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  1. fair catch fryar

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    Normally, I'm not this sappy. For that, I apologize, but I just had to share this. To some of you this may not even relate, but this whole situation personally reminds me of the recruiting scandal that UMaine hockey got into back in the mid-90s! I'm from Maine, went to UMaine and I am as crazy about about college hockey as I am football. To make a long story short, after putting together one of the greatest college hockey teams of all-time(42-1-2) and winning their 1st NCAA title, Shawn Walsh(RIP) and the UMaine program went from the pinnacle to the pot within a year because of some **** that happened involving recruiting. Anyways, everyone outside of Maine wanted him fired and said the program was now tainted, and so, and so on. Walsh owned up to it, apologized, and served his suspension, along with some pretty severe penalties imposed on UMaine.

    The point of my story is that while the whole scandal was happening and Shawn Walsh's name was being dragged through the mud, I happened to be his waiter while he and his family were having dinner. For most of the night I gave him his privacy until near the end when I just had to tell him that I was proud of what he had done for UMaine hockey and still supported him. He very sincerely said, "thank you", and introduced me to his wife and kid. He continued on about how it was because of the countless fans and supporters that he had behind him that drove him to be even better. After that year, he rebuilt the program that eventually went on to win another title. Sadly enough, Walsh succumbed after a battle with cancer, but his ability to coach, game-plan, and motivate his players puts him in an elite group of his peers.

    No matter what the sport, all great coaches have a fortitude that separates them from the rest. In New England, BB has the support of one of the best fan-bases anywhere. As long as that's in place he will continue to coach here and make the New England Patriots and it's fans glad he did!
  2. DaBruinz

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    Thank you for sharing that story. I feel that Pats fans should treat BB the same way. Support him because he made a mistake. We're all human.
  3. Nordy

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    UND alum and life long Fighting Sioux fan here.

    And I agree there are some similarities here. These days no college hockey fans think of that Maine team as tainted. I think in the long run once some time goes by and the media sensationalism of the story goes away people will see that the Patriots of this decade really were a great team that doesn't deserved to be dragged through the mud.

    btw the Hrkac Circus was better :D
  4. MrBigglesWorth

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    good story, thanks for posting
  5. fair catch fryar

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    I agree with on the Pats, but no team is even close to the '93 Black Bears(Kariya, Snow, Dunham, Montgomery....)
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