‘Anonymous’ targets Mexican drug cartel and child pornography

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Patters, Nov 3, 2011.

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    ‘Anonymous’ Operation Against Mexican Cartel Is Back On | TPM Idea Lab

    The masked-members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous have done another about face and are again planning to post identifying information online about the civilian associates of Los Zetas, one of Mexico’s largest and most lethal drug cartels, just days after reportedly canceling the plans, according to the Anonymous Iberoamerica blog and former Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown.


    The original plans, announced in an October 6 video, called for Anonymous to post the information about Mexican civilians working as cab drivers, journalists and police officers, who had supposedly provided support to Los Zetas. The stated goal was to threaten Los Zetas into turning over a member of Anonymous Veracruz who the video address claimed was kidnapped by the cartel during another Anonymous operation.

    Anonymous Reveals IP Addresses Of Alleged Child Porn Viewers In Latest Sting

    The hacker group Anonymous on Wednesday said it posted the IP addresses of 190 visitors of child pornography sites, marking its latest effort to remove digital pedophilia from the Internet.

    In recent weeks, Anonymous, which has become infamous for disrupting the online operations of large corporations like Sony, has targeted child porn sites and their visitors in a mission dubbed "Operation Darknet."

    The newest targets have been Freedom Hosting, a server that Anonymous accuses of hosting more than 40 child pornography websites, and visitors of those sites who shield their identities using Tor, a software that allows users to communicate anonymously on the Internet.
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    #75 Jersey

    More of this, please.

    How about hitting some human traffickers (and their partners in law enforcement, etc)?
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    yeah, stay away from my psn account and go after the real aholes
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    In understand one of the hackers was taken hostage along with others by the Zeta's. They haven't disclosed his name they want all the hostages released.

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