2006 Free Agent Listings

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  1. DaBruinz

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    Anyone have a link to a site that has the players who will be free agents next year?
  2. pats1

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  3. njpatsfan

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    Hmmm ...

    Givens, Brown, Davis and Dwight are all UFA.

  4. SoonerPatriot

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    I'd love to see us take a shot at Azumah and as much as white defensive backs annoy me, Archuleta wouldn't be a bad addition either.
  5. pats1

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    Hey, hey, Jerry Azumah.

    Saint-Peter Marian High product (Worcester).

    My cousin is good friends with him from their SPM football days.
  6. DaBruinz

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    Thanks Pats1. Much appreciated.
  7. BelichickFan

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    Antonio Bryant hasn't distinguished himself, and the Browns have boatloads of money to spend, but the Patriots were said to have wanted Bryant in 2002 and settled for Deion Branch when the Cowboys took Bryant two picks ahead of the Patriots. Don't know if it's true but if Bryant makes it to free agency they may go after him. He's not as dependable catching as Givens but is more explosive. It's also interesting, looking at that draft, seeing that Andre Davis was taken 18 picks ahead of Branch.
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  8. Alk

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    Why do white d backs annoy you? Is your last name Farrakhan? :D
  9. DaBruinz

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    Positions that I think the Pats will look at during free agency:
    RB: There are a few big names (Alexander, Foster, James) and a lot of #3 types. Pats may go here or the draft http://www.theredzone.org/2006/freeagents/showposition.asp?Position=RB

    LB: This year is pretty deep in LB in both free agency and in the draft. Chatham and Davis are UFA. TBC and Chad Brown haven't panned out. The Pats could use some journeymen help behind McGinest, Vrabel, Bruschi, Colvin, Beisel and Claridge. http://www.theredzone.org/2006/freeagents/showposition.asp?Position=LB

    OT: Gorin isn't very good. Ashworth is versatile and can play both LT and RT, but he's a free agent and may not be back if he gets a good offer from another team. http://www.theredzone.org/2006/freeagents/showposition.asp?Position=OT

    OG: Stephen Neal is getting noticed in the league and could get offered a big Payday because the pickings are thin. http://www.theredzone.org/2006/freeagents/showposition.asp?Position=OG

    WR: I'd love to see Givens back and there is some talent out there with Wayne, Morgan, Price, Burleson, Curtis, and Jurevicious. A deal similar to T.J. Houshmandzedah is in order. Pats will NEED to sign at least 2 WR besides drafting 1 or 2. http://www.theredzone.org/2006/freeagents/showposition.asp?Position=WR

    Safety: Some big names here with Archuleta, Tank Williams, Will Demps, Lance Schulters and Keion Carpenter here. http://www.theredzone.org/2006/freeagents/showposition.asp?Position=S

    CB: Biggest names here will be Ty Law and Charles Woodson. Law won't get the money he wants. I don't think Woodson will either. Jerry Azumah and Juran Boldan are #2/#3 type CBs who will be available. http://www.theredzone.org/2006/freeagents/showposition.asp?Position=CB
  10. patsfan55

    patsfan55 In the Starting Line-Up

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    i looked through all the positions and here is my list of players i would like to get (with my favs with stars)

    charles woodson*
    deshea townsend*
    jamar fletcher
    jerry azumah* (RFA)
    juran bolden
    leigh bodden* (RFA)
    nate clements*
    rw mcquarters*
    will allen*

    i see townsend and clements as the most likely possibilities

    adam archuleta
    dexter jackson
    keion carpenter
    lance shulters
    omar stoutmire
    will demps

    dont really love anyone here

    akin ayodele*
    david thornton
    julian peterson*

    bb loves peterson's athleticism, no great ilbs in the fa group this yr (possible cap casualties?)

    anthony weaver
    aaron kampman*
    john abraham*
    kalimba edwards*
    kimo von oelhoffen
    kyle vanden bosch
    raheem brock*
    nd kalu
    orpheus roye
    robert mathis* (RFA)

    prob wont get anyone here, but if we do maybe brock or edwards-cheaper alternatives to the others

    chester taylor*
    ahman green
    edgerrin james
    shaun alexander
    deshaun foster
    jonathan wells*
    maurice morris*
    michael bennet
    najeh davenport*

    i would love to get davenport (even though he crapped in a grls dorm at umiami-my sisters alma mater), but he has some great upside, there are some great rbs, but im sure foster will stay in car, and edge and shaun if they leave will get more money than we can afford

    qbs(we really need a backup here):
    damon huard*
    jamie martin*
    jon kitna*
    josh mccown
    todd collins

    bb loved huard's practice ability, being the scout qb, could he return?

    ephraim salaam
    jeff backus*
    jon runyan
    tom ashworth*
    (i could see us going gorin and light next yr)

    stephen neal*
    steve hutchinson*

    (i love both these guys, althouh i could see us go with mankins and hochstein as our starting two next yr, if neal wants a lot of money)

    te(will let fauria go, so would like a number three here):
    aaron shea*-versatile
    brandon manamaleuna*
    jerame tuman
    daniel wilcox(RFA)
    Matt schobel
    zach hilton (rfa)

    antonio bryant*
    antwaan randle el
    arnaz battle (rfa)
    brandon loyd (rfa)
    corey bradford
    DAVID GIVENS*******
    dez white
    ike hilliard
    jabar gaffney
    joe jurivicius*(great in goal line)
    keenan mccardell*
    kelley washington* (RFA) (would like to see the guy i once wanted the pats to draft)
    kevin curtis (RFA)
    nate burleson (RFA)
    peter warrick
    quincy morgan
    reche caldwell*
    reggie wayne*

    if we dont re-sign givens (which i think is a must, we should get one of these guys)
  11. SoonerPatriot

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    No. And I should mention Im white myself. It all stems from the Jason Sehorn novelty act that played itself out when he came into the league.
  12. patsfan55

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    someone mentioned it after that college coach said black athletes are faster, that there arent many if any white corners in the nfl

    i checked, there are ZERO!
  13. SoonerPatriot

    SoonerPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Thats interesting. I wasn't aware of that. Not many in the college game either, certainly not on the DI level.
  14. patsfan55

    patsfan55 In the Starting Line-Up

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    its weird too, cuz im white, and i was a star cornerback this fall for my flag football team that went all the way to the semis
  15. Mainefan

    Mainefan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    It's a simple fact that many black athletes have, for genetic reasons, more "fast-twitch" muscles than most white athletes. This tends to give them greater speed and jumping ability. There is nothing racist in noticing this and it says nothing about the person's worth, overall athletic ability. intelligence, etc. Blacks with a heritage from certain parts of Africa also tend to be tall, and there's nothing politically incorrect to notice this.
  16. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Patsfan55 -
    I would say NO WAY on the following players:

    Charles Woodson - He has the Poston brothers as his agents. Not gonna happen. Plus he's over-rated.

    Julian Peterson - Another Poston Client... See above.

    Now, of the defensive ends you mentioned, which one would mind coming in off the bench? And which ones are able to play OLB?

    I definitely would like to bring Huard back.

    I like many of your other ideas.
  17. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    I had actually heard that this myth was a bunch of crap. I could care less either way really.
  18. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi PatsFans.com Supporter

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    The actual reasons for it, I don't know - but given that there are zero starting white CB and very few starting white WR and RB says it all.
  19. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    White DBs annoy you? I'm not sure what that means, but I can only assume that you're basing that on the memory of Shawn Mayer. Because John Lynch springs to mind as a pretty darn good DB that happens to be white.
  20. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    Scott Frost was decent too........ :eat2:

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