15 days and counting who will be cut???

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  1. Pats726

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    It's basically 2 weeks to camp...NOT much to talk about at all...besides the draft picks signing, there is one other event...(a series of events) that will happen...players will be cut. Currently, with the draft picks, the team's roster is at 89...6 players will need to be cut...ONLY 5 if Samuel does not show up.

    Who will be cut?? Any ideas??

    I have some...although I admit it will be hard:

    1----P Tom Malone...I just to not think they will keep 3 punters...Baugher is the better of the 2 from NFLE
    2----CB Gemera Williams...He's shorter than Hobbs..but may be a tenacious defender..in which case he may stick..
    3----C J Jones
    and 4---Chris Dunlap---With MANY receivers signed, I really think it's a matter of numbers with these two..a rookie UDFA and a young vet.

    That's 4...but two more??? A lineman OL/DL and who???

    It's not easy at all. Thoughts on who will get the ax??


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    QB - Tom Brady
    DE - Richard Seymour
    RB - Laurence Maroney

    The top 3 are All definately gone - The others are too close to call, they are all good, it's a crap shoot
  3. gomezcat

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    My big problem with Brady is that he chokes in the big games. There is no way we will win a playoff game with him in charge. I prefer Michael Bishop to him. As for Seymour, well, we all know that BB prefers 260lb DEs who can drop into zone occasionally, so he's gone.
  4. pats1

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    I didn't do too badly with the 75-man cutdown last year:


    Last year, the Pats only had to make about 3-5 cuts to make their rookies fit (although IIRC, they might have gone below the limit and then bobbed around for the duration of camp). Jakari Wallace, Remi Ayodele, Jeff Roehl, Jon Doty (Keron Henry signed), Ryan Claridge (Chad Brown signed), Kader Drame, Jarvis Herring (Walter Rasby signed), and Gemara Williams (re-signed, to IR) were all cut.

    This year, here's how I see things:

    89 total players (includes 8 unsigned draft picks)
    81 under contract (includes Samuel, Richardson)

    Roster Limit: 83 (includes 3 NFLE exemptions: Barthelmes, Baugher, Malone)

    Cuts needed to sign all draft picks: 6

    WR Chris Dunlap released (-1)

    CB Larry Anam released (-1)

    P Tom Malone released (-1)

    DE Zach West released (-1)

    CB Eddie Jackson placed on Reserve/PUP (-1)
    *NOTE: I'm not exactly sure if the Pats can do this right off the bat (i.e. not placing him on Preseason/PUP first). I think the Rams did it with Faulk last year. Not sure though

    TE Jake Nordin released (-1)

    I would have included Kranchick and/or Quinton Smith, but we'll have to see if Thomas is ready for camp and how Maroney is. If the Samuel situation isn't resolved by the extension deadline (Monday!), then I see either Samuel signing his tender or the Pats placing him on the Reserve/Did Not Report list, which would mean one of the above moves wouldn't have to happen.

    The cuts I made were mainly fat-trimming, but I wouldn't be surprised if a veteran (a la Gramatica last year) was released (Jones? Smith? Moore?). Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats made a move, like trading Kaczur (like they did with Cobbs, Gorin, and Tucker last year), but those moves don't seem to happen once camp is in full swing.
  5. PATSNUTme

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    OK, here's mine:

    Mike the Brit
    Miguel - for saying that Rodney might have been cut.
  6. pats1

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    The least you could have done was place me on a reserve list.
  7. OntarioPatsFan

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    Speaking of players cut last year, what ever happened to Ryan Claridge? I had high hopes for him, but I don't think he stuck anywhere (not even up here).

    I always hoped the Pats would give him another chance after his injury and then his brothers death.
  8. Pats726

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    A good list...it's REALLY not as easy as it seems...If Jackson was put on PUP (active) I believe he would be exempted from the roster count..(I believe that in 03 a number of players was PUPed after the 3rd exhibition game and obviously NOT counted against the roster..)

    Gramatica was cut AFTER TC started..after the 2nd preseason game. Tucker was traded just before the 1st preseason game, Gorin was traded after the 2nd and Cobbs after the 4th.

