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    Here's a 3 rounder to chew on, with a few trades thrown in. I've had to break it up because of the length.

    Round 1:

    1. Detroit: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor. With Julian Peterson at LB, Detroit goes OT, looking to get a QB later.
    2. St. Louis: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia. St. Louis goes for the replacement for Orlando Pace to anchor their line.
    3. Cleveland: Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest. Pioli gets the cornerstone for his defense.
    4. Seattle: Mark Sanchez, QB, USC. With the top 2 tackles gone Seattle goes for Hasselbeck's replacement, but Sanchez is their guy for their version of the WCO.
    5. Cleveland: Brian Orapko, DE/OLB, Texas. Mangini decides that Orapko is not Vernon Gholston II.
    **Trade: Cincinnati trades #6 to Denver for #12 and #48. Denver moves up for Raji. Cincinnati is in love with Wells and thinks they can move back and still get him.
    6. Denver: BJ Raji, DT, Boston College. Denver gets the DT to anchor their 3-4 defense.
    7. Oakland: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech. Al Davis can't resist getting the "next Fred Belitnikoff". A steal at #7.
    8. Jacksonville: Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi. Del Rio coached Oher at the Senior Bowl. Jags fill their biggest need.
    ** Trade: Green Bay trades #9 to the Jets for #17 and #52.
    9. NY Jets: Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia. The NY media goes crazy when the Jets trade up to get the "next Brett Favre". Rex Ryan is emboldened by Flacco's success in Baltimore.
    10. San Francisco: Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB, Penn St. Maybin is rising fast, and with the QB's gone SF goes for a pass rusher at OLB. Andre Smith and Rey Maualuga would also be options.
    11. Buffalo: Everett Brown, DE/OLB, Florida St. Buffalo gets the pass rusher they crave. Robert Ayers is also an option.
    12. Cincinnati: Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB, Ohio St. Cincinnati falls in love with Wells and gets him cheaper than #6.
    13. Washington: Andre Smith, OT, Alabama. Washington jumps at the chance to get the talented Smith to anchor the right side of their line.
    14. New Orleans: Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois. Most physically talented corner in the draft.
    15. Houston: Brian Cushing, OLB, USC. Houston gets a versatile LB who can play inside or out. Knowshon Moreno would also get some consideration.
    ** Trade: San Diego trades #16 to Minnesota for #22 and #86. With no 2nd, SD trades back a bit believing they can still get one of their guys.
    16. Minnesota: Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri. Vikes hope he's not another Troy Williamson.
    17. Green Bay: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio St. With Raji off the board and Al Harris and Charles Woodson aging, Capers goes for a big CB.
    18. Chicago: Darius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland. Chicago gets a big, talented speedster. DE's Robert Ayers and Michael Johnson are also possibilities.
    19. Tampa Bay: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas. With Sanchez and Stafford gone, TB reaches for Freeman. Freeman is rising, and TB is reportedly in love with him.
    ** Trade: Detroit trades #33 to Cleveland for QB Derrick Anderson. The Browns reload. Having missed out on Freeman, Detroit overpays but gets an experienced young QB with a strong arm.
    20. Detroit: James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio St. Laurinaitis will go nicely with Julian Peterson and Ernie Sims at LB.
    21. Philadelphia: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St. They wanted Beanie Wells, but settle for a versatile TE.
    22. San Diego: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU. SD trades back, and still gets the top 3-4 DE to the gap left by Igor Olshansky. Rey Maualuga and Knowshon Moreno are also options.
    23. New England: Connor Barwin, OLB, Cincinnati. With Parcells rumored to be enamored of Barwin, the Pats don't wait until #34 to get their 3-4 OLB. Rey Maualuga and William Beatty are also possibilities.
    24. Atlanta" Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi. Athletic penetrating UT fits the Falcons needs. Pettigrew would have gotten serious consideration. Robert Ayers is another option.
    25. Miami: Clay Matthews, DE/OLB, USC. Bill Parcells gets his 3-4 OLB, the 3rd USC LB taken in the 1st round. Wanted Barwin, but settled for a nice consolation prize.
    26. Baltimore: Rey Maualuga, ILB. Baltimore gets a physical ILB to replace Bart Scott and learn under Ray Lewis. Hakeem Nicks and Darius Butler will also get serious consideration.
    27. Indianapolis: Percy Harvin, WR, Florida. Imagine what Peyton Manning can do with Harvin in addition to his other weapons, at both WR and out of the backfield. Nicks is also an option.
    28. Philadelphia: Eben Britton, OT, Arizona. Eventual replacement for William Thomas at left tackle. Philly picks Britton over William Beatty because he is more physical, fitting their style.
    29. NY Giants: Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina. Nicks slips a bit because of his 14# weight gain at his pro day, and the Giants get the big WR they need to replace Plaxico Burress.
    30. Tennessee: Robert Ayers, Tennessee. Titans gets a versatile DE with a great motor to help fill the void left by Haynesworth.
    31. Arizona: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia. The Cardinals get their choice to replace the Edge. Moreno slips a bit because of his 40 time, and is a steal here - another Emmit Smith.
    32. Pittsburgh: Alex Mack, OG/C, California. Steelers get a powerful, smart anchor for it's biggest area of need.

