A call for Thanksgiving, and for Renewed Glory

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  1. kolbitr

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    I hate to start a new thread at a time like this, but I felt that a few things should be said.

    We lost today, not necessarily to a better team, but to an outstanding player who finally came through when it mattered most.

    We were weakened by injury, by flu, by more injury, and by feeble playcalling in the second half, yet still nearly beat one of the best QBs in the game at the top of his game, who summoned up the cojones after a futile first half. He, and the Colts, should be proud.

    Losing is not shameful. That was an exhausted and spent team out there. It is a devastating loss, but this will make us stronger.

    For those who begrieve the end of our run: remember that the 49ers took a three-year hiatus between Super Bowl wins 2 and 3, that those years resulted in some abominable playoff performances, even on the part of the great man Joe Montana, and some lousy coaching on the part of the genius Bill Walsh.

    We will come back. We will regroup. Some will leave, some will retire, but we will return again to the promised land.

    Have faith, friends. Be strong and patient, and let's carry ourselves in the crush of loss and heartbreak as proudly as we have done when our beloved Patriots have given us game after game of inspired success.

    That win tonight was one of the ages, on the part of Manning. It may be his last hurrah, or not. But it is certainly not ours.
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    I agree with the philosophy of your post. No shame in losing a good game to a good team. We played well but they played better. We'll see you next year.
  3. 3 to be 4

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    awesome post. thanks.
  4. Tunescribe

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    Good post. Keep the faith, I think we overachieved this year and will be a stronger team next season. We have money under the cap and a GREAT draft to look forward to.
  5. #56300ex

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    Sorry, but I'm still pi$$ed :mad:
  6. BruschiOnTap

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    this dynasty talk is really over-used... I don't care about being a dynasty, I just care about fielding a winning team

    talk about dynasties in ten years, let's just win games

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