3 Part Look at prospects for the 3-4: Part 2: Ends

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    3 Part Look at prospects for the 3-4: Part 2: Ends



    What You're Looking For: 3-4 ends are generally DT/DE hybrids. They are undersized tackles and oversized ends who can play inside or outside. Usually, these are taller players who can penetrate quickly, they rush more than the nose tackle, but don't get as many sacks and aren't edge rushers like traditional 3-4 ends. They must combine pass rush skill with run stopping strength.

    1. Mario Williams - NC State
    Size: 6'7, 290 | College Positions: DE
    ...I firmly believe he would make for an excellent 3-4 DE. Williams has great size and athleticism to go with it and the one area I feel he is limited, pursuit, wouldn't be as obvious in a 34.

    2. Adam Carriker - Nebraska
    Size: 6'6, 280 | College Position(s): DE
    He has yet to declare, but if he does, I think Carriker would make an excellent 34 DE candidate.

    3. Claude Wroten - LSU
    Size: 6'3, 290 | College Positions: DT
    Reminds me a great deal of Luis Castillo...Throw in Jesse Mahelona as another guy similar to Wroten who I think fits into the Castillo mode.

    4. Kader Drame - Syracuse
    Size: 6'5, 290 | College Positions: DT
    Here is a guy who is a little too tall, too light for DT, not quick enough for DE, but plenty big and strong enough to play in a 3-4.

    5. Kedric Golston - Georgia
    Size: 6'4, 292 | College Positions: DT
    Golston is similar to former Georgia DT Richard Seymour. He isn't in Seymour's class, but he has good skills and projects well to the 3-4.


    6. Mark Losli - Minnesota
    Size: 6'6, 290 | College Positions: DT

    7. Jason Hatcher - Grambling
    Size: 6'6, 285 | College Positions: DE

    8. Ernest Hunter - West Virginia
    Size: 6'4, 285 | College Positions: DT

    9. Kwakou Robinson - Virginia
    Size: 6'4, 327 | College Positions: DE (in a 3-4)

    10. Pat Massey - Michigan
    Size: 6'8, 295 | College Positions: DE (in a 3-4)
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