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    A source tells ESPN.com's AFC East blog that New England recently held a private workout with Valdosta State offensive tackle Ryan Schraeder. He is a big and athletic small-school prospect who has the potential to develop with the right coaching. Schraeder, who is listed at 6-foot-7 and 304 pounds, is considered a sleeper because of his lack of experience.

    Schraeder has an interesting story. He grew at an enormous rate in high school and college, but didn't play organized football until three years into college.

    He played one year at Butler community college and one year at Division II Valdosta State -- and that was enough to get noticed. In addition to the Patriots, Schraeder also worked out with the Atlanta Falcons.​

    Source: Patriots work out Ryan Schraeder - AFC East Blog - ESPN
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    Damond Talbot

    Matt Tobin, the big Offensive Tackle from #Iowa had a workout with the #Patriots of #NewEngland

    Ethan Hammerman

    6-6 290, plays both T/G.
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    an iowa linemen and the patriots no way! hahaha
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    Amazing to think that he would probably be the Patriots' smallest tackle—by a wide margin. :)
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    Josh Boyce the TCU receiver is visiting us.
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    Interesting and anticipated.
    Boyce is a value round receiver who meets 4/5 of BB's athletic parameters which is very rare (makes me feel more confident about my thinking of the type WR BB likes). Physically he's identical to Quinton Patton but is faster, stronger and quicker than Patton. Patton satisfies only 3/5 of the athletic parameters BB likes and it seems BB requires 4/5 for consideration. As I posted in the WR thread, Boyce would be an excellent later round compliment for the Pats. I'm not suggesting Boyce is on Patton's level as receiver just yet. Boyce's QB deficiencies limited him greatly the last 2 seasons and his technical skills still need development. TB will take care of the former and coaching the latter. But make no mistake, Boyce has the physical ability to become a game breaker. What he lacks that Patton has is the ability to make catches in tight spaces; if he can show more skill making those plays, Boyce, a value pick in the later rounds, could end up better than Patton and a huge bargain.

    Boyce, 6', 203, 4.38 40; 4.1 ss; 6.68 3 cone; 34 v; 22 reps
    Patton, 6', 204, 4.53 40; 4.01 ss; 6.91 3 cone; 33 v; 8 reps
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    Interesting that after the Svitek/Vollmer signings they're still looking at RT prospects - and these strike me as RT's rather than OG converts.
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    Per NESN, some high profile visits:
    Carradine, D. Jordan, D. Trufant included.

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 44m
    Oklahoma WR Kenny Stills (@KSTiLLS4) is visiting the #Patriots today and tomorrow... The quest for skill guys for Tom Brady continues

    Edit: Add another
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    The Blitz with Jeff Howe & Karen Guregian | Boston Herald
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    Jordan is very interesting. Either the draftnics have over inflated his value, this is purely a due dilligence visit with little hope of happening or there's something in the works that we haven't seen here before in the BB era.
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    I'll be the first person to suggest it then....Mallett + 29 + 2014 picks to trade up to #2? :p
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    With Jordan being a fairly unique NFL prospect and the Bills, Jets and Dolphins all picking in the top 12, I suspect it's probably nothing more than a little (future) opposition research.
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    Updated 3rd April

    This is the full list to date that I've been able to cobble together. If anyone has any updates or corrections, please say so. For what it's worth, because it's not always clear on twitter, I've made no distinction between types of Private Workouts:

    Draft Contacts

    COM - Combine Interview
    PW -Workout
    PD - Noted Pro day interest

    QB (2)

    Jeff Tuel, Washington St. - PW
    Dayne Crist, Kansas - PW

    RB (8)

    Marcus Lattimore, S Carolina -COM, V
    Derrick Washington, Tuskegee -PD
    Kendial Lawrence, Missouri - PD
    Miguel Maysonet, Stony Brook - PW
    Washaun Ealey, Jacksonville State - PW
    Robbie Rouse, Fresno State - PD
    Knile Davis, Arkansas - PW
    Andre Ellington, Clemson - PW

    WR (17)

    Quinton Patton, LA Tech - COM
    Robert Woods, USC - COM
    DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson - COM, PW
    Cordarelle Patterson, Tennessee - COM
    Charles Johnson, Grand Valley State - PW
    Marquess Wilson, Washington St. - PW
    Tavon Austin, W Virginia, PW
    Courtney Gardner, Sierra - PW
    Rashad Ross, Arizona State - PW
    Ryan Swope, TAMU - PD
    Stedman Bailey, WVU - PW
    Jasper Collins, Mount Union - PW
    Anthony Amos - Middle Tennessee State - PW
    Tyrone Goard, Eastern Kentucky - PW
    Keenan Davis, Iowa - WR
    Josh Boyce, TCU - V
    Kenny Stills, Oklahoma - V

    TE (2)

    Travis Kelce, Cincinnati - COM
    Travis Tannahill - PW

    OL (12)

    Luke Marquardt, Azusa Pacific - COM
    Brennan Williams - N Carolina - COM
    David Bakhtiari, Colorado - COM
    Justin Pugh, Syracuse - COM
    Ricky Wagner - COM
    Ryan Schraeder, Valdosta St. - PW
    Ryan Jensen, Colorado State - PW
    Patrick Lewis, TAMU - PW
    Dalton Freeman, Clemson - PD
    Matt Tobin, Iowa - PW
    DJ Fluker - Alabama, V
    Reid Fragel, Ohio St. - V

    DE (5)

    Corey Lemonier, Auburn - COM
    David Bass, Missouri Western - PW
    Earl Okine, Florida - PW (Bill Belichick)
    Lerentee McCray, Florida - PW (Bill Belichick)
    Cornelius Carradine, FSU - V

    DT (4)

    Jared Smith, New Hampshire - COM
    William Campbell, Michigan - PW
    Cory Grissom, USF - PW (Bill Belichick)
    Michael Brooks, ECU - PW

    LB (6)

    Zaviar Gooden, Missouri - PW
    Alec Ogletree - PW
    Sam Barrington, USF - PW (Bill Belichick)
    John Bostic, Florida - PW (Bill Belichick)
    Toben Opurum, Kansas - PW
    Dion Jordan, Oregon - V

    CB (7)

    Jordan Poyer, Oregon State - COM
    Mark Watley, Arizona - PD
    Kayvon Webster, USF - PW (Bill Belichick)
    Reggie Topps, Utah - PD
    Tyrann Mathieu - COM, V
    Blidi Wreh-Wilson, UConn - PD
    Desmond Trufant, Washington - V

    S (5)

    Jordan Kovacs, Michigan - PW
    Don Jones, Arkansas State - PW
    Josh Evans, Florida - PW (Bill Belichick)
    Bradley McDougald, Kansas - PW
    Philip Thomas, Fresno State - PW

    Other (1)

    Carson Tinker, Alabama, LS - COM
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    I think that it is a good sign for the Pats that they are going to upgrade that 4-3 WLB spot because of the number of pass defense sub-packages that they run since Jordan, Ogletree and Gooden have met with or have had private workouts with the Pats. Sio Moore and Arthur Brown are two other candidates for that positional slot. To me, it is clear that they don't want Spikes and to a lesser extent Hightower covering Ray Rice and Dennis Pitta in a big game again.

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    Thank you very much

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