    Round 2:

    33. Cleveland: Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut. Cleveland gets perhaps the best pure CB in the draft in the second round, and still has 2 more picks in the top 50.
    34. New England: William Beatty, OT, Connecticut. New England trades up to get a potential franchise left tackle.
    35. St. Louis: Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers. With Holt and Bruce just memories, they get a potential lead WR. Wanted Laurinaitis but missed. Alphonso Smith is also an option
    36. Cleveland: Clint Sintim, DE/OLB, Virginia. Cleveland gets a versatile, solid 3-4 LB to pair with Brian Orapko, or possibly move inside.
    37. Seattle: Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut. The Hawks get their replacement for Shawn Alexander to go with their new QB. UConn is on a roll.
    38. Cincinnati: Max Unger, OG/C, Oregon. Bengals get a versatile interior lineman to block for Beanie Wells and Carson Palmer. Eric Wood from nearby Louisville is also an option.
    39. Jacksonville: Jamon Meredith, OT, South Carolina. Last year they took 2 DE's, this year they take 2 OT's to rebuid there line.
    40. Oakland: Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech. Al Davis gets a physical freak on the DL.
    41. Green Bay: Ron Brace, DT, Boston College. Green Bay misses on Raji but gets his teammate to be their 3-4 DT anchor.
    ** Trade: Buffalo trades #42 to Indianapolis for #61, 92 and 127.
    42. Indianapolis: Evander "Ziggy" Hood, DT, Missouri. As in 2007, Indy moves up to cover a need when a player they covet is still available.
    43. San Francisco: Philip Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma. SF gets a massive RT to bookend along with Joe Staley. Wanted Ron Brace, but settles for a consolation prize for passing on Andre Smith.
    44. Miami: Sean Smith, CB/S, Utah. Parcells gets a big, versatile guy who can play CB or safety.
    45. New York Giants: Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest. Giants get a ball-hawking CB, considered by many a 1st round talent.
    46. Houston: William Moore, S, Missouri. The Texans pick up a big, athletic S to anchor their secondary.
    47. New England: Louis Delmas, S, Western Michigan. The Pats are ecstatic that Delmas is still on the board, and jump to get their Troy Polamalu.
    48. Cincinnati: Larry English, DE, Northern Illinois. Cincinnati gets a pash rusher with a great motor.
    49. Chicago: DJ Moore, CB, Vanderbilt. The Bears get an immediate upgrade at DB. Moore slips because of his slow 40 time and size.
    50. Cleveland: Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa. Browns go for a big bruising back to split time with Jamal Lewis.
    51. Dallas: Patrick Chung, S, Oregon. Replaces Roy Williams at SS. Big hitter, but better coverage ability.
    52. San Francisco: Jarron Gilbert, DE, San Jose St. The 49ers go local and get a potential stud 3-4 DE to play next to Kentwan Balmer.
    53. Philadelphia: LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh. "Shady" falls a bit, and will share time with Westbrook.
    54. Minnesota: Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma. Massive road grader to help pave the way for the best running team in the NFL.
    ** Trade: Atlanta trades #55 and #125 to Arizona for #63 and #95. With several talented TE's still available, Atlanta trades back.
    55. Arizona: Eric Wood, C, Louisville. Arizona fills their other big need on offense with a smart 4 year starter at center. They don't think he'll last to 63, and they're right.
    56. Miami: Pat White, QB, West Virginia. Parcells hears rumors that Belichick loves White, and snatches him up.
    57. Baltimore: Coye Francies, CB, San Jose St. The Ravens love big CBs.
    58. New England: James Casey, TE, Rice. Pats get a smart, versatile athletic player who can play TE, H-back, WR, fullback, and even QB.
    59. Carolina: Sen'Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn. Carolina gets an athletic, penetrating DT.
    60. NY Giants: Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio St. LB is the Giant's biggest need left.
    61. Buffalo: Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina. Buffalo trades down and still gets a the most athletic TE in the draft.
    62. Tennessee: Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio St. Solid, smooth receiver, fills a need.
    63. Atlanta: Shawn Nelson , TE, Southern Mississippi. Atlanta trades back and still gets an athletic TE for Ryan.
    64. Pittsburgh: Fili Moala, DE/DT, USC. Big athletic 3-4 DE.
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    Here's round 3 and the complete Pats draft:

