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    The 2013 Version of the stats database is updated and here are the list of pages:


    Main Stats Page: VIEW STATS
    2013 Patriots Season Stats - Sortable by down, quarter, etc.

    Top 10 Offensive Plays - VIEW STATS
    The List of the Patriots' longest pass/rush plays of the year

    Tom Brady Passing Stats By Quarter - VIEW STATS
    A Page showing Brady's passing stats for each game by quarter.

    Rushing Stats By Quarter - VIEW STATS
    Select a running back, and then it will show you his stats by quarter from each game.

    Receiving Stats By Quarter - VIEW STATS
    Select a receiver, and then it will show you his stats by quarter from each game.

    Total Offensive Plays By Down and Distance - VIEW STATS
    Wondering how many times the Patriots were in 3rd & 4 this year and how many times they converted the down? This page shows you just that.

    Total Offensive Plays by Distance - VIEW STATS
    Wondering how many times this season the Patriots had a pass play from over 30 yards? Or How many games they had rushes for no gain or a loss? This page has that information.

    Total Offensive Gains By Player Chart VIEW STATS
    Here you can compare each position player and see which receivers have the most catches over 20 yards, or which running back has the most carries this year without picking up a yard.

    2013 Patriots Player Penalties - VIEW STATS
    Here's a list of all the penalties committed by each Patriots player this season.

    Individual Games - Click a Game on the Navbar
    Wondering how Tom Brady performed on 3rd down against the Bills? Select the game and then select the parameter from the drop down menu to view it.


    Overall Opposing Player Stats - VIEW STATS
    Wondering which opposing quarterback has had the most success against the Patriots on 3rd down this season? Or the completion percentage for the season deep down the left side of the field? This page has that.

    Defensive Situational Totals - VIEW STATS
    Here you can see how many times opponents have converted situations like 3rd & 7, etc. as well as the total number of plays run, total second down plays, etc.

    Defensive Plays By Distance Given Up - VIEW STATS
    Here you can see how many games the Patriots have given up pass plays over 20 yards, etc. or rushes over 10 yards, etc.

    Top 15 Defensive Plays Allowed - VIEW STATS
    This page shows the top plays given up for the year including the player, the situation, the direction, etc.

    For anyone wondering about the accuracy, I've checked them against the league stats and the rushing/passing charts match the directional numbers by the league as well. So everything appears to be accurate. These will be updated just like last year, usually by Monday night after I've gone back through all the plays one more time and verify the final totals match.
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    Just a bump - let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions, requests, etc. :)
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    A few factoids that I discovered:

    • The four longest pass plays each went to four different players.

    • The Patriots have six runs of 10+ yards - all were against the Bills.

    • Brady has been by far much better in the 4th quarter (17/27, 148 yards) than in any other quarter.

    • Ridley has been the opposite: 59 yards, 5.4 yards per carry in the 2nd quarter; 4 yards and 0.8 ypc in the 4th quarter.

    • Half of the passes thrown to aaron Dobson have come in the 2nd quarter; by comparison Kenbrell Thompkins has been targeted evenly throughout the games.

    • The Pats have moved the chains on 1st down as often as they have on 2nd down (9 times each).

    • On 3rd & very long (11+) the Pats are 0-5, but on 3rd & long (6-10 yards to go) they have converted 8 out of 15 attempts.

    • Shane Vereen has more plays of 10+ yards from scrimmage than any other Patriot with six (4 runs, 2 receptions).

    • Kenbrell Thonplins has more receptions for 10+ yards than Julian Edelman does.

    • Inside the red zone opponents have caught three out of five passes thrown against the Pats defense, with two going for touchdowns.

    • In the 4th quarter opponents have completed just 6 of 19 passes thrown against the Patriots defense, with only two of them complete for first downs.

    • The Patriots defense has allowed a total of four plays of 20+ yards; none at Buffalo, all four were by the Jets.

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