‘Cleveland ’95: A Football Life’ - featuring Bill Belichick

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  1. BelichickFan

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  2. BradyBranch39

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    Hope it makes its way to youtube. Looking forward to some Browns schadenfreude.
  3. JDot

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    This looks so good. I have always wanted to see a doc on this group. Pretty impressive group of coaches and executives on those Browns teams.
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  4. Rossmci90

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    Looks great, hopefully I can find a way to watch it.
  5. TyronePoole

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    Pretty crazy that they had enough footage from 17 years ago about such a compelling story just sitting around to make an entire documentary with. I can't ven imagine all the crazy stuff they must have at NFL films that no one's ever seen.
  6. SVN

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    Should be awesome. I wondered why they never did a documentary of the parcells or bb tree of coaches. They did one for all the coaches who coached brett favre and ray lewis and for holmgren's coaching tree.


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    I would rather watch tonight's gaem with the final score be...

    Cleveland 95 Baltimore 0

    Call it Browns vs. Ravens 'A Football Beating' featuring Brandon Weeden with 400 Yards passing and 12 TDs :rofl:
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  8. MrNathanDrake

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    Belichick, Mangini, Pioli, Saban.

    Looks like a good watch. I will def tune in.
  9. Raymond

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    I will not miss that one.
  10. AQPE

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    Definitely a must-see.

    Relevant to this, I posted on the Bob Kraft HOF nomination thread, some thoughts about Art Modell, and I thought it was appropriate to share them here as well. I had no idea about his contributions to the league until he passed just a few weeks ago. I just thought of him as the DB that screwed Cleveland in the 1990s. Little did I realize how instrumental he was in building the relationship between the NFL and the networks. He was a TV guy originally, and evidently he knew the business like noone else among the owners. It goes without saying, I think, that the marriage with TV made the NFL. I still think he was a DB for what he did to Cleveland, but I must say in spite of all that, Godspeed and RIP, Mr. Modell...
  11. BradyBranch39

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    not to mention
    Offensive Line – Kirk Ferentz
    Special Assignment – Ernie Adams
    Linebackers – Chuck Bresnahan
    Secondary – Jim Bates
    Personnel Scout - Jim Schwartz
  12. Sciz

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    "I'll pay anyone here $10,000 if they can tell me what Ernie Adams does."
  13. AQPE

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    Pretty funny, I had the exact same thought when I saw the post above.
  14. Isaac

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    Art Modell, right?

    And wasn't Ozzie Newsome on the personnel staff? I thought that BB and that group pretty much developed the scouting/personnel system that has made the Ravens so successful.

    Homerish, I realize, but it always seemed like that Browns organization was on the rise until they pulled the rug out from them with the move. The '94 team that beat the Patriots in the playoffs was awesome to watch, how they flew around on defense. With that staff, you have to think they would have become as dominant as the Pats/Ravens have been. Tough luck Cleveland.
  15. DarrylS

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    The first team I rooted for as a budding NFL Fanatic, was the Cleveland Browns.. my friends father introduced us to the gentleness or Chuck Bednarik, YA Tittle and the rest of those hardnosed dudes..

    In 2001 I had my picture taken with my all time fave Jim Brown, something I will always cherish.. he is still in great shape.

    I will TIVO this, even though I switched to the Patriots in the mid 60's.. when the AFL became real.
  16. The Brandon Five

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    Umm, they became the Ravens so technically they have been.
  17. Isaac

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    Good point, although it seems rare that Belichick's Browns are given credit for the success of the Ravens, when indeed the foundation was being built back then. Instead, it seems that Belichick's Browns are considered an utter failure.
  18. jmt57

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    Programming Note:

    Just a reminder that this will air on the NFLN tonight at 8:00

    A few snippets via Jeff Howe:

    BostonHerald.com - Blogs: The Blitz» » Early look at ‘Cleveland ‘95′

    Belichick: “We wanted a tough, hard-nosed, blue-collar football team. That’s what Cleveland is and that’s what we wanted our football team to be.”

    Belichick: “I felt bad for that team, the players and the coaches that were working so hard with less than no support. The owner was nowhere to be found; he was in Baltimore. It kind of felt like you were on a deserted island fending for yourself.”

    Belichick: “We got better every year, our program improved every year. I wish that it would have turned out a bit differently, but we tried to do what we could and the best that we could for ourselves, for the team and for the city of Cleveland. I have no regrets about that.”

    Eric Mangini: “There was that sense of we had turned the corner. All of that time, all of that work, all of that effort — we were poised to make that next jump.”

    Scott Pioli: “Those years in Cleveland, those teams, those people impacted the NFL. It impacted a lot of football.”

    Ozzie Newsome: “When I won in 2000 (with the Ravens), I owe a lot of that to Bill Belichick.”
  19. Patsrock

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    Re: ‘Cleveland ’95: A Football Life’ - featuring Belichick

    For our sake I am so glad it didn't
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  20. BradyBranch39

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