pats
    *Marquise Hill
    *NFL playing regular season games overseas

    I love the answer he gives to his favorite football movie. :)
  2. PhilD

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    Nice job guys. Good insights. This is well worth a listen, and a bump!
  3. njpatsfan

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    Has been on my Ipod podcast list all season.

  4. patsox23

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    bump bump bump
  5. tdw777

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    Scott and Dugan do a fantastic job.
  6. MrBigglesWorth

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    good stuff, Reiss is the most informative IMO
  7. Patriotic

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    #12 Jersey

    Very insightful at the end of the interview when Mike expresses his appreciation of covering the Patriots. From the team's superb play to the fan's passion, Reiss says he's having a "blast" and considers it an honor to cover the Pats. How many sportswriters can honestly say that? And Reiss's joy is reflected in his consistent fine work.

    Good thoughts for all us us to keep in mind as we approach a national day of appreciation.
  8. Hoodie

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    I've never listened to Murphy's report before. It's pretty good. Love the interview with Reiss.

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