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Viewing forum PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum, Dec 5, 2016 at 11:20 PM
    1. bigcountry75
      I haven't heard back from you so does that mean you were able to get a shirt in my size?
    2. APatrioticVirginian
      Great site to read Ian but I dont think I will be a poster from now. I feel I have been unfairly targeted by a couple of moderators. I received from patsnutme a 3 point infraction with no expiration, for reporting 9 posts made against me, all 9 posts had horribly broken your rules with vile vulgar and hateful language. He said he did not have time to deal with my "childishness". Thats like a cop getting mad at a store clerk for being robbed repeatedly. I reported the offending posts instead of getting in a flame war with the posters. Anyway Ian I know you as well dont have time to deal with this so I respectfully lurk, and will not post, thank you.
    3. Cal
      Do you have AIM?
    4. Bertil

      Would it be possible for you to move my latest post in the Tedy Bruschi Wallpaper thread to the top or delete it altogether? I can't edit my first post to refer to the Troy Brown Wallpaper that I added to it. BTW, does the post editing feature expire after a certain time?
    5. RayClay
      Dear Ian.

      You have a moderator who is moving actual Patriots threads at random


      to "other sports?".

      I made a thread noting the error and it was immediately eliminated.

      I appreciate the site and just want to let you know. Of course if these threads are being eliminated for a reason, I would be curious what that is.

      Of course it is your site. I do feel eliminating relevant, but different threads lends a sameness to the site making it less interesting for the posters.

      Again, It is your site, I thank you and if you want this type of moderating, you are certainly entitled.

      Thanks for a great site.
    6. Boston Boxer
      Boston Boxer
      Ian, i would really like something to be done about Harry Boy in the political forum. I have rated his posts and reported them as well. His post are offending and not within posting guidlines
    7. dalero
      Hi Ian, Please make sure you check out my "He's The One" thread in the Pub. Thanks for many years of endless Pats coverage! Best Always, Dale
    8. JSn
      Ian, I can't seem to use any of the BB Code buttons in posting a message. Is this just me?

      I'm using Firefox.
    9. JSn

      I posted some info in the "on to the 49ers" thread, but it didn't move up and doesn't show me as the last poster. Not whining about that, just wanted to point it out to you.

    10. PYPER
      Great job with the site. I never realized all the 'social networking" options and games available. Pretty cool. One thing, is it possible to change my title. It says I'm on the practice squad. I hate that. );p
    11. True_Patriot_Blue
      Ian, thank you for the friend request. Could you explain to me how to decorate my posts with banners, quotes, pics, etc.? Thanks! - Mike
    12. NEsince92
      Awesome, THANKS!
    13. NEsince92
      At the bottom of your threads, I see the where you can edit tags for the thread you're reading. I'd like to add that to my forums, but I can't find the plugin anywhere.
    14. NEsince92
      Hey man... any chance you can drop me a link to the download of your "tags" plugin? I was trying to find it on vbulletin.org, but didn't have any luck. Was it a free one?

      Thanks in advance!
    15. PatsWickedPissah
      Long time reader. In recent weeks my Windows XP 5.1.2600 SP 2 system runing IE 7.0.5730 has stoped autologing me in despite checking the 'Remember Me' box. That's just annoying but liveable. IE 'remembers' such setings for me on other sites as always. The real problem is that when I do log in, all memory of threads that I've read is erased. That's REALLY troublesome and makes the site time consuming to read several pages to see where I left off. I have manually "Logged off" to see if thaat helps and it does not.

      Is there a generic site problem or should I peruse my myriad IE setings to find the culprit?


      Phil (e-mail edited out by Pats1 for privacy concerns)
    16. denver13
      Hi Ian

      I have tried to eamil you about advertising on web site. I am alowed to post a link to my wed site in the message board?


      Please let me know if i can link to web site and how much it would be to be on site, banner or text link.


    17. richpats
      Hey Ian, just wanted to wish you well on my way out. You've done a great job here on the boards, but unfortunately this isn't the place for me anymore. I think the moment another member called me out for being a Jets fan during a BASKETBALL game was the tipping point. Too many members here with an agenda to put others down, it's not worth the time and energy anymore.
    18. Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      Hey Ian, are you gonna do that casino and arcade stuff over here?
    19. Jimke
      I have a request from someone to became their friend.

      Exactly what does this mean?

    20. edzo44
      Hey Ian,
      Noticed recently that my number of posts against my name has dropped by something like 200 posts from the total a few months ago. What happened and am I the only one this happened to? Can the total go back to the correct number or do I have to bite the bullet and accept a computer glitch of some sort that victimized me?
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