72 Dolphins rooted against PATS in week 9

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    Below is an excerpt from an SI article on the 72 Dolphins viewpoints on the PATS. The funny to me was the question to one of them during a game at Miami when they were winless: what's worst the PATS going undefeated or the Dolphins going winless...& he eventually picked undefeated! Obviously not a present day Dolphins fan!
    I can't wait for Shula's lukewarm reception / look on his face on giving the trophy to Coach B.!!!!

    From the article ....

    Invariably, the '72 Dolphins are asked to gauge their level of anxiety. If they are nervous, the threat is real. You knew the Patriots were good when they played the undefeated Colts in Week 9 and the Dolphins rooted for the Colts -- because they considered the Patriots a better candidate to finish the season undefeated.

    "Right now, I look down the road, and I just don't see anybody that will beat the Patriots," former Dolphins' tight end Jim Mandich said in the days leading up to that game. "They are a powerhouse. They have distanced themselves from the rest of the league in a way that I have not seen in 30 years of watching NFL football."

    The Patriots did beat the Colts, improving to 9-0, and a week later the Dolphins fell to 0-9. Several members of the '72 team sat in the alumni suite at Dolphin Stadium, including defensive back Charlie Babb. When asked what would be worse -- the Patriots going undefeated or the Dolphins going winless -- Babb asked for another option.

    Finally, Babb made the unpleasant choice. "If the Dolphins go winless, they can still get the No. 1 pick in the draft, come back next season, maybe even win the Super Bowl," he said. "If the Patriots go undefeated, then it will never be the same again."

    Call them curmudgeons, but they are correct. If the Patriots finish 19-0, they will go down as the best team in football history. The Dolphins can only hope to be second. They know that. It is why they have held their record so tightly for the past 35 years.
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    NO!!!Say it Ain't So.........;)
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    I still remember Shula talking about going out for crabcakes on MNF when Baltimore was looking decent to beat us. Go away you crusty old men.
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    Can't wait for the 72 Dolphins to be shut up for good.
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