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    Obviously numbers three and five...

    The Pats will certainly make an effort to retain both Moss and Samuel. And if they fail with either, they will look at the other free agents at those positions.

    At WR, Crayton is a huge downgrade from Moss. There is not a comparable receiver out there. The Pats could look at Devery Henderson or Keary Colbert, but those are also complementary guys.

    At corner, there are two potential impact players that might become free agents. Marcus Trufant is a very good corner, and there's a chance he will be available. Nnamdi Asomugha is also out there, but he's more likely to be retained. Again, after that, the list drops off dramatically. Randall Gay will be a top ten corner, easily, in this free agent group.

    The other area the Pats will need to look for free agents is LB. With Bruschi and Seau likely to retire and Colvin carrying an enormous cap hit, there's a real good chance the Pats will need an overhaul. The options there are not very good right now. If a guy like Taylor is released under a turn-around regime, things could improve, and the Pats could always draft a top prospect, but obviously they prefer veteran free agents.
  3. MrBigglesWorth

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    at least the colts have two top free agents too.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen with Moss and Samuel. Too bad the Pats gave away their leverage with Samuel. At least the cap is going up and will increase the chances that one or both will be retained.
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    Gonna say it now because i hope the Colts cannot afford both Clark and Sanders. I would really like Dallas Clark on this team. Of course im assuming that we resign Moss and let Asante go.

    I think Karlos Dansby is/should really be considered an option for us.

    People on this board will jump all over Michael "the Burner" Turner but i think he wants/gets way too much money.
  5. SeanBruschi54

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    The Pats gave away their leverage because they knew how much money Asante wanted and they were never going to give in.
  6. MrBigglesWorth

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    so why give away leverage? if he sat the first 10 games he'd be losing out on cash.

    and the rodney excuse doesn't really cut it.

    why let an asset walk away for no compensation? we're not the miami dolphins... heck they got a 2nd rounder
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    I usually look at the off-season as how we can improve our team. I know some will dispute it. But, I doubt we can keep Moss and Samuel. So, let's assume we keep Moss and Asante walks. How can we improve on a possible 19-0 season? We can't. I think our goal will be try to get back to the 07 level. Not going to improve this team. A couple of guys took sweetheart deals this year you can't count on all of the time. Moss and D.Stallworth. Even though Dante hasn't worked out great. You don't get many players of his caliber on what will basically be an affordable one-year deal.

    I dont' think we will be able to replace Asante with another UFA. That player will want more money than he's worth. We have a very high draft pick. Plus, we should be able to keep R.Gay. I think we will find Asante's replacement in the 08 draft. Probably, first rounder. But, we can always trade up in Round 2 and get a pretty good prospect. I don't see any way we can afford some names being thrown around the board like; K.Dansby,M.Trufant
    K.Hamlin,Raiders CB.

    An off-season where we lose A.Samuel and D.Stallworth wouldn't be a failure. Because it will probably allow us to keep a couple of valuable players such as R.Gay and J.Gaffney. I'd be thrilled with an off-season where we keep R.Moss,J.Gaffney and R.Gay. We can get a cb and lb with our top 2 picks.
    Can get a couple of pieces for offense after that. Maybe TE and OL in Round 3. And, a rb in Round 4.

    We'd have to find a more reasonable UFA at db and ilb. Not, the top names but someone who falls through the cracks. Or, maybe a vet who we can deal for.
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