3 Super Bowls isn't enough for you?

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    Seriously, what more do BB and Pioli have to do in order to convince people that they know what they are doing. Do they make the right decision every time? No. Nobody does. However, they know how to run a franchise better than anyone else in this league. I mean, what exactlly are some of you crying about? We lost a great patriot but aging OLB in McGinest that got 6 mil guaranteed. We lost a TE that would be the 3rd TE on this team in Fauria. We lost a good but not great special teams player in Chatham. We lost a solid #2 receiver in Givens that we would have had to pay #1 money to keep. We lost a great patriot and HOF kicker in Vinatieri, but also an aging kicker with back issue that we would have had to pay 3 mil plus a year for. What do ALL these players have in common? They are all getting paid more $$$ than they are worth to OUR team and they are ALL replaceable. When we lose the Brady's, Light's, and Seymour's of this world(aka players in their primes playing in premium hard to replace postions of QB, LT, DT), than I'll panick. Until then, I'll sit back and relax. We are going to get good, young players in this draft and we will get good players in free agency without overspending for them. The sky is not falling people. Do any of you remember the name of the kickers on the 70's Steelers, 80's 49ers, or 90's Cowboys? Vinatieri was great, but we are in trouble if we think we can't replace a kicker. I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe we won't be right in the hunt for another super bowl title this season with a roster that is younger and stocked to be in the hunt for years to come.


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    That is worth repeating over and over again!
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    Everyone is replacable, with the exception of Belichick Brady,and I guess you could make the argument Seymoer....
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    I'm not pissed at the FO, I'm pissed at AV. He's the douchewhistle in my eyes. We made offers, he took a very similar one. Whatever, man, as long as your f***ing pockets are lined.

    Besides that I haven't been horribly upset with a FA signing with another team. I would have liked to see those other guys stick around, but it's a business blah blah, etc. I'm sure the Fo will pull it together, they always do. I will stifle that sort of whining till after the season starts adn we aren't seeing produciton.
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    Vinatieri is 33 going on 34, if I'm not mistaken. Do we really want to give him a 3.5 million signing bonus? I mean, let's face it, it's either replace him now or replace him in 2-3 years. It's not like the guy has 5 plus years left playing in this weather at a peak level. I'm sure he'll help the Colts IF they get into position to play in the AFc championship game. That's the ONLY way he helps the Colts more than Vanderjerk, because Vanderjerk is just as good if not better in the regular season. And with James going to Arizona, that is a big IF. As for us, we'll survive with Edinger or someone else. Who was Pittburgh's kicker this year? You had to think about it for 10 seconds, right? Exactly. Life goes on in Foxboro. I won't miss a second of sleep tonight.
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    we don't remember those kickers because they weren't nearly as clutch as AV. AV will be the first kicker in the Hall of Fame.

    He is more than a kicker, he is a football player.
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    No kicker is a football player. I think he's in the hall, but I don't call him a football player.
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    I agree with you on AV. For the fan, AV's leaving for the Colts is like crossing the lines in WWII to fight for the Nazis. For the players, however, pro sports is all about being at the highest level of competition. The majority of players do not care whom they play for. For the players, in the NBA it is all about being in the Association, in the MBL it is all about being in the Majors, and in the NFL it is all about being in the League.
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    Man I love pro athletes.
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    Football players have a short career in which to make their bucks, I have no real problem with players making decisions they feel will help their family.

    AV situation is interesting, if the reports are true and the total money offered by the Colts and Pats was ~ the same, and the diff was the guarenteed money then maybe AV isn't sure about his back holding up.

    IMO over the years he may make less due to the loss of endorsement money in NE, he will never be a big deal in Indy and won't really be marketable in NE going forward.
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    Vinatieri would/will be the second pure kicker, after Jan Stanerud.

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