8 Giants players sold their Super Bowl 42 rings within 6 months of receipt

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    Micheal Strahan apparently is in financial problems and selling his ring for nearly $50,000.

    Giants Super Bowl XLII ring from Tiffany's on sale for $47,995 at Championship-Rings.net - NY Daily News

    8 players from the 53 or so from the 2007 Giants team and from the biggest upset in Super Bowl history to selling this cherished piece of jewelry is an alarmingly big number
    ....I guess nothing is sacred is some athletes careers and blowing away thier millions they earned in the NFL and resorting to selling their ring is the only way out?

    I don't know about these guys,but if I had one of those rings as a player,I am going to die with it on my finger unless my kids need it more for their education Ect:
  2. brdmaverick

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    Its especially surprising to see someone such as Strahan have to succumb to selling his ring.

    After all, it would be a little more undertandable if it was a player who got very little to no playing time.
  3. Danny

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    I bet Tiki Barber bought one.


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    Not to mention that his job on CBS has got to be paying him some very handsome numbers.....he is not unemployed and his presence being one of the biggest reasons why Brady had a miserable time in the pocket in that Super Bowl leaves me even more perplexed,it wasn't like he was on the practice squad or something :confused:


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    To me this is one of the top 2 most sacred pieces of Jewelry in Sports with maybe the only thing beating owning your own Super Bowl ring might be an Olympic Medal you won.
  6. byfuglien

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    Where in the article does it say Strahan sold/is selling his ring?

    The salesman said they don't disclose that kind of stuff.
  7. patsfan-1982

    patsfan-1982 In the Starting Line-Up

    it says Strahan helped with the design of the ring and that the guy thats saleing the ring was not a starter, it says he called it a "10-table ring" but it not he's ring
  8. Fencer

    Fencer Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    An example that I completely understand was Bob Cousy. He and his wife were old enough to move into some kind of assisted living, and he didn't make all that much money back in those days anyway. So he auctioned off some of his major awards, because he didn't have room for them any more anyway, and because the money he got from them was a big part of what he was going to be able to leave/give to his kids and grandkids.

    I.e., for a guy from HIS generation, it's totally understandable that every $100,000 counts for a lot, and anyhow he kept the stuff for decades before saying.

    But the younger ones -- bad signs all the way around.

    That said, IIRC Strahan had a very expensive divorce.
  9. ahmed

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    I read somewhere that something like two thirds of the players go broke within a couple years of retirement so it's not surprising. However, I don't buy Strahan is selling his. The guy has a cushy job at Fox and he seems way too smart to have blown away all the money he's made in a long and very good career.
  10. Willie55

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    It doesn't say Strahan sold his ring. It only says he named it the "10-table ring"

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  11. Gwedd

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    In the end, it's just a piece of jewelry, though it would be the very LAST possession I ever sold if it came down to it. If my family needed shelter, or food, or some life-saving medical procedure, etc, then yeah....... it's going on the block. But otherwise, it would stay with me.
  12. MoLewisrocks

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    I guess reading really is a lost art...

    8 players sold their rings within 6 months and while still on the team. I'd guess those guys were PS or end of roster players making less per month than that ring brought, and it likely paid off some debt or kept them afloat. Heck, that was an unusual team in that two heros of that game were either out of work or in jail in two years. This ring is one of those 8 sold in 2008 that an investor/collector bought at that time and is now looking to resell...
  13. PittPatriot

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    A few of our guys may have also been in the bidding (Seau)…too bad we couldn't get one for them. I wish Junior was an assistant coach with the 2011 Pats so he could get his revenge next week.
  14. jays52

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    Who would buy the ring someone else earned? I couldn't be around something like that, nevermind have it in my house under those circumstances. It would be the most depressing thing in the world to have the culmination of someone's life work, and symbolic of the zenith of athletic accomplishment, that I had acquired through something ultimately meaningless.
  15. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    You mean you won't want to display a 2001, 2003 or 2004 NEP SB ring on your mantel.

    It is not high on my to buy list, given the cost. But I can see why someone would buy one.
  16. jays52

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    Not at all man. I didn't earn it, and it would never belong to me...frankly I'd see it as disrespectful.
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  17. pwes

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    Because its the untimate collectable.
  18. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    Price-wise its not even close.

    There was a great article in Golf Digest regarding a green jacket that was on the auction circuit that was supposedly owned by Bobby Jones (golfer). Besides baseball cards from 1901 that go for about a million dollars, the winning bid for the jacket was around $300k. What made the article interesting was that the jacket is most likely not even legit, but a sample the clothing company gave to Augusta National back in the 30s.
  19. Uncle Rico

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    As a fan, if I had the money, I absolutely would buy one. Why not? As my signature pic shows, I was lucky enough to try on all three rings at once last year — it was an unreal feeling. (I also had the chance to try on a Sox '04 ring a few years back and that was cool, but nothing like having 36, 38 and 39).

    As for the story: Haven't read it yet, but I wonder how this compares to other years. Like, how many bottom-of-roster players — not to mention others in the organization —typically end up selling off their rings.
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  20. pwes

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    I'd say in the football world it is. I have no doubt something like Tom Brady's first SB ring would go for $500k+. Lesser players obviously would not fetch so much.
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