4 Downs with Felger-Comments?

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  1. Vataha

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    Anybody watch Felger's debut last.

    Here's my opinion of what I saw:

    I thought his breakdown of issues by fan consensus and reality was well thought out.

    Ron Borges(He picked the wrong Globe guy)He should cut bait and call Reiss
    Russ Francis(A smarter version of Smerlas)
    Don Banks(SI)(Good to get a National point of view)

    The guests did okay,Borges just rubs me the wrong way(he looks like a weasel/snake that has fallen down drunk on his face,one too many times).

    Guest piece:
    The Tom Brady interview and dry erase board diagraming of plays was must see TV for any true Patriots(or even NFL)fan.

    I'll give him an A- .

    FSN should give Felger an hour and dump that piece of crap,"New England Tailgate" show.(that show has got to be the biggest piece of crap on television).
    I would rather watch the "Wrong Language Network"(WLN).

    I don't always agree with Felger(when he starts to shriek),but his show is definitely worth watching.

    Check it out(I think FSN will rerun it again this weekend).

    Is it just me,or does Gary Tanguay:

    1:Make a lot of errors on his show regarding stats and general info.
    2:Never says anything positive(i:shrieking banshee)
    3:Wears a piece
    4:Suck now just as much as he did back on WVEI Worcester.(nobody would call in because he was unlistenable(Like WEEI).
    5:Have pictures of somebody in high places
  2. dtbrks

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    I agree. I thought the show was going to be a patriots bashing fest.. but it wasn't. Felger actually praised the pats a few times, specifically brady.

    I also thought he asked Brady some tough questions on the branch issue, that brady answered as best he could under the circomstances.
  3. jczxohn1

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    Last year, the Thursday night show (NE Tailgate, 4 downs was a feature, not a 1/2 hr) was re-broadcast on Fri in the same time slot. This year?
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  4. PatsSox363804

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    According to Yahoo tv listings they are. Tonight at 7:30.
  5. SaCaCh

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    Yes re-broadcast tonite at 7:30
  6. SVN

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    My opinion it was nothing special other than the Tom interview. The rest was the same.
    The whole consensus and reality thing - well its his own consensus and reality. i dont know who he asked to quantify his statements as consensus.
    "A good defense will mask branch's absence" - Duh ?
    Thats his reality nugget.

    and then he ask don banks his opinion on the pats chances or something and before he finishes -he says "i disagree".
    Constant use of words "i disagree","i dont think they will be able to .." ,"i think,i think" etc etc sound like radio show than any fair analyis.
    maybe it isnt a football analysis show.
    Borges was well borges..."patriots didnt need to start this jerry springer show...."
    Tangauy and dickerson are useless anyway..they spend 15 mins discussing "who is the leader on team" now that mcginest is gone. i watch that show in mute unless they interview some pats player then i turn on the sound.
  7. PATSNUTme

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    Actually, I thought that it was a good show. Now, how others are going to be without the Brady interview remains to be seen. I thought that the Brady interview made the show. The rest was pretty good.

    Felger even mentioned that POS Borges does not like the Patriots and Borges did not deny it. So, why have someone on the show who doesn't like the team? Why not have someone on the show who doesn't have an ax to grind? Does have to be bias toward the team but why have someone who is biased againts the team?
  8. patsox23

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    Can anyone summarize the "tough questions" Brady got asked about Branch and how he responded/seemed? Thanks.
  9. BillD

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    Felger show was ok, he comes off as a bit pompous sometimes. I'll watch it.
    It's a shame that the tail gate show is so bad. The production and script is way to sophomoric. I'd like them to cut the gag stuff and be a little more informative. I like Smerlis ok, but it would be better for the show if they replace him. Although I think they can't because, I heard that he and DeOssie
    own the rights to the show. Probably got that spelling wrong but, what the hey.
  10. BelichickFan

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    I liked Felger's show - even Borges didn't come across as a total asss although he has all season to change that.
  11. arrellbee

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    Borges generally disgusts me and I also thinks it's a slap in the face of the fans to put him on the show, but he was not too unreasonable or vitriolic last night. I don't have much expectation that he'll continue that way. WHY did they include him as a regular on that show ??

    Brady is such a solid guy. He expressed views that were not just shallow comments but had some real depth and meaning. He can express concerns and difficult aspects of the team and situations while keeping such a great perspective in terms of how these things fit into overall team success as the underlying goal. He is 'priceless'. How unbelievably lucky are we to be fans at this time.

    It's an interesting thing to ponder, but I suspect that we may never see Reiss on Felger's show. It strikes me that Felger might be exceedingly jealous of Reiss at this point. ?? ?? It will even be interesting to find out if we see any more of Reiss on Sports Tonight. Felger seems to have an increasing involvement {influence ??) with that show.
  12. Stokes

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    I enjoyed it, I even thought Borges came off as a little more balanced than he normally is. Maybe they include him to balance out the rah rah attitude of Russ Francis? I didn't see Felger asking Brady anything about Branch that he hasn't answered 1,000 times already, and Brady basically sidestepped the question. Rather than giving a straight answer he went back to his answer to a previous question about how winning is the most important thing, not being the highest paid (an awesome sentiment no doubt, but not any kind of answer to the question). The play breakdown was cool, though that weekly show with Mike Lynch (Patriots all access?) where he has Belichick on is better in that it addresses more complex situations than beating a vanilla cover 2 zone. Overall a B/B+ I thought.
  13. PatsFan37

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    Tailgate -- what's not to like?

    The Brady interview made the show, like Nut said. Next week the opinion segment will have a bigger slot and we'll see how it goes.

    I disagree with some of you about NE Tailgate. It's a bit sophomoric but it's gotten a lot better. No more stupid tailgate contests. Less loud music and no more of those ridiculous powerpoint overlays. Instead, they have much more game film analysis both of the Pats and the opponents and that is definitely worth watching, that's WHY I watch it and it's not something you're going to see on Felger's show. Ordway has the football players to do the analysis, Felger doesn't. Francis could do it, of course, but he's too soft-spoken to get a word in edgewise.

    So I like Tailgate better. It still has too many gratuitous graphics, but that's true of almost all locally produced cable. And it's thoughtful that they schedule the segment where they make their picks at the end of the show, so I can switch off to make dinner and know I'm not missing anything.

    Hey, 20 minutes watching game film narrated by knowledgeable ex-players who like the Pats. What the heck's wrong with that?

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