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    Post your thoughts about the 2009 Patriots (and the NFL as a whole) in this thread. I'll begin.

    -The high point of this season was the Colts game about partway through the third quarter. The Pats' have had ups and downs since then, but none as high as that point.

    -The low point of the season was somewhere in the first quarter of the playoff game.

    -TB, welcome back to the NFL. Take the offseason to heal up. We'll need you at your best for next year.

    -It's impossible to build a winning team where everyone is making "fair value" for their talent. If you had everyone performing at the level of their contract, you'd probbaly have an 8-8 team. You need people to outperform their contracts. The more the better. With an under performer like Adalius Thomas, it's hard to, overall, get a good bang for your buck.

    -The Patriots offense was supposed to be the strong point of this team. It was never consistently good.

    -There was no fight in this team this year. Some of the players fought some of the time (aside from Welker, who fought all the time), but I never saw a team determined to win a game come hell or high water. That was the Patriots we all used to know and wished to see. They aren't coming through that door.

    -The Pats need some more talent somewhere. Hopefully some of the youngsters will pick up their game a bit (Mayo, Meriweather, Edelman, Vollmer, etc). These players have been good, but I hope they get better!

    -The Patriots are just another team with some talent in some places, some overpaid players in some places, and some underpaid players in some places.

    -My biggest hope is that Brady will find a way to end his career like Elway did: 2 back to back SB championships.

    Good luck Pats and we'll see you back in 2010.
  2. PatsFanInVa

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    I'm short on time so I'll react to yours rather than be original for the time being.

    That is true, from a fan/dramatic point of view... too bad it was followed by one of the low point of the regular season, the collapse to finish that game.

    Oh yeah. No brainer, right? I'd say to pinpoint it, the deflected pass AFTER the Rice TD, and AFTER the second score set up by turnover. I believe it was to Aiken? Dunno off the top of my head.

    Hard to argue with. I'll add that when Carson Palmer underwent Kimo-therapy that one year, his first year back he stank up the joint. And that's without broken fingers and ribs. I hate excuses, but Brady 09's worst sin seems to be not being Brady 07. Well, that and the four turnovers in a freakin PLAYOFF GAME lol.

    Will be reading a bit more in depth here about the mechanics of the uncapped year, in relation to this comment. The Pats have consistently built a winning team (no losing records this decade, only 1 team that deserved to miss the playoffs, '02. EVERYBODY, remember when you're displaying your football genius, that there are teams that think they found the golden ticket in their Wonka Bars every time they DO make the playoffs... Miami, NY JEST come to mind.) Being in contention every year is NOT a given, and the Pats do it.

    Once again, define "good". I disagree. It was just never lights-out great, and the line was suspect several times, yesterday definitely being a case-in-point.

    These points based on observation of others' internal mental states always remind me of the "Tom Brady's Body Language" comments in the national press. I get what you're saying, from our observation, sure. Certainly it's not llike they're rolling on with a sense of destiny. But then, in 07, they were... I mean, that worked out for 18 games, right? 19 woulda been good, but...

    Around here we're pretty bad at taking the credit for what goes right. Edelman this year, Mayo (there, I said it,) Sea-bass this year, Butler in flashes. Some free agent pickups (Springs often was the bright spot of the secondary. "WAHHHHHHH there are five guys that really kicked ***** this last draft and we didn't get any of them!!!!" is not a cogent argument. You're not playing fantasy football, you're building a team, and next year's film and stats may tell a very different story. From what I can tell we've all given up on last year's DROY, because he didn't become Ray Lewis c 2001. Come on people.

    WE WASTED A PICK ON JIM SORGI!!!!! <- Colts equivalent. Spot on, my friend. Every team is just another team in just such a position, with the exception of those few teams with very little or no talent. That ain't us.

    Make it a 3peat and I'm wit ya. :) Seriously, Brady's got a few years. Moss will be walking off into the sunset sometime relatively soon, but boo hoo. I remember 01-04, and I remember '96, and I remember those '70s teams... I know it's a constant struggle to be a contendah... and w/Brady we always have a shot at the WHOLE ENCHILADA, so yeah I'd like to see that happen a few more times.

    But yanno what, guys? Brady is NOT the New England Patriots. He is Tom Brady. Brett Favre made GB move on from Bart Starr, and Aaron Rodgers will probably make them move on from bitter Brett memories pretty soon.

    Get your heads around that: Love Brady, love NE more.

    I DISAGREE WITH... oh wait, can't, can I?

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    #3 Jersey

    Amen on this paragraph.

    Aren't you glad your prediction that he'd be a LOLphin didn't come true? :singing:
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