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    From Reiss:
    What are your thoughts on joining the Redskins?
    “I think the team can definitely do some good things in the short period I’ll be around. For the amount of time I’ll play, I think it’s a great place for me. They recruited me right from the beginning. In a lot of ways, this is a team that’s close to the Patriots. They have a first-rate owner, a first-rate coach, a first-rate staff and a lot of support from their fans. They want to win and that’s something I wanted to be a part of. I didn’t want to be a part of a struggling team.â€

    You were with the Patriots for four seasons…
    “When I signed this deal, there was a part of me that was bummed. There was a nostalgic feeling. Some great things happened in New England -- the two-year run of winning games. That time will always be special. I loved it there. We lived there [year-round], laid roots. We have a lot of friends. My only hope is that my experience [in Washington] can be just as good. I think it definitely has potential.â€

    What will you miss the most?
    “The thing that makes football isn’t the football itself, but it’s the guys in the locker room. There wasn’t a better group of guys to be around football-wise. It will be weird ot going back to the stadium.â€
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    Thanks. Our wives will miss you.
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    Classy guy and he will be missed. From a recent interview, it sounded like he wanted to retire in NE and stay. (loves it there)! Oh well, good luck in washington!
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    Whatever do you mean by that, Christian?

    You're not implying you're gonna grab that Skins money before the NFL investigation, sanctions etc. LOL!!!!! :rocker:

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