20 Million tucked away for Iraq Victory Party...

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    Guess we all missed this one in the last defense appropriations bill our congress voted on and our President signed, there was an appropriation for a 20 million dollar Iraq Victory Party... who wee will buy a whole bunch of party hats and photo ops for the victors.. Guess they miscalculated again, what a waste of money and waste of energy for our elected officials. Vote against every incumbent often.

    What a celebration they have in mind is unclear. When the celebration will take place is also uncertain. But Republicans in Washington are so certain of the US making progress in Iraq and Afghanistan that they have set aside $20m (£11m) for a "commemoration of success".

    The funding was tucked away in the small print attached to a congressional military spending bill for the past year. Also inserted was a provision for the money to roll over into 2007 if it was not used in the current period.

    The news from Iraq suggests the party will not be taking place soon. Yesterday, it was reported that 28 people had been killed in a series of bombs and attacks. Among the dead were two US soldiers - bringing to 17 the number of American troops killed since Saturday.

    The US casualty toll now stands at more than 2,730, with almost 120 British troops killed. Two years ago a report in The Lancet suggested more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed.

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