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25ooo, 15ooo and 6ooo people apply for jobs at walmart in the midwest

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by jack, Nov 27, 2007.

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    Sep 16, 2007
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    Aug 15, 2006
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    Amy Hanauer, executive director of Policy Matters Ohio, said she finds these ratios "deeply troubling," reminiscent of bread lines in times of great poverty. She said the figures paint a bleak portrait of the regional job market and underscore the need for more and better employment opportunities.

    "That's Depression-era kind of imagery," she said. ". . . You can't have an economy that works that way. It speaks to the need to generate a different kind of employment in Cleveland."

    It's possible, of course, to view the Wal-Mart situation in a positive light, at least from certain angles.

    James Kastelic, a planner with the Cleveland Metroparks who has studied Cleveland's retail environment, said at a time when Ohio's unemployment rate is 5.9 percent, any job is better than no job.

    A couple of points of note here. During the great depression unemployment was 15%-25% nationally. Today it sits at 4.7%. In Ohio it's 5.9%. The economy in Ohio has been troubled for some years now. Last year they lost jobs while the rest of the nation added them. Where I see some trouble ahead economically, I don't see bread lines and a great derpession. Maybe in Cleveland things are bad, but nationally they're not nearly as bleak. The strong jobs market will compensate for the severe losses in housing, and the extreme cost of fuel. We're probably going to be bumpy in the next couple of years, but I don't see 1989-92 all over again.
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    Sep 25, 2005
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    hey, unemployment is down!!! wtf do people want?... and no one is "entitled" to benefits, NOR respectable pay...

    you want work? go around back and start unloading the trucks...


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