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    Digger44 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    1. Favre is terrible. He has really put his team behind. I think the injuries talked about in pregame are legit. Let's keep his head out of the team. For the majority of the 1st half we have held the offense in check. I hope he didn't break that arm, but it does not look good.

    2. Brady is accurate and well poised. He looks normal. There is no injury as Tom pumped that arm in celebration. He has made some great decisions.

    3. Vrabel!!! Ok it wasn't a TD but how can you not love the guy.

    4. For the most part the secondary has played solid football. Hawkens has been hitting hard and playing solid football. He is not Rodney, but he is a solid safety.

    5. Chad Scott is playing ugly ball. Huge missed tackle and penalty. He is not the future.

    6. Where is the running game? Dillon fumbled with no poor result and then got dinged on the TD. I havn't heard anything of his return. LoMo has been consistant, but not spectacular. The Oline needs to open some better holes for him.

    7. Troy Brown. Thanks for being a Pat man, but id you are going to hold Driver, don't let him catch the ball.

    8. Hobbs seems to be playing good ball.

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