10 Reasons why I think this rematch will be different and the Pats will win

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    1) No Michael Strahan - Mike was the leader of that defense and really gave it all and those around him played better just with him being in there.

    2) No Koppen - Dan was a decent center but in that SB Tuck repeatedly came rushing between the tackles and got to Brady....I think Connolly and even Wendell are better at pass blocking than Dan was.

    3) Gronkowski,Hernandez,Branch and Welker are arguably a better overall receiving corps than Moss,Welker,Gaffney and Stallworth and the Giants cant simply double anyone because that leaves at least one man open every passing play.

    4) No dreck in the backfield like Phony Maroney - Teams respect a hard runner like BJGE more than the dancing fool we had in 2007..... BJGE made a statement yesterday to respect the run because he will burn you if you don't.

    5) Red Zone Defense is much better than it was in 2007 - I think the way this defense is made,Eli doesn't get that easy toss to Plaxico to end the game

    6) Our linebackers are younger,faster and likely not to wear down late in the SB like it looked in 2007

    7) Tom Brady wants revenge over the Giants ruining what might have been the greatest season ever.

    8) You don't beat a Belichick/Brady team 3 times in a row......I do not believe that a single team has ever had a 3 game win streak against the Pats since Belichick arrived and the Giants won the last 2 meetings.

    9) No 9-7 team ever won the Super Bowl

    10) Brady is well known to play extremely well in roofed stadiums...I don't believe the Cardinals stadium in 2007 had a roof.

    any more reasons?...please feel free to add any or disagree with anything I posted

    I like our chances in this game......A Lot...and this comes from a very Pessimistic sports fan. :cool:
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  2. Fball

    Fball Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #8 is the biggest. Can't see Brady/BB allowing the Giants to beat them 3x in a row, or in 2 SB's.

    Eli's emergence as a legit QB is the biggest difference between the last SB game, and the weapons he has. While their D isn't as good, the offense is light years better.

    Much different game than last time, imo - both scores probably in the 30's.
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  3. Spiral

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    That stadium has a roof (and natural grass).

    The Patriots' offense in 2007 SB reminded me of the Rams' offense in 2001--"we will do what we do because that's what we do." If the Patriots' game plan is as inflexible as these were, then the Giants' defense will stop Brady again.
  4. KontradictioN

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    Not losing one of our star guards early on in the game will also make a significant impact. :mad:
  5. oldskool138

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    Arizona is a dome. They have a natural grass field on these platforms that slide out so it can get sun.
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    The Cardinals stadium has a roof?.....didn't remember that :confused:


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    O.k. Didn't remember the roof....I was paying more attention to the debacle hundreds of yards below it :bricks:
  8. makoute

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    3) you know it's probably easier to defend this current crop of receivers than the 2007 group. You had a deep threat, a short threat in Welker, plus another deep threat in Stallworth plus a decent possession guy in Gaffney, plus Watson had a decent year that year as a TE. That team could use the whole field, whereas this current one doesn't have the players to do so.

    4) Maroney might sucked, but if you remember what he did in that chargers for the Pats to get to the superbowl.

    5) Giants has a better offense, much better receivers.

    7) Tom Brady better not play like he did yesterday (since yesterday is suppose to be one of those games that he really wanted)

    10) I think the roof was closed that day, and that certainly was not the reason why the Pats lost that game.
  9. GoWhalers

    GoWhalers On the Game Day Roster

    OK -- Devils advocate...

    1) Strahan was on his last legs, late in his career, and was well-handled during the game. That was a pretty crappy lockerroom year in NYG too -- see Tiki Barber -- so I think that rallying around Coughlin had more to do with their success than the supposed leadership of which-network-am-i-going-to-work-for-after-i-retire Strahan.

    2) Belichick would presumably disagree as he sets the depth chart

    3) OK

    4) Maybe, but Coughlin has seen it all before.

    5) I know the D has had some great stops this season, but considering that we were a few extra pounds of grip force away from a Ravens TD, I cannot get too excited about the red zone D.