    Round 3:

    65. Detroit: Paul Kruger, DE, Utah. Detroit gets a pass rusher with a higher motor.
    66. St. Louis: Darry Beckwith, MLB. They missed out on Laurinaitis to anchor the middle, and get another talented MLB instead.
    67. Kansas City: Cody Brown, DE/LB, Connecticut. Talented 3-4 OLB to bookend Aaron Curry.
    68. Seattle: Troy Kropog, OT, Tulane. OT with light feet who can learn from one of the best in Walter Jones.
    69. Dallas: Joaquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma. Smooth WR to fill gap left by TO.
    70. Cincinnati: Louis Murphy, WR, Florida. Big, fast WR to replace T.J. Houshmanzadeh.
    71. Oakland: Rashad Johnson, FS, Alabama. With Gilson gone, Oakland fills a hole at safety with a smart ballhawk. Great pick.
    72. Jacksonville: Chip Vaughn, SS, Wake Forest. Big, fast SS to play opposite Reggie Nelson.
    73. Green Bay: Alex Magee, DE, Purdue. Talented 3-4 DE to go along with Ron Brace at DT.
    74. San Francisco: Chris Baker, DT, Hampton. Massive DT to anchor their 3-4. 2nd round talent falls because of character concerns. Will be tough with Balmer and Gilbert next to him.
    75. Buffalo: Lawrence Sidbury, DE, Richmond. An athletic pass rusher to immediately upgrade that area along with Everett Brown.
    76. Houston: Andre Brown, RB, North Carolina St. Texans get a powerful young back who has the potential to be something special.
    77. NY Jets: Mohammed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia. Jets get one of Stafford's favorite targets from Georgia to match up with him.
    78. San Diego: Jasper Brinkley, ILB, South Carolina. Big run-stuffing ILB for their 3-4.
    79. Cincinnati: Dannell Ellerbe, ILB, Georgia. Help for Keith Rivers.
    80. Washington: Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati. Mickens falls a bit because of injury issues, and Minny gets good value here.
    81. Tampa Bay: Gerald McRath, OLB, Mississippi. Fast OLB with great range in the Derrick Brooks mold.
    82. Detroit: Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech. Macho is a solid pick here. Had a good pro day.
    83. Green Bay: Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty. Physical runner.
    84. Chicago : Andy Levitre, OG, Oregon St. OL help to go along with a healthy Chris Williams.
    85. Philadelphia: Sherrod Martin, FS, Troy. Athletic FS to replace Brian Dawkins. A steal here. Had the 2nd best 3-cone and short shuttle in the entire combine.
    86. San Diego: Fenoki Tupuo, OT, Oregon. Big road grading OT/G.
    87. Miami: Derrick Williams, WR, Penn St. Speedy WR to help stretch the field.
    88. Baltimore: Cornelius Ingram, TE, Florida. Pass-catching TE to help stretch the field for Flacco.
    89. New England: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman. Massive, athletic DT/DE.
    90. Atlanta: Tyrone McKenzie, OLB, South Florida. Atlanta has lost Brookings and needs LB help. McKenzie is a solid pick in the 3rd.
    91. NY Giants: Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri. Giants get a TE with great hands.
    92. Buffalo: Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan St. With Marshawn Lynch's off-field woes, the Bills get a durable RB as insurance.
    93. Carolina: Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston St. Carolina gambles on a QB with upside as a possible successor to Delhomme.
    94. Tennessee: Joe Burnett, CB, UCF. Solid pick here to play nickle.
    95. Atlanta: Herman Johnson, OG, LSU. Massive offensive guard to inside.
    96. Pittsburgh: Gerald Cadogan, OT, Penn St. Steelers continue to build their OL.
    97. New England: T.J. Lang, OT, Eastern Michigan. Versatile lineman who can play RT or guard. Canfield or Luigs would be possible picks here.
    98. Cincinnati: Trevor Canfield, OG, Cincinnati. Bengals take local product to help shore up their interior line.
    99. Chicago: Jonathan Luigs, C, Arkansas. Eventual successor to Olin Kreutz. A steal this late in the 3rd.
    100. NY Giants: James Davis, RB, Clemson. Replacement for Derrick Ward to team with Jacobs and Bradshaw.

