4 new guys signed per Reiss

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    Isn't Mortenson Chris Mortenson's son? Are they trying to get better press from him? :)
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    Sneaky scoundrel aren't you? :)
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    Mortensen's son is Alex Mortensen, who enrolled at Georgia Southern this year. source for that is the atlanta journal-constitution, 12/30/05.

    interestingly, i found 3 chris mortensens playing QB in colleges. one was nsigned this season as a UFA by the Detriot Lions. one is a QB at BYU. and a 3rd just finished his ssenior season at USD in san diego.
    have mercy.
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    Were you looking for Chris or Todd?
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    Earl Charles was one of those workout wonder types. He was never a big name throughout his career at Marshall but really wowed scouts with his strength at his pro day. He could be a good short yardage power back for us down the road, with his thick legs and compact body.

    Info I found:

    POSITIVES: Tough, inside-running ballcarrier who combines vision and instincts to get the job done. Patient, waits for blocks to develop and runs with an aggressive style. Bounces it around piles, drives up the field and picks up yardage off initial contact. Falls forward when tackled and works runs. Carries the ball with good balance.

    NEGATIVES: Not an explosive runner that can turn it on or run away from opponents. Cannot immediately change direction or create. Lacks the soft and natural hands as a receiver.

    ANALYSIS: A hard-working interior ballcarrier that does the little things well, Charles lacks the size/speed numbers to be anything more than a situational back at the next level.
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    Also Michael Wright, who has backed up Wilfork, was put on IR and Santonio Thomas, DE, was moved to the Active roster from the PS. Thomas might surprise, but losing Wright is unfortunate.
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    We signed the one from San Diego
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    Bummer about Wright, he's been a good addition and looked decent on tape. Thomas had some good reports from the Patsfans TC reporters before he got hurt.


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    We had Charles in training camp, and never even offered him a PS spot, even when Eckel and Chapman got signed. Makes me wonder.
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    Bill might be getting candidates for NFLE on board?
  12. Pats726

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    Actually he was signed as a UDFA and cut before camp. I really believe it was a numbers game even at the expanded roster. The Patriots had a load of players in and therejust wasn't room. I think he may have bounced around a few other teams..at least in tryouts. I remember an interview with him pre capmp and he seemed like he had his head on straight. I am happy he is back!! He may be a RB that can develop!! Rich Musinski was in camp and cut a week later. He wasn't that impressive at all, at times semed lost, but maybe they saw something they liked. Another one who may develop!! Todd Mortensen is another tall QB..signed by Detroit and may be good to have around..always need QBs in camp so?? 6-4 225??? The last is John Stone a WR 5-11 180. Willl be 27 this year. Played for the Raiders for 3 years..so maybe he needs another team situation ro develop. Played at Wake Forest.
    All good signings!!
  13. pats1

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    Musinski was on our training camp roster for about 3 days.

    I did get his autograph though, if that means anything.
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    I believe so. I think the allocation is within a month,

  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    Charles finished up with 800 yds at Marshall running on a bum knee - it could just be that he needed more rehab/minor surgery to get himself physically ready for this level. I know he was in for another tryout with Pioli late in the season. We brought in Evans and Cloud instead, but SP is seeing something he likes if he keeps bringing the kid back.

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