4/23 Don Banks 1 round mock

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    This from Don Banks at CNNSI:

    Matthew Stafford goes No. 1 to Detroit Lions in NFL mock draft - Don Banks - SI.com

    I have to say, I think 1 round mocks this close to the draft are pretty pitiful. Particularly with the cluster of talent extending out through the middle of round 2, I would hope by now someone who's paid to do this for a living would be willing to take a plunge at the 2nd round, at least.

    He picks Butler for the Pats. Some of his other picks:

    - Sanchez #4 to Seattle
    - Raji #5 to Clevelland
    - Tyson Jackson #9 to GB
    - Crabtree #10 to SF
    - Orapko #11 to Buffalo
    - Ayers #12 to Denver and Maybin #18
    - Malcolm Jenkins 15 to Houston
    - Moreno #16 to SD
    - Donald Brown #21 to Philly
    - Maualuga #26 to Baltimore
    - Beanie Wells #31 to Arizona
    - Josh Freeman #17 to the Jest
  2. I only see the Pats taking Butler if they feel the value isn't there at OLB. However, if the Pats plan on trading for Peppers, I can see them reaching for him. Butler has a ton of talent and can play on the offensive side of the ball.
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    #3 Jersey

    The Patriots have not been in communication with Peppers about a trade. BB has as much as said that he's not going to negotiate through Peppers. Until Peppers signs his tender, the Panthers can't negotiate a trade.

    So, for the moment, I'd call any Peppers trade talk wildly premature.
  4. There are still two days left, so anything can happen. Things will either heat up on draft day or the Pats will pass on Peppers on draft day. Maybe the Pats want to keep their picks this year and try to trade for Peppers right after the draft.

    Yes, I want "the Peppers".
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    Did you just say "please pass the Peppers?"

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