    7 Round NE draft:

    23: Connor Barwin, OLB, Cincinnati. A Vrabel-Ware hybrid?
    34: William Beatty, OT, Connecticut. Potential 10 year franchise LT.
    47: Louis Delmas, S, Western Michigan. Close call with other safety prospects.
    58: James Casey, TE, Rice. Incredible versatility and upside.
    89: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman. Finally a true 3-4 DT backup for Wilfork.
    97: T.J. Lang, OL, Eastern Michigan. Kaczur-like verastility.
    124: Mike Wallace, WR, Mississippi. 6', 199#, 4.33. Athletic WR and return man a bit reminiscent of Greg Jennings.
    170: Jason Phillips, ILB, TCU. 6'1" 240#. With 10 lbs. of muscle could be a solid SILB. Falls because of his injury. Jasper Brinkley is also an option here if he lasts this long. Nick Reed from Oregon is a sleep possibility here.
    199: Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming. 5'9", 190#, 4.35. Possible successor to Kevin Faulk.
    207: Kevin Huber, P, Cincinnati. 6'1", 220#. Can fight it out with Chris Hanson. Graham Gano and Thomas Morstead are also options here.
    234: Ladarius Webb, CB, Nicholls St. 5'10", 179#, 4.40.

    We miss out on a lot of prospects I like - Sean Smith, Robert Ayers, Alex Mack, Eric Wood, Jarron Gilbert, Andre Brown, Trevor Canfield, etc. - but I would be very happy with this outcome.
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    not bad......

    - I don't agree about sammie lee hill

    - I would rather have sean smith and eric wood than beatty and delmas
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    #12 Jersey

    How did Cleveland acquire Detiot's 33rd pick? :confused:

    ETA: didnt see the Anderson trade til just now ;)

    I think it's pretty good overall.

    I don't think Al Davis takes a guy w/o a 40 time to go on.
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    Good job Mayo .. id wet myself if it went that way but Beatty doesnt get to #34 and id be surprised if we dont trade around somehow
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    Very well thought out. I would say it is impossible to predict trades and player movement prior to the draft that can affect the entire order. I do like that this mock takes into account a thought process that is real. Good job on this. I can't really argue to much with the way this falls. I do think the Giants will pick WR-Kenny Britt-Rutgers in round one. I think Delmas will 23-35 area as 1st safety off board. My gut tells me the Pat's will move #34 strictly because of value-maybe a 2010 rd 1 pick, maybe a swap of spots and another pick-a 4?. It will be interesting.
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    Great job. Not too far from my board. I would like this draft. The more I read about Lang he is going to get into the third round. I think Brinkley is highly underrated. As an ILB I believe he was one of the fastest 40's. He played at 262. Before he got hurt he was in the top three rounds, maybe second. Toward the end of the season he was back in form and playing well. I am not sold on an O-Lineman in the from two rounds. Wallace has the "Blazers" in speed.
    DW Toys
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    Here's a team by team summary:

    (Note: there is 2 errors in the above draft; #52 belongs to Green Bay, not San Francisco, and #9 belongs to Denver, not Cincinnati - same players though).

