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50th Anniversary - Pats Should Have Done More IMO

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by STH_from_MTL, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Am I the only one to be a tad disappointed by the way the Patriots have celebrated their 50th anniversary this season? Being the history buff and nostalgic freak that I am I was hoping for much more from the organization. Granted, there were some cool things this year such as the halftime ceremony during the Home Opener, the throwback unis, the Gameday Program covers with Phil Bessel (the father of the original Patriots logo), the exhibit at the Patriots museum, etc.

    But I feel that the Patriots missed a great opportunity to promote their history more often during home games. Two all-time Patriot greats (Bruschi, Harrison) retired last year and the organization did not honor them during a game this year!! Ted Johnson and Troy Brown were honored the year after they retired (and they deserved it). In the context of the team's 50th season, I would have expected the same, no? Also, I attended 5 home games this year and I haven't seen any capsule about great moments from the past or top-10 something on the Jumbotron. I thought that the Pats should have showcased the top-10s they have been running on patriots.com in the past year during home games. Those top-10s IMO were poorly promoted IMO.

    How about inviting a great player from the past, showing his face on the screen so that the fans could applaud him? Simple, but it always works. The Red Sox have understood this and seemingly always do that at Fenway -- I think that it is somewhat cool to see highlights from the likes of Luis Tiant, Carlton Fisk, Dwight Evans, etc during games. I would have enjoyed having a Gino Cappeletti Day, or a John Hannah Day, or a Steve Grogan Day, etc. A commemorative day for a different player for each home game basically. I think the Pats missed the boat there big time.

    Finally, I was hoping for the team - or someone else - to release the "official" book on the history of the team filled with high-quality pictures, good text and key stats. As to the DVDs, there are already a bunch of them on the market, so I'm good there. As to the ProShop, I also think that the Patriots were not very creative there. The commemorative logo is nice, but once I bought my hat and a tee-shirt, there was nothing left to be excited about.

    Again, I think that the Pats drop the ball big-time here. They should have hired the guy who ran the Montreal Canadiens Centennial celebrations up there. I hate the Habs but I have to tip my hat for what they have done to commemorate their history - activities that spanned over TWO seasons by the way.

    Am I the only one here to feel that way?
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