2010 Patriots Roster By Draft Status

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  1. DarrylS

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    15 of our 53 are UDFA.. so much for the draft prognosticators...

    Good article on Nick Caserio in this AM's, Pro Jo...oops guess it is 14 out of 52 as Leonard was released yesterday.. but that may change today.

    Not sure how it compares to other teams, but some pretty significant contributors here.. especially on Offense...

    Mel Kyper eat your heart out...

    For Pats’ personnel director Caserio, a busy season | New England Patriots | projo.com | The Providence Journal

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  2. robertweathers

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    Nice work by Mike Rodak to compile this...

    21 UFAs....Incredible.
    23 after the 3rd round.

    New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston

    First round (8)
    OL Logan Mankins
    LB Jerod Mayo
    CB Devin McCourty
    S Brandon Meriweather
    RB Fred Taylor
    DL Gerard Warren
    DL Ty Warren*
    DL Vince Wilfork

    Second round (11)
    DL Ron Brace
    WR Deion Branch
    CB Darius Butler
    S Patrick Chung
    TE Alge Crumpler
    OLB Jermaine Cunningham
    RB Kevin Faulk*
    TE Rob Gronkowski
    OL Matt Light
    LB Brandon Spikes
    OL Sebastian Vollmer

    Third round (3)
    OL Nick Kaczur*
    WR Taylor Price
    WR Brandon Tate

    Fourth round (5)
    K Stephen Gostkowski*
    TE Aaron Hernandez
    OL Rich Ohrnberger
    S James Sanders
    CB Jonathan Wilhite*

    Fifth round (6)
    OL Dan Koppen
    P Zoltan Mesko
    RB Sammy Morris
    OLB Rob Ninkovich
    OL Quinn Ojinnaka
    WR Matthew Slater

    Sixth round (4)
    QB Tom Brady
    RB Thomas Clayton
    DE Eric Moore
    DL Myron Pryor

    Seventh round (8)
    OLB Tully Banta-Cain
    S Josh Barrett*
    DL Landon Cohen
    DL Brandon Deaderick
    WR Julian Edelman
    S Jarrad Page
    DL Darryl Richard*
    DL Kade Weston*

    Undrafted (21)
    CB Kyle Arrington
    CB Leigh Bodden*
    S Sergio Brown
    CB Tony Carter
    OL Dan Connolly
    LB Dane Fletcher
    K Shayne Graham
    RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    LB Gary Guyton
    QB Brian Hoyer
    LS Matt Katula
    OL Mark LeVoir
    S Bret Lockett*
    DL Kyle Love
    S Brandon McGowan*
    OL Stephen Neal*
    WR Wes Welker
    OL Ryan Wendell
    LB Tracy White
    RB Danny Woodhead
    DL Mike Wright
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  3. Fencer

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    #12 Jersey

    Patriots' roster by draft status

    Patriots roster by draft status - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston

    Mike Rodak breaks down the Patriots roster (including IRed guys -- so there are, for example, two kickers on the list) by draft status.

    1st -- 8 total, 6 homegrown (mainly studs), plus Taylor & G. Warren
    2nd -- 11 total, all homegrown (counting Branch) except Crumpler
    3rd -- 3 total, all homegrown
    4th -- 5 total, all homegrown
    5th -- 6 total, 3 homegrown plus Ninkovich, Morris, and Ojinnaka
    6th -- 4 total -- Brady, Pryor, Clayton, Moore
    7th -- 8 total -- I think 5 homegrown, plus Page, Barrett, and the immortal Landon Cohen
    UDFA - 21 total

    The 21 UDFAs is the meat of the story -- I'd actually frame it as 29 guys being UDFA or 7th round. Otherwise, it confirms what we knew, which is that pretty much every round has gone well for the Pats on average except the 3rd.
  4. CheeseMonkeys

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    3 posts... 3 threads:lol2:
  5. WhiZa

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    terrific merge job by the mods. Well done :)
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