2006 red sox offensive predictions

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  1. patsfan55

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    before every yr i predict their numbers

    i base all these numbers off past performances and other factors

    c-jason varitek
    .280 avg, 20 hrs, 75 rbi, .375 obp, .865 ops

    1b-kevin youkilis
    .280 avg, 18 hrs, 70 rbi, .410 obp, .800 ops

    2b-mark loretta
    .300 avg, 30 2bs, 15 hrs, 70 rbi, 100 runs, .365 obp, .850 ops

    ss-alex gonzalez
    .260 avg, 30 2bs, 14 hrs, 75 rbi, .325 obp, .745 ops

    3b-mike lowell
    .260 avg, 22 hrs, 95 rbi, .355 obp, .845 ops

    lf-manny ramirez
    .310 avg, 35 2bs, 42 hrs, 155 rbi, .405 obp, 1.005 ops

    cf-coco crisp
    .290 avg, 40 2bs, 22 hrs, 80 rbi, 120 runs, .355 obp, .855 ops

    rf-trot nixon
    .280 avg, 30 2bs, 20 hrs, 80 rbi, .375 obp, .865 ops

    dh-david ortiz
    .310 avg, 45 2bs, 58 hrs, 180 rbi, .405 obp, 1.075 ops
  2. pats1

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  3. JoeSixPat

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    My prediction is 5 Red Sox press conferences scheduled for 5 minutes before kickoff next season
  4. Willie55

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    My prediction is Curt and Shonda Schilling will actually think people care about what they think and they will be seen on endless commercials.

    edit: does that say 58 hrs and 180 rbi's for Ortiz or am I drunk?
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  5. IcyPatriot

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    Mark Loretta will be a fan favorite before the all-star break. The Red Sox will surpass last years numbers. Trot Nixon will surpass those numbers by 20% and will be the teams 3rd best offensive weapon...then he will get hurt before the playoffs...because he's Trot and that's the kind of crap luck that he has.
  6. Fanfrom1960

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    Yah, if the Red Sox play in an A league. You forgot pitching: Schilling 22 - 6, Beckett 16 - 5, Wakefield 18 - 12, Clement 16 - 10, Arroyo 14 - 8. Sox win AL East by 15 games.
  7. PatsWorldChamps

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    Yes, 5 sox press conferences scheduled 5 minutes before pats games...

    also, 6 PC's for front office moves, 5 globe polls related to sox vs pats (sox will win all, or they will re-do the poll ;)

    4 Manny-being-mannies, 3 schilling political rants, 2 theo versus larry's, 1 stadium redesign, and a Henry in a pear tree
  8. PatsSaintsSox

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    Come on now, the schillings do a lot of stuff for cancer research...

    the spelling is off cuz i am drunk
  9. Tunescribe

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    My predictions for the Desperate Housewives in 2006:

    * Manny Ramirez will hit a home run and stop to take a nap while rounding the bases between second and third.

    * Theo Epstein will wear a gorilla suit to all press conferences.

    * Curt Schilling's wife will get her own show on WEEI and Curt will call in regularly for the family's grocery list.

    * Jason Varitek will be put on the disabled list with a severe case of hemorrhoids.

    * Bronson Arroyo will be arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

    * Johnny Damon will charge the mound and pummel Tim Wakefield after getting beaned in the season's first game between the Desperate Housewives and Yankees.

    * Coco Crisp will collide with a milk truck en route to Fenway and drown in his car.

    * Mike Lowell will be reassigned to the Lowell Spinners.

    * Trot Nixon will catch a fly ball with one out and the bases loaded and toss it into the stands thinking the inning is over.

    * Larry Lucchino will be linked with the Mafia during an undercover FBI sting.

    * Fenway Park will spontaneously implode under the weight of new construction.

    * Clement admits he's a vampire and the team announces he will pitch only night games.
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  10. PatsWorldChamps

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    i must be drunk then, cuz your spelling seems fine (assuming you used the contraction "cuz" on purpose)
  11. PatsWorldChamps

    PatsWorldChamps Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    LOL i could see that.
  12. IcyPatriot

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    What's the over/under on a new Urinal in the scoreboard area...that cup is getting nasty.
  13. Willie55

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    LOL. How many press conferences would the Red Sox need for this one.
  14. pats1

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    All-new beams were put in before they started. Believe me, I have some inside sources (or at least a former inside source...he took the same route as Theo after dealing with 'The Jerk' Larry and 'The Queen' Janet Marie Smith.)
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