28 weeks later

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    I will tell you, I am a big fan of horror films and not someone who is easily disturbed.

    I can normally laugh my way through most horror flicks.

    Not this one. This one is not just disturbing. It is borderline shocking.

    I was not prepared for it.

    It starts off very dark and quite and in an instant is pure insanity.

    I did not see the first one, but the guy I went with did. His take was that 28 weeks later was to 28 days later what Aliens was to Alien (this movie was far more intense then Aliens).

    His take was that 28 days later may have actually been a better movie, but that it was not close to as intense as 28 weeks later.

    I will not put in any spoilers, but if you are into scary horror flicks, I think you will like this. I have never seen a Zombie movie like this.

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