2006 Wish List

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  1. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    What changes would you like to see in 2006?

    - A New Training Staff (What's with all the injuries?)
    - An Actual OC and DC
    - A New Running Back, both starting and backup (I love Corey, but I think he's done, and though Faulk has been good I'd like to see fresh blood there)
    - A Secondary
    - Rodney back
  2. BelichickFan

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    Copy and paste from my post in another thread :

    - Givens re-signed cheap or a faster replacement brought in.
    - 2 TE offense full time.
    - Dillon getting 25 carries a game, with his cap number we have no choice.
    - Neal re-signed or a good replacement.
    - An OLB to develop behind Willie.
    - An ILB to develop behind Bruschi.
    - A stud Safety to play with Wilson if Harrison doesn't come back or with Harrison and Wilson could go back to CB.

    That's a list of :

    1 WR (starter quality)
    1 OG (starter quality)
    1 Safety (starter quality)
    2 LB (developmental quality)

    That's not an overly aggressive list with all the draft picks we have. I'd love a stud CB but they are a lot more costly.

    My best case would be a young, stud Safety teamed with Rodney and having Hobbs, Wilson, Samuel and Gay at CB. But that's probably unrealistic unless Harrison is way ahead in his re-hab.
  3. Chris

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    1. Stud RT and OG..
    2. WR with size and speed..
    3. ILB
    4. Shutdown Corner
  4. patsfaninpa

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    I'm surprised we went out like this. I thought that after the last
    two regular seasons our secondary was going to cost us at some
    point. The defense played tremendous last night. I'd love to get
    a younger rb, but as others pointed out. Dillon isn't going anywhere.
    Hopefully, our poor running game a combination of line play and
    nagging injuries to Corey..Not a slip in talent. I really think all we
    need on offense is to keep what we have; Givens,Neal,Ashworth or
    Gorin. We get Light and Koppen back. A.Davis flashed some potential
    this year. WR not a great position in this draft. Will probably have
    to go free-agency to pick up a 3rd wr.

    Had trouble getting pressure on Plummer. The fact that T.Brown
    had to play some defense still scares the hell out of me. Not sure
    what we have at safety either.

    Free Agency
    Keep our guys. Sign a FA WR..

    1. OLB
    2. CB(Can probably trade up like 03 with extra picks)
    3. S
  5. maverick4

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    I want Monty Beisel gone and a true goal-line inside linebacker on the team.

    Not that it would have changed the game, but on Mike Anderson's 2 TD runs:
    -Beisel was completely blown up by a blocker (he didn't put up a fight at all) and Anderson had the easiest TD run ever for his first touchdown.
    -Larry Izzo was in position for a tackle but fell down or tripped and allowed Anderson to run to the Pylon for his 2nd touchdown.

    Bruschi and Vrabel are smart, quick, aggressive players, but we need a Ted Johnson in there. I was cringing when I saw the Pats' goal-line package and Beisel was running out there to replace Colvin.

    Other than that, I want the strong safety position to solidify next year, and for the Pats to be HEALTHY (O-line, secondary, RB).

    They are talented enough, as they are right now, to win it next year, IMO, if they remain healthy.
  6. Richter

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    This draft is shaping up to offer excellent value for the Pats, and allow them to fill those needs. I still say they take a safety in the first round, with 3 blue chip caliber guys projected there, at least one should be available. The linebacker class is deep, including some Patriot sized OLB and some instinctive, value type ILB, a weak top end WR class but depth throughout, and extra picks in the middle round to develop more offensive line depth. This is going to be a very good draft for the Pats.
  7. HoLMeS

    HoLMeS Rookie

    I want Santonio Holmes in round 1, that's my only wish for this off-season. Holmes fits this team so perfectly I don't know how he can't be on this team. And I do want Seymour to have a big contract ASAP.
  8. Drewwho

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    Here is my 2006 wish list:

    - an OC - take some pressure off of Brady. I think at the end he was experiencing some serious burn out. I know all about Daniels, but I really think it was both of them running the offense this year. Difference is Daniels does not have half the pressure of Brady. Tom take your well deserved time off and come back stronger and more pissed off than ever!

    - Some fat big ugly OL's - we need some help on the left side to protect our QB. Brady will have a very short career at this pace. Plummer was perfectly protected as is Manning on most plays - it is such glaring defict for the Pats. Brady on the other hand takes serious hits one after the other and I love his guts, but he will be 29 going into next season and he needs help or we will start to see him miss chunks of games due to injury!

    - Rodney Harrison healthy!!! PLEASE!!!!!! I missed him this year.

    - Continued health for Bruschi! That man is GUTS!

    - At least ONE tall fast as heck WR. I love Givens and Branch, but Brady needs height in his corps and he has none. We need a tall stud.

    - A young reliable RB - love what Corey did for this team in 04 and we would not have made the SB without him. He was our MVP last year, but he seems to have little left to be the featured back. Give him goal line and 3rd and short duty next year and draft a young stud or sign a FA.

    I love the Pats. I am very grateful for another amazing season! Another season record with injuries and they make it to the final 8 teams. Nothing to be ashamed of!
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  9. TomBrady4MVP

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    A WR would be nice and we're going to need a back-up QB to replace Flutie, who's getting a little old and I really don't see Matt Cassell with a lot of potential.
  10. OhExaulted1

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    QB- Sign a vet and maybe pick up a UDFA to compete for the 3rd spot. I like Cassel's development and a good pre-season should solidify him as legitimate #2

    RB-I don't see alot of movement here. Maybe a late Rd-UDFA longshot and a vet FA. 2007 looks like a more probable time for a major move.

    TE-Will BB waste another late Rd pick here? Luckily we have a pair of good ones in Watson and Graham.

    WR-I hope we re-sign Givens. As for the draft, will BB finally break down and draft a 7-footer or does he stick with his affinity for smurfs. He and Pioli seem to have an eye for the good ones, so I'm guessing another burner with return experience.

    OL-I'd like to see Neal back and we'll sign a couple of vets, one of which will inexplicably retire in the preseason. Other than that I feel pretty comfotable with this bunch (provided they can stay healthy).

    DL-Not much to do here. As talented and young a core as you'll find in the NFL.
    ILB-A young stud here wouldn't surprise me, but I would like to see what Claridge can do. I'm also not sure if the FO is ready to give up on Beisel just yet. He's still fairly young.

    OLB-Rosie and Willie are still an imposing tandem and Vrabel can play here too. Maybe a later Rd. developmental guy.

    DB-This is where I think we'll see the most change. Poole and Starks are ? marks at this point, and I'm not just talking about their injuries. I can see a S and CB with two of our first three picks. I'm betting they put extra emphasis on ST experience. And no, neither of the two will be over 6-foot. I also think we get a known quantity guy in free agency.

    ST-I stated some of this above, and hopefully Adam doesn't want kill the cap on us.

    Coaches-Mangini may go, but what up and coming coordinater wouldn't want to have "worked for Belichik" on his resume? He'll find a good one. I have faith in Bill's decision making.

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