2012 Free Agent WRs - Who would you want the Pats to bring in

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  1. thenepatsrule

    thenepatsrule In the Starting Line-Up

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    I feel our biggest need is a deep threat,Yesterday Amani Toomer was on radio saying that the Giants were sure that the Pats would not be able to score with under a minute with the Dink Dunk approach as Brady didnt have a legitimate deep threat, He even went on to say that the other NFL players wonder why the Pats dont bring in a legitimate WR for Brady to throw to....... Most of the media members blamed the Pats organization for the loss because they have not provided Brady with a good WR....

    Here is a list of All WRs who will be Free Agents in 2012 , I compiled this list from
    DeSean Jackson would be a great fit except for his issues on and off the field
    Dwayne Bowe AND Marques Colston would be at the top of my list .....let me know who would you want on the Pats roster, Because rest assured we cannot win a game with the Dink and Dunk approach every time ,and Brady isnt getting any younger.

    Can you just imagine if we get two top WRs next season with all the cap space we have (and if OCHO leaves) how dangerous would our offense be? Two top tier TEs and Two excellent WRs

    Top Free Agent WRs
    Vincent Jackson (SD)
    Wes Welker (NE)
    Reggie Wayne (IND)
    DeSean Jackson (PHI)
    Dwayne Bowe (KC)
    Marques Colston (NO)
    Steve Johnson (BUF)
    Brandon Lloyd (STL)
    Robert Meachem (NO)
    Mario Manningham (NYG)
    Laurent Robinson (DAL)
    Mike Wallace (PIT) - Restricted

    The Rest:
    Early Doucet (ARZ)
    Harry Douglas (ATL)
    Eric Weems (ATL)
    Ruvell Martin (BUF)
    Roscoe Parrish (BUF)
    Legedu Naanee (CAR)
    Roy Williams (CHI)
    Andre Caldwell (CIN)
    Jerome Simpson (CIN)
    Eddie Royal (DEN)
    Rashied Davis (DET)
    Maurice Stovall (DET)
    Braylon Edwards (FA)
    Bryant Johnson (HOU)
    Pierre Garcon (IND)
    Anthony Gonzalez (IND)
    Jerheme Urban (KC)
    Devin Aromashodu (MIN)
    Bernard Berrian (MIN)
    Greg Camarillo (MIN)
    Deion Branch (NE)
    Matt Slater (NE)
    Courtney Roby (NO)
    Domenik Hixon (NYG)
    Devin Thomas (NYG)
    Plaxico Burress (NYJ)
    TJ Houshmandzadeh (OAK)
    Derek Hagan (OAK)
    Chaz Schilens (OAK)
    Steve Smith (PHI)
    Jerricho Cotchery (PIT)
    Patrick Crayton (SD)
    Ted Ginn (SF)
    Josh Morgan (SF)
    Mark Clayton (STL)
    Mike Sims-Walker (STL)
    Micheal Spurlock (TB)
    Donnie Avery (TEN)
    Kevin Curtis (TEN)
    Lavelle Hawkins (TEN)
    David Anderson (WAS)
    Donte' Stallworth (WAS)
    Stephen Williams (ARZ) - Exclusive Rights
    Jordan Norwood (CLE) - Exclusive Rights
    Jesse Holley (DAL) - Exclusive Rights
    Kevin Ogletree (DAL) - Restricted
    Stefan Logan (DET) - Restricted
    Matt Willis (DEN) - Restricted
    Danny Amendola (STL) - Restricted
    Dominique Curry (STL) - Exclusive Rights
    Preston Parker (TB) - Exclusive Rights
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  2. VrabelJr

    VrabelJr In the Starting Line-Up

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    In terms of price (we have to re-sign Welker), value, smarts, not-being-a-diva, and realistic chance of getting, Robert Meachem is it. Brandon Lloyd is a close second.
  3. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Meachem and Lloyd are the primary targets.

    Maybe Bowe after that.

    I'm not sure about Reggie Wayne. Ideally I'd like to get a WR who is not 34 years old.
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  4. TheComeback

    TheComeback 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Reggie Wayne is also realistic.
  5. Elijah T.

    Elijah T. On the Game Day Roster

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  6. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Brandon Lloyd or Robert Meachem please.
  7. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    The key is UFA, who on that list are UFA's ? If Vincent Jackson is an UFA, I say jump on him and Desean Jackson. This completely improves our offense (AND Special Teams with Desean). Pierre Garcon and Jerome Simpson might be some nice cheap alternates.
  8. thenepatsrule

    thenepatsrule In the Starting Line-Up

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    Reggie is in his mid 30s if i am not wrong, i doubt he would be much of a weapon
  9. Elijah T.