    Anam, West, Nordin??? Maybe...maybe not..it's really not that easy and you are right that if players are injured, they will keep others at that position.
  9. pats1

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    Not a peep after he was cut. In an offseason interview last year, it looked as if he had gained a bunch of weight. Could still be coping with his brother's death. BB did say the cut was for depth chart, not conditioning reasons, though.
  10. pats1

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    The Active/PUP (Preseason/PUP) does count against the active roster limit.

    The Reserve/PUP doesn't.

    Paxton, Seymour, and whole bunch were placed on the Preseason/PUP last year, and all counted against the active roster. Only Pass made it to the Reserve/PUP.
  11. Mike the Brit

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    Sheesh -- I thought that I had tenure! Ah well, at least it wasn't "Physically Unable to Perform" ...
  12. Pats726

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    VERY true...so Jackson could be put on teh reerve PUP early...even pre-TC...and he would not count...
  13. Mike the Brit

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    Question about PUP

    Here is what Miguel says about PUP on his FAQ page:

    Q:What is PUP??

    A: My answer is based on a Ron Del Duca's Agent Column on ProfootballTalk.Com and an Michael Fegler article regarding Rosevelt Colvin. A player who fails his club's pre-season physical at the start of training camp may be placed on the club's Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. A player on PUP is eligible to receive his salary, but is ineligible for games and practices; he is, however, allowed to attend team meetings. For a three (3) week period beginning with the day after the club's 6th regular season game and ending on the day after the 9th regular season game, a player on PUP may practice with his club and/or be restored to the club's 53 man roster (provided it is done before the day after the 9th regular season game). Note that there are two different types of PUP. Players that land on reserve-PUP are ineligible to play or practice for the first six weeks of the regular season. Players on active-PUP can be taken off the list at any point during training camp. Once a player is taken off active-PUP and returns to practice, he cannot be placed on reserve-PUP later. Please note that a player on PUP will count against the cap. I think but do not know for sure that players on active-PUP count against the 80-man roster limit and players on reserve-PUP do not.

    So here's my question. If having a player on active-PUP doesn't save a club money against the salary cap and doesn't save a roster spot, why would it put him on PUP at all?
  14. Pats726

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    As was stated...a player on active PUP CAN if not ready to play be placed on reserve PUP.... Active PUP is basically for the preseason..players that have reported to camp but NOT READY to practice in full. (Physically Unable to Perform). Once the player practices PUP is NOT possible. Basically players who come into camp not ready are eligible for PUP and taken off when they are ready. Why put him on PUP?? If it looks like a player will not be ready by Game 1..then PUP is a possibility OR he will be part of the 53 or cut or IRed. It's an option and for injured players a good one.
  15. Mike the Brit

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    Thanks ....
  16. pats1

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    Re: Question about PUP

    For he can go on Reserve/PUP later. Otherwise he can't.
  17. PATSNUTme

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    It's a what have you done for me lately world.

    BTW, T-shirt is on PUP. If you don't practice you can't play.

    Now I'm off to play the great American game - golf!
  18. Pats726

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    So basically it's one before the other...the latter conditional on the first....McGinest always came in om PUP and did not practice for a few days...others have injuries and are not 100%...Once they are cleared to practice..PUP is not an option.

    It's even odd...as ALL players are there at the start of a session..streching etc etc..and after 20-25 minutes..the PUPers walk to the indoor practice facility while the others do the drills...then as practive is winding down, an hour or so..they return amd are with the positional coacjes as they wrap things up. I DO think there are a few players that MAY start on PUP this year

    Chad Jackson, Eddie Jackson, Dave Thomas...even Troy Brown COULD start on PUP.
  19. gomezcat

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    My job as Left Offensive Fatboy is safe. Box and I make a great starting left sided combo. Your ass is grass in TC, Mr Nut. Non-Contact sessions? Not for you, Nutty Boy! :D
  20. PATSNUTme

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    Your NFL Europa exemption will not help you. No one from the third world makes this team.:singing:

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