17 Linebackers and DE's could be in top 40

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mgteich, Apr 3, 2009.

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    The rush will be on for DE's and LB's. This an incredible Day One at these positions. Much depends on Belichick's draft board and how the draft runs, but having four picks between 20 and 50 will be sweet (I expext to move up from 58).

    I expect the following players to be long gone.
    QB Stafford, Sanchez
    OT Smith, Monroe, Oher, Smith
    LB Curry
    DE Orapko
    WR Crabtree
    DT Raji
    LOOK AT THE BOARD AFTER THE TOP TEN (29 players) We get can two at 23 and 34.
    HALF the board is composed of linebackers and defensive ends.
    I'm sure that several of these are NOT on the patriots board. Also, I expect some players not on this board to be drafted before 34.

    QB Freeman
    OT Britton, Beatty, Meredith
    WR Harvin, Maclin, Hicks, Heyward-Bey
    DB Davis, Smith, Butler
    RB Moreno, Wells, Brown
    TE Pettigrew
    DE Jackson, Hood, Gilbert, Johnson
    OLB/DE Cushing, Ayers, Matthews, Barwin, Maybin, Brown, Sintim, English
    ILB Maualuga, Laurinitis

    Linebackers or defensive ends are likely to be the best value available (or close) when we draft at 23 and 34, although we might have to add a pick to move up for the player we want. Some of these players could be still left at 47, although I wouldn't expect it or count on it.
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