    Arizona Cardinals:

    31 - Knowshon Moreno, RB
    55 - Eric Wood, OG/C

    Atlanta Falcons:

    24 - Peria Jerry, DT
    63 - Shawn Nelson, TE
    90 - Tyrone McKenzie, OLB
    95 - Herman Johnson, OG

    Baltimore Ravens:

    26 - Rey Maualuga, ILB
    58 - Coye Francies, CB
    88 - Cornelius Ingram, TE

    Buffalo Bills:

    11 - Everette Brown, DE
    61 - Jared Cook,TE
    75 - Lawrence Sidbury, DE
    92 - Javon Ringer, RB

    Carolina Panthers:

    59 - Sen-Derrick Marks, DT
    93 - Rhett Bhomar, QB

    Chicago Bears:

    18 - Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR
    49 - D.J. Moore, WR
    84 - Andy Levitre, OG
    99 - Jonathan Luigs, OG/C

    Cincinnati Bengals:

    12 - Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB
    39 - Max Unger, OG/C
    48 - Larry English, DE
    70 - Louis Murphy, WR
    98 - Trevor Canfield, OG

    Cleveland Browns:

    5 - Brian Orapko, DE/OLB
    33 - Darius Butler, CB
    36 - Clint Sintim, LB
    50 - Shonn Greene, RB

    Dallas Cowboys:

    51 - Patrick Chung, SS
    69 - Joaquin Iglesias, WR

    Detroit Lions:

    1 - Jason Smith, OT
    20 - James Laurinaitis, ILB
    (33 - traded for Derek Anderson, QB)
    65 - Paul Kruger, DE
    82 - Victor "Macho" Harris, CB

    Denver Broncos:

    6 - B.J. Raji, DT
    79 - Daniel Ellerbe, ILB

    Green Bay Packers:

    17 - Malcolm Jenkins, CB/S
    41 - Ron Brace, DT
    52 - Jarron Gilbert, DE
    73 - Alex Magee, DE
    83 - Rashad Jennings, RB

    Houston Texans:

    15 - Brian Cushing, LB
    46 - William Moore, S
    76 - Andre Brown, RB

    Indianapolis Colts:

    27 - Percy Harvin, WR
    42 - Evander "Ziggy" Hood, DT

    Jacksonville Jaguars:

    8 - Michael Oher, OT
    39 - Jamon Meredith, OT/G
    72 - Chip Vaughn, SS

    Kansas City Chiefs:

    3 - Aaron Curry, LB
    67 - Cody Brown, DE/OLB

    Miami Dolphins:

    25 - Clay Matthews, LB
    45 - Sean Smith, CB/S
    56 - Pat White, QB/WR
    87 - Derrick Williams, WR

    Minnesota Vikings:

    16 - Jeremy Maclin, WR
    54 - Duke Robinson, OG

    New England Patriots:

    23 - Connor Barwin, OLB
    34 - William Beatty, OT
    47 - Louis Delmas, S
    58 - James Casey, TE
    89 - Sammie Lee Hill, DT
    97 - T.J. Lang, OL

    New Orleans Saints:

    14 - Vontae Davis

    New York Giants:

    29 - Hakeem Nicks, WR
    45 - Alphonso Smith, CB
    60 - Marcus Freeman, OLB
    91 - Chase Coffman, TE
    100 - James Davis, RB

    New York Jets:

    9 - Matt Stafford, QB
    76 - Mohammad Massequoi, WR

    Oakland Raiders:

    7 - Michael Crabtree, WR
    40 - Michael Johnson, DE
    71 - Rashad Johnson, FS


    21 - Brandon Pettigrew, TE
    28 - Eben Britton, OT
    53 - LeSean McCoy, RB
    85 - Sherrod Martin, CB/S

    Pittsburgh Steelers:

    32 - Alex Mack, OG/C
    64 - Fili Moala, DE/DT
    96 - Gerald Cadogan, OT

    St. Louis Rams:

    2 - Eugene Monroe, OT
    35 - Kenny Britt, WR
    66 - Darry Beckwith, ILB

    San Diego Chargers:

    22 - Tyson Jackson, DE
    78 - Jasper Brinkley, ILB
    86 - Fenoki Tupuo, OT/G

    San Francisco 49ers:

    10 - Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB
    43 - Philip Loadholt, OT/G
    74 - Chris Baker, DT

    Seattle Seahawks:

    4 - Mark Sanchez, QB
    37 - Donald Brown, RB
    68 - Troy Kropog, OT

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

    19 - Josh Freeman, QB
    81 - Gerald McRath, ILB

    Tennessee Titans:

    30 - Robert Ayers, DE
    62 - Brian Robiskie, WR
    94 - Joe Burnett, CB

    Washington Redskins:

    13 - Andre Smith, OT
    80 - Mike Mickens, CB

    I tried to give every team quality choices and not play favorites too much, though obvious I have my preferences for the Pats.
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    In my scenario, Detroit went OT with the #1 pick for Jason Smith, hoping to trade up for one of the top 3 QBs. When they couldn't work a trade and TB took Freeman one pick ahead of them at #19, they pulled the trigger and offered Cleveland #33 for Derek Anderson, figuring that they would be better off with an experienced QB with a big arm than with anyone they could get at #33. I think Cleveland would jump at trading either of their 2 QBs for #33 the way they've been shopping people, so I tried to make it a trade that could be pulled off quickly. I put it in at #20 because in my scenario Detroit wouldn't make the offer until they had missed out on the all 3 of the top QB prospects.

    Just a fun thought.
  10. mayoclinic

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    To each his own. I like Sean Smith and Eric Wood a lot, but I take a potential franchise LT over an OG/C prospect any day. Smith was off the board at #47, otherwise I think a Smith vs. Delmas debate would be a nice one to have. Wood would have been the pick at 58, but he was off the board with Arizona trading up to 55 (their biggest needs are RB to replace the Edge and OC, so I had them move up for Wood), so Casey was a consolation prize.
  11. mayoclinic

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    I think we do trade around, but after multiple attempts involving both trade-ups and trade-downs I thought I'd try one where we just sat still and let the draft come to us. I had other teams moving around, sometimes aggressively (Arizona with Eric Wood, Indy with Ziggy Hood, Denver with Raji, the Jets with Stafford, etc.).

    Right now Beatty could go anywhere from Detroit at 20 to the early 40's. He has great upside, but is definitely a year or two away from being ready. I could see teams taking Britton or even Jamon Meredith ahead of him based on their greater readiness and versatility, as Beatty is pretty much a boom or bust LT. Or, I could see Beatty going quite high. It's a crapshoot right now.
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    #11 Jersey

    It seems reasonable, which is really the only thing anybody can expect (although I think the Texans opting for Moore over Delmas was a bit of "mocker intervention"). Nice work. I was going to post a mock today, but I'll do it next week and let everybody enjoy this one. For the record, given the way the draft fell, and not trading, I would have opted for:

    #23 Clint Sintim (admitted reach, but so is everybody else here...I'd really like to trade this pick back into the late 20s or into next year)

    #34 William Beatty

    #47 Patrick Chung

    #58 Jared Cook

    #89 Jonathan Luigs

    #97 Jairus Byrd (Frankly, I'm tired of exposing Faulk and Welker on punt returns. Byrd's one of the best, and has some safety potential)
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    #50 Jersey

    Mayo -
    The issue that I have is that Haynesworth isn't a DE. He was a DT for the Titans. The Titans actually are very deep at DE with Jevon Haye, Jevon Kearse, Kyle Vanden Bosch, David Ball and Jason Jones. I have a hard time with them not going with a DT, either by trading back or just reaching a bit for Ron Brace.

    Other than that, great job.
  14. mayoclinic

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    I kind of agree with your reasoning. Ayers is a "popular" pick for the Titans right now, with many people assuming that Tennesee will load up on more DE help and make up for Haynesworth sort of "by committee". I'm not sure it makes sense. On the other hand, I'm not sure I consider Jason Jones really a DT either, and Tennessee has used him there. Ayers is stout against the run for a DE and has moved around a lot, including playing some DT for Tennessee. So I sort of put him there because I thought that was about where he rated, I wasn't sure where to put him, and I wasn't sure what to do for Tennessee. But your point is well taken.

    I see Ron Brace more as a run-stuffing 3-4 NT. I think he will be a hot commodity with all the 3-4 teams, but I'm not sure that he fits for Tennessee. They seem to value more of a disrupting presence than Brace would provide.

    I had toyed with the idea of having Tennessee reach for Jarron Gilbert. Gilbert has freakish athleticism, and with another 20 lbs. (which his frame could easily carry) he could be a freakish DT. But I'm not sure if I see him as a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 DE, so I held off.
  15. mayoclinic

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    Thanks for the thoughts.

