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May 28, 2015
May 1, 2008
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PatsFans.com Supporter
mayoclinic was last seen:
May 28, 2015
    1. luuked
      Hey Mayo, hope you are ok.. haven't seen you in a long time around the board and especially the draft section..
    2. TonyTucker
      Apparently Jaqen will be back for season 5
    3. BelichickFan
      Mayo - we all miss you - I was wondering if you'd mind giving me a one liner on how you liked the draft - I would love to know, I respect your opinion a lot. Personally I loved the WR double dip, like the depth at CB with Ryan and thought the two 7th round picks were nice values. Collins intrigues me but I'm not sure exactly where he will end up on the defense.
    4. Gerome23

      My name is Gerôme and I'm from Germany. I signed up for an account since I'm searching for the Greatest Games DVD-Collection of the New England Patriots and hoped to find someone who would sell it to me. Can you help me to find it? That would be awesome! It seems to me that the collection is not available to purchase on the internet since it is out of print! Please help me! :-)

      Thank you, best regards and Merry Christmas,

    5. Luxusdk
      Have to hear? Do you mind if i PM you sometimes ? Really love alot of your posts and work and i would love to reply on it and even make even more questions. But as you prolly know by now, my english is really horibel, specialy when i have to type a long post. What iam asking is if i could PM you some of the ideas i get and then you can do what you want with it.

      Etc Talib is as i see it the master piece of BB area WHy? Cause now he can move DMC and see if he's the answer at FS and Chung at SS - He can play the def he would love to AND he can test Talib. For a "5" round pick and 1 mio $. He can test the secoundary, he can see where he might have to draft AND he can see if Talib is the answer or do he have to get DRC in FA.
    6. BritPat
      Hey dude, where have you gone to? The draft forum is missing you.
    7. The Intimidator
      The Intimidator
      Hey dude do you have an AIM?
    8. NePatriots
      MayoClinic - don't know if you are interested or not, but I could use another guy to help me track the draft prospects / mock drafts, etc... at nepatriotsdraft.com -- it would be a paid position. Let me know if you are interested - really feel like you would do a great job.
    9. Revman
      Send me a copy of your predraft picks for 2008. I want to see how the players faired that you placed in your final predraft mock a year ago. Thanks
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    [​IMG]"OVER Loading at ANY position can create a Fatal Advantage. THAT is what interests ME. Attacking With Concentrated Force. THAT is what WINS. In the words ~ more or less ~ of General Patton: 'I'm fighting a WAR, here. Let the B*****ES worry about their FLANKS.' " - Off the Grid

    "Disruption is production." - Josh Norris