1,000 suicide attempts per month by US Veterans

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    Saw this story last night on the news and the attempted coverup by the VA.

    its sick


    The email: http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/pdf/VA_email_021308.pdf

    And it appears that Katz went out of his way to conceal these numbers.

    First, he titled his e-mail: "Not for the CBS News Interview Request."

    He opened it with "Shh!" - as in keep it quiet - before ending with
    "Is this something we should (carefully) address … before someone stumbles on it?"

    (CBS) The Department of Veterans Affairs came under fire again Monday, this time in California federal court where it's facing a national lawsuit by veterans rights groups accusing the agency of not doing enough to stem a looming mental health crisis among veterans. As part of the lawsuit, internal e-mails raise questions as to whether top officials deliberately deceived the American public about the number of veterans attempting and committing suicide. CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports.
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