    6) I don't recall the linebackers being a problem late-- defensive line and defensive backs on the last drive, but not the linebackers

    7) Tom Brady wanted to win the Ravens game too.

    8) Giants have beat the Pats on the road and in the big game, so unless numerology plays a special role here...:D

    9) It's a one-game season now. Both teams are 0-0, and each year a 0-0 team wins the Super Bowl.

    10) I'm not going to bother to look this up, but I'm going to guess the stats show it's a wash.
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  10. AzPatsFan

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    It's retractable, just like the field surface.
  11. ALP

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    our offense is better b/c our O-line is MUCH better (especially w/o injury to Neal)

    i think the weapons are about the same
  12. Dutchmaster617

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    Only problem is Eli DID get the easy toss for a GW, few months ago.
  13. byfuglien

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    The Colts beat the Pats three straight times from 2005-2006: Once in the regular season in 2005, once in the 2006 regular season, and then again in the 2006 AFCCG.

    Also, the Broncos did it from 2005-2006. They beat them in the 2005 regular season, 2005 divisional round, and 2006 regular season.
  14. Ice_Ice_Brady

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    Admittedly, I do like the Giants reasons better than ours:

    1. This Giants team is better than their '07 team; this Patriots team is worse than our '07 team
    2. They beat us at on our own field without Nicks or Jacobs

    Those are both stronger points than any of ours. But, at the same time, I think both fanbases should just expect this to come down to the final wire. We've played them three times since '07, and none of those games were decided by more than 4 points. The last two games have involved a combined seven "game winning" drives in the fourth quarter, had the defenses held.

    The thing I like for the Pats: most of their players have not won a Super Bowl. I think they will be very hungry, and they know there is no hand of fate, despite that last kick. The Giants, I think, feel invincible right now.
  15. Palm Beach Pats Fan

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    to nitpick:

    1a. This Giants team has a much better passing game, but has the worst rushing offense in the league. Sure it appeared that this was fixed in the wild card round, but I am not convinced- maybe they had one good day. That 2007 team was much better at running the ball. This Giants defense is certainly not as good as it was in 2007- I think rated lower in points and yards allowed, sacks, INTs, etc.

    1b. I am not sure that we are much below where we were 4 years ago at this time. The peak of this team, granted, is nowhere near the peak of that team, but that team maxed out in November and then got increasingly vulnerable. Moss in the postseason was playing hurt IMO and was not the same threat he was in Sept/Oct/Nov. Not sure how you can say anything positive about tight end play in 2007 relative to now. Light years worse.

    2. Nicks scares me. The running game does not. They do not run block like in 2007 and their backs are slower.
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  16. ahmed

    ahmed Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    You guys are all worried over nothing. We will win the Super Bowl.
  17. KontradictioN

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    We didn't have Chung and lost Spikes (who was all over the field in the first quarter) for most of the contest as well. And they had Jacobs. He ran for a TD in that game if my memory serves me well.
  18. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Correct. I believe they were without Bradshaw.

    On balance, I think not having Jacobs might be a bonus for the Giants. Worst "power" back I've ever seen.
  19. BlueThunder

    BlueThunder PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

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    Ummm Both Nicks AND Cruz scare me...along with their TE's who can catch.

    Eli has more weapons...the key will be getting pressure on him and not letting him get outside....

    Pats D needs to stop their running game and have Wilfork,Love,Deaderick collapse the middle on Eli.....

    Pats OL is better than 2007 with Solder..Waters...Connolly playing. Gronk is a blocking beast as well as a catching threat..let's hope they have their running game turned on and don't become one dimensional. Does Ridley play a role or is he still in BB's doghouse ala Faulk a few years back?

    Should be a good game....Pats should have a slight edge if Gronk is healthy and there are no turnovers.

    Ravens supposedly had the best D and Brady stayed pretty clean thru out the game.
  20. ThatllMoveTheChains!!!

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    Not to mention deep threats don't gain you much if the other team isn't respecting them because their pass rush is getting to the QB before deep plays can develop. I think our current group is a better counter to what the Giants do on D than the 07 group.
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