    Elijah T. On the Game Day Roster

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    Robert Meachem is Donte Stallworth all over again.

    Get serious and pay Marques Colston...Worth every penny.

    There's nothing he can't do at the position and we have the money to add two big time players this year, one on offense and one on defense in a potentially strong market.

    If I had to go lower it would be Reggie Wayne or Brandon Lloyd.
  10. Rob0729

    Rob0729 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Brandon Lloyd is the most likely WR added. He said he wants to follow McDaniels and McDaniels is the only guy who gets him to work.

    I could also see Eddie Royal added because his familiarity with McDaniels, McDaniels got ok production out of him, and he is a good returner (7th in the league in punt return average). The guy had a great rookie year and kind of declined since, but might be a good #3 or #4 WR.
  11. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae PatsFans.com Retired Jersey Club PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Brandon Lloyd as the #1 target. The only way I change my mind on this is if Wallace somehow isn't going to be kept by Pitt. If Pitt just tenders him, I'd be willing to give up the 1st rounder for the guy, because he's only 25 years old and the pick's going to be at the bottom of the round.

    Outside of that, I could see bringing in some guys to compete for spots (i.e. Royal, Smith), but I don't see much else worth spending big money and essentially guaranteeing a spot for. I might also look at Ginn strictly as a return guy, but I doubt BB would do that.
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  12. stevedogc

    stevedogc Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Colston scares me a bit. Im not sure why, but I have this uneasy feeling about a player, especially at a skill position, who has spent his entire career in a dome and then having him adjust to a home field in the elements. I may be reaching, but its just a thought.

    What are the thoughts on Eddie Royal? Granted, I wouldnt make him my only option. The Pats need alot more then him. But I see him as a younger Branch who has return skills. He is currently 3rd of all active players in punt returns average. He has been productive, 91 catches in 2008 and 59 in 2010 and has experience in McDaniels system. And I bet he could be had at a minimum contract. Say add a top WR like Lloyd, a draft pick and Royal.

  13. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Eddie Royal would be a terrific "buy low" option. Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't panned out after a promising rookie campaign... might be due to the coaching/quarterback carousel out there in DEN.

    I'd be all for it, even if he only amounts to a depth acquisition.
  14. Elijah T.

    Elijah T. On the Game Day Roster

    #12 Jersey

    I think Eddie Royal would be solid especially if we didn't re-sign Welker...Not that he would replace Welker but it would be a good low risk potential high reward if we were to sign a Colston, Lloyd, Wayne, and then add Royal.

    He didn't put up big numbers with McDaniels, he did with Shanahan.

    If McDaniels likes him I could see us bringing him in.
  15. LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady

    LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Definitely resign Welker and cut or trade Ocho(but they won't do that to him)

    From this list they should go after Brandon Lloyd and Stevie Johnson. But looking at the Pats FA signings for the O in the past few years don't be surprised if they go for Reggie Wayne, Plaxico Burress or Braylon Edwards.

    Who are the available RBs?
  16. robbomango

    robbomango In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

  17. thenepatsrule

    thenepatsrule In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    Ray Rice (BAL)
    Matt Forte (CHI)
    Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
    Peyton Hillis (CLE)
    Mike Tolbert (SD)
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE)
    Cedric Benson (CIN)
    Michael Bush (OAK)
    Ryan Grant (GB)
    Arian Foster (HOU) - Restricted

    I doubt the Pats will go for a FA RB
  18. Petersen23

    Petersen23 Practice Squad Player

    #95 Jersey

    Keep welker and sign Marques Colston Baby! let go of Ochostinko... no need for someone who tweets more than he catches
  19. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Pro Bowl Player

    VJack or Bowe

    forget any burner 50 yards down the field.......brady can no longer get the ball there.
  20. Elijah T.

    Elijah T. On the Game Day Roster

    #12 Jersey

    Not that we need it, because I think Shane Vereen can be Thurman Thomas (based on skill set). And Stevan Ridley looks good, but Michael Bush wouldn't be a bad option if they could get him at the same price as BJGE and the organization was interested in adding a veteran running back.

    Excellent second gear for a power back and quicker to the line of scrimmage than Peyton Hillis.
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