2 black coaches in SB

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  1. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    ..so what's the big deal? They are good coaches that are black, they are not 2 black men that are coaches....am I missing something? If you are a good coach, it will come out. Because they are black it is a big deal. Is it that they had the opportunity to be coaches? I don't get it....maybe cause I don't live in a racially hot US...just seems to be a couple good coaches going at in on Sunday, and by the way they are black....

    I like Dungy giving them time off though, to be with family and stuff...stand up guy in my books....I still hope the Colts win....but beware, someone once told me defense wins championships....I would not be at ALL surprised if the bears win, but rexie is gonna have to hit some big plays....actually looking forward to the game this Sun, hope it is a good one....
  2. Sean Pa Patriot

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    :p There are 2 black coaches in the super bowl??? Who would have thought that, did not hear about it??
  3. PatsFaninAZ

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    I thought Dungy's quotes about it were great. It's a story because it's the first time it's happened, and because, for better or worse, young black men in this country don't have enough positive role models. The job of head NFL coach is tremendously significant -- he is the boss of other men, the captain of the ship. If making it a story increases even a little the chances that some one will see a broader horizon for himself or strive to achieve something that he might (for whatever reason) have previously thought was unattainable, that's a good thing and enough of a reason for it to be a story in the pre-supberbolw hype period.

    Some really seem to be bothered by the repetition of the story. I'm not sure what skin it is off their back. Who cares? The 2 weeks leading up to the superbowl are always filled with people trying to find anything they can (and repeating it 50 times) about the sidelight stories. By Sunday it's always all about the game.
  4. Oswlek

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    There's a Super Bowl?! Why didn't anyone tell me?
  5. Oswlek

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    My real thoughts on this are:

    We will have truly moved beyond race issues in this country when this *isn't* a story.
  6. PatsFaninAZ

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    True. But we ain't there yet. Pretending we are, or wishing we were, or ignoring the fact that we're not, doesn't do anyone any good.

    The fact that we have two black NFL coaches in the superbowl is another step forward and gets us closer. And while they are not exactly Jackie Robinson, those days are not yet far enough in our past. You don't fix a problem by pretending it doesn't exist.
  7. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    It actually dosen't exist for me...it is a non issue....these two men are stand up men first that happen to be black...i dunno, sorry for getting this race thing going...i agree with the poster pereviously, for me it is all about the game...it just sucks that we are not in it, now go out and get #12 a NUMBER 1 RECEIVER ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  8. patriotsrule

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    Said by someone who is white, no doubt.
  9. patriotsrule

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    Thank you for posting an intelligent thought on this subject. The ignorance of others on this board is why race will always be an issue in this country. If they can't see this for what it is, I feel sorry for them. It must be nice to be white and be nothing but bored by this story. It was only 15-20 years ago when there were no black coaches at all. Do we chalk that up to a coincidence? They just didn't want the jobs? It's really sad to see that most people in this country don't get it and probably never will.
  10. NEPatriot

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    You're right, they are good coaches. But both had to wait a long time, and were often passed over for opportunities because of the color of their skin. At some point we'll get to the point where this is a non issue, however skin color still often has an influence on our society.
  11. Fanfrom1960

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    The line was broken in the super bowl as far as minority coaches goes when Tom Flores won two of them. Nobody mentions him any more.
  12. Tunescribe

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    That is an excellent point. Lovie Smith seems to be the one who's soaking up the "historic" nature of this event. It would seem better if they treated it like no big deal, i.e., "We belong here -- so what?"

    The only thing really bugging me about Dungy and Smith is that they're good friends and this "love-in" has been emphasized all week. Takes a bit of the edge off the game if you ask me. I want the coaches in the biggest game of the year to be competitive rivals, not bosom buddies.
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  13. JoeSixPat

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    They should force Michael Richards to be in charge of the coin flip
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  14. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    I think come Sunday night they will be plenty competitive..I am sure they both really wanna win and the juices will be flowing...
  15. Tunescribe

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  16. gomezcat

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    I found it interesting that nobody has replied directly to your comments. I suspect that no one knows what it is like to be black. I don't know, as a white English (important, given that I live in London), middle class, straight male, what it is like to face discrimination. I have NEVER once gone for a job, thinking, "I didn't get that because I'm white". I have seen some jobs that are reserved for ethnic minorities, but I have yet to see more than one or two that are more highly paid than my current one.

    Dungy and Smith got there on merit. I reckon that is pretty tough for the most ardent racist to deny. You don't get to be a HC without being competent, spectacularly hard working and COMPETITIVE. It ISN'T a love in between those two, same as it isn't between best friends Saban and Belichick.
  17. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    Exactly what I am saying Gomez...thanks....they got to where they are on merit, at least that is what I thought, I am glad I am not the only one thinking this...it drives me nuts when someone is in my face playing the discrimination card like a broken record. These two coaches have confidence in what they are doing, they are honorable men, they have proven success, that is why they are there....who cares what color they are...and regarding another person's post about young black men looking at the tv and admiring a head coach and thinking that one day they could be there...you know what, the longest distance they need to look for admiration is across the kitchen table and admire their own dad (and mom). I would like to think they are adminring their parents as role models, not someone on the tv who they never ever met...and that is what i love about Dungy, he is a strong family man with stong family values, that is who young black (and all color) people need to look up to...

    ...in my opinion
  18. shatch62

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    It a story because it is a "first". How many stories would there be right now if the Giants were playing the Colts and it was the first "brother vs brother" Super Bowl? If one of the coaches was in a wheelchair it would be a first and it would be a huge stroy. If one of the coaches is a woman? All huge stories.

    10-15 years from now if Lovie, Dungy, Romeo, Herm etc have coached in a number of S.B.s it will no longer be mentioned.
  19. PatsWorldChamps

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    That is the true racism. Give the qualified person the job; not the minority. if he/she's white, black, gay whatever, should not matter.
  20. gomezcat

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    Great editing job of my original post. It is important that some posts are reserved for minorities, when it is a matter of working with a specific ethnic group, e.g. Somalis. I can't recall the last time I saw one of those posts advertised for more than I currently earn. I also work in a liberal profession in a multi-cultural part of London. In the local authority, over 50% of the staff are from ethnic minorities and WAY over 50% of the senior managers are white.

    That's why 2 black Head Coaches matters, at least to me.
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