2006 Saints = 2001 Patriots?

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    Someone brought this up, and said when they think of the Saints this year, and how well they have played, is probably best to describe them as the 2001 New England Patriots, the one that beat my team to win their first Super Bowl. The comparison comes from the fact, the Pats won after the 9-11 thing, and if the Saints somehow by chance, can win this year, it will be the Katrina thing. Not sure what any of you think about that.
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    If you mean that a team winning the SuperBowl because of a national tragedy then yes. I'd have to agree, but if you're talking mainly about football I think it couldn't be further apart. The Saints probably won't have gone anywhere without Brees at QB this year. Whereas Brady was unproven and came in to relieve a proven QB.

    I would love to see the Saints in the SuperBowl. The City of New Orleans could really use this and I love what the Saints organization and players are doing for the community. Especially Brees.
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    2006 Saints = 2006 Saints

    2001 Patriots = 2001 Patriots
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    I must confess that I really like Brees at QB. Reads defenses, takes his time and throws accurately to the open receiver. They've also learned how to exploit Bush's talents better as the season has gone on.

    Just think of the problems we'd have if Saban the genius had gone for Brees, a quality QB instead of the over rated Culppper. Miami would be breathing down our neck for the AFCE. As it stands, they still need to piss away more cap money, draft picks and trade value on a real NFL QB.
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    2001 Patriots :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    ohhh brilliant

    thanks for clearing that up.;)
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    I wish the Saints well considering everything that community has been through. But the 2006 Saints are not equivalent to the 2001 Pats. The 2001 Pats were not over hyped the way the 2006 Saints are. The 2001 Pats did it without flash and superstars. The 2006 Saints have stars and are flashy.

    I also think the 2006 Saints are over hyped. Look at their games against AFC teams. The got beat at home by Cinci and Baltimore. The Ravens man handled them and intimated them. No one intimidated the 2001 Pats.

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