2006 batch of fresh Kool-aid

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  1. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    BB cracks me up...

    ...on players performance this year...

    "We're done talking about the regular season, or talking about the Miami game, drop kicks. I don't want to hear about any of that. It's a one-game season. It's Jacksonville. That's it. That's all I care about is Jacksonville. That's all this team cares about. That's all we're thinking about. I don't care about last year, last week, none of that really makes any difference. Right now, it's we have five more days to get ready for Jacksonville."


    ...just the look on his face when you ask him about anything else, one of absolute disgust...
  2. DefenseRules

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    I love it. :D

    Where's my koolaid?
  3. Willie55

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    Everybody get in line for your injection
  4. RoadGrader

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    here ya go D-Rules...

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  5. tombonneau

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    You know, its interesting he specifically mentions he is done with the "drop kick" in this.

    I haven't read any of the dropkick threads (bc frankly its just silly) so maybe this was brought up, but do any conspiracy theorists out there think part of BB called the play bc he knew that all the media buzz around the game wouldn't be that the Pats "tanked it" or "layed down" for the Fins, or "lost momentum" or any of that, but that the majority of media (at least national) coverage would be about the gimmicky 60-year-old play?

    Again, someone might have brought this up before but it just occured to me. If its even partially true its a real stroke of media manipulative genius.
  6. Michael

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    Any relation to NovaScotiaPatsFan?
  7. All_Around_Brown

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    Oh yeah!!:D
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  8. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    Is that Halifax NS or Halifax in the States?

    If it's Halifax NS I'm from Dartmouth. :D Welcome either way.
  9. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    There are other Halifax's, one in England I think, one in Virginia.
  10. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    NSPF, Halifax, Nova Scotia...Dartmouth actually....

    Great forum, thanks for having me... :D
  11. DarrylS

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    What is nice about the quote, is that the players all seem to be buying into the same philosophy. We are all fortunate to be pats fans in this day and age.
  12. Box_O_Rocks

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    I believe the best way to look at the drop kick is the less cynical one, BB was just having fun with his boys playing football. Media manipulation, tanking a game for fourth seed, etc. all of that pales in comparison to a bunch of guys just playing a game that they love. They had a football party to celebrate the end of the regular season and played for the pure love of the game. Very :cool:

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