    I actually thought the Texans would prefer Moore, with his bigger size, to Delmas, but if you want to switch the order and have Houston taking Delmas at 46 and NE Moore at 47 it's ok with me. I personally prefer Delmas, so I plead guilty to the charge of personal bias seeping through. I like Chung too, but I prefer Delmas. It was a wrench to give Chung to Dallas though. (I found the hardest part of doing a mock to be giving players that I liked to teams that I don't like).

    Jared Cook vs. James Casey is a personal preference thing. I chose Casey for his versatility. Same thing with Barwin vs. Sintim. I don't see Sintim as 1st round value, but I understand your view.

    Did Jarius Byrd fall out of my mock? If so, that was an oversight. I had him going 58 to the Giants in a previous version where we traded 23 and 58 to the Giants for 29 and 45. I see him as a late 2nd/early 3rd guy, and don't see him lasting till 97, but he would certainly be great value there.
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    That would be a lovely draft. Not sure about all the Casey love I'm seeing (don't we already have a young pass-catching TE from Texas who can't block?) but overall this looks solid. :cool:
  17. BelichickFan

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    Sep 13, 2004
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    #12 Jersey

    Although I can accept that Belichick loves his Tight Ends, with Watson, Thomas and Baker I really don't want to use a highish draft pick on a tight end.
  18. mesoslo

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    You have the vikings and the chargers swap positions, with the vikings picking a WR, and the chargers picking a DE. I dont see that as a possibility.

    The chargers have a QB in Rivers, RBs in sproles and LT, Shawn Merriman will be back so their only need would probally be at WR. Rivers is a pretty good QB, adding another WR to the group of Gates, Jackson and chambers would help their offense. Orginially where the chargers sit, they're first inline to pick from maclin, harvin, and that other WR darius breyward, I dont think they will trade out of this position.

    As for the vikings. Well their passing attack is not that great, and trading up to the 16th spot to land a mid 1st round WR will not greatly improve their passing attack. If they traded up into the top 5, to grab Crabtree, then I can see that as a possible move. You have a better chance of improving your really bad passing attack by grabbing the best WR in the draft. Also, the vikings QB is not that good, so why spend the 1st round upgrade on a WR that has to depend on a good QB.
  19. carolinatony

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    23: Connor Barwin, OLB, Cincinnati. A Vrabel-Ware hybrid?
    34: William Beatty, OT, Connecticut. Potential 10 year franchise LT.
    47: Louis Delmas, S, Western Michigan. Close call with other safety prospects.
    58: James Casey, TE, Rice. Incredible versatility and upside.
    89: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman. Finally a true 3-4 DT backup for Wilfork.
    97: T.J. Lang, OL, Eastern Michigan. Kaczur-like verastility.

    The first two picks are great and I would be very happy with this.
    BB may surprise us but if we don't take a SOLID OL and LB on the first day I will be a bit depressed. He may go RB,WR or punter with the later picks.
  20. mayoclinic

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    You're the first person I've heard suggesting that the Chargers have a day 1 need for a WR. They traded a 2nd round pick for Chris Chambers and spent 1st (Craig Davis) and 2nd (Vincent Jackson) round picks on WR in the past few years. Kareem Osgood wants out because he is stuck behind a logjam on the depth chart and can't get any playing time at WR. In contrast, they lost Igor Olshansky at DE and clearly need a starting 3-4 DE opposite Luis Castillo. They also could upgrade ILB with Dobbins and Cooper. If they are worried about Merriman's long term recovery then OLB is a need. And I had been giving them Moreno in the past, but with franchising Sproles and extending LT2 I don't currently see them sinking more money into that position right now.

    The Vikings biggest needs are on offense. They might go CB, but Griffen got extended and Winfield is solid, and there's no obvious terrific value at 22. Darius Butler is a possibility. A pass rushing DE opposite Jared Allen is possible, but they invested a huge amount there last year. QB is their biggest need, but they aren't going that way. 22 is to early for an OG/C, though you might justify Alex Mack. For WR all they have is Bernard Berian and Sidney Rice, so a stretch-the-field guy like Maclin would be nice, not to mention what he would do for their return game. They already have the best running game in the NFL.

    It was just a thought, but I don't think it's totally unreasonable.
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