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Oct 24, 2016 at 11:13 AM
    1. DefenseRules
      Ian what did you do to the chat room? I can't get in there.
    2. DefenseRules
      Ian, I keep getting a warning everytime I open the website. This is one of them:
      Event Type 2 -- Notify
      Timeout 0(s)
      Monitor Source 2003 -- On File Access
      Message ID {7B3D9122-31B6-4006-B4C4-5CD204A9CB5C}
      Monitor Type 2 -- File
      Recommend System Scan Yes
      AP SDK Version 6.2.5530.0
      Threat Definitions Version 25484
      Event Actor Enum 2 -- Object
      Event Date/Time 2014-01-17T10:00:47
      Remote Client Address

      You might want to check it out. Could be a virus. I won't be able to use this website for a while. Email me with suggestions if you have time.

      [email protected]

    3. Bravo777
      Hi Ian, a while ago there was a post on the website reddit about how reddit is losing money, and one of the ways to help out the site was to enable ads on there. I've been wondering, would it help PatsFans to generate some revenue by enabling ads on here? Because if it would, I can immediately enable ads on here.


    4. hodgey
      Ian I have been a member since 2005. I seldom post but read daily. For some reason my recent posts seem to only be visible to me? Was I put in the penalty box for something? Any help would be appreciated.
    5. BostonStrong
    6. PatsDog
      Hi Ian. Thanks for the report of the Negative MRI on Brady's knee. Great news. Hey, I still haven't been able to get that video link (VIDEO: Tom Brady Leg Injury :Ian's New England Patriots Blog)you posted to work; I'm sure it's getting hammered with viewing requests.

      I found a YouTube link that is pretty reliable if you want to post it for the others to see: Tom Brady's Knee Injury During Practice Drill Against Buccaneers - YouTube

      Thanks for keeping us up to speed. PatsDog.
    7. belichick010405
      Hi Ian - This is now the second time that I have had to report Off The Grid. He has not stopped his harassment toward me so I want him banned. BTW - you are about to get an influx of trolls from the Jets and elsewhere because of Tebow. Thought you would want to know because ESPN is closing their Patriots forums on the 17th. It started today.
    8. Brady2Moss
      I've tried PMing you a couple times, one of the moderators has essentially banned me without giving me a single reason as to why. My posts are only visible to myself due to this "pseudo-ban". I feel like I should at least be told what is going on for having donated to the site. Least that you could do. Thanks.
    9. Chopblock CB
      Chopblock CB
      Jeez I wish you guys would just eliminate that political thread and keep it all sports...ya know? There are so many other sites out there where politics could be talked..why drag it into a sports site...

      Regards CB
    10. BigBeano
      Do you pick and choose what pms you read? I have sent over 20 emails to the contact us and pmed you twwice. I was wrongfully banned by Schmessy never got a infraction ever and he banned my account for making welker jokes. Deus can call admin names and not even get removed from the thread. Belichicknumber1 was my name go back and read i broke no rules and schmessy the mod that everyone complains about reason of banning me was "gone" really?????????? cmon man
    11. old 55
      old 55
      Just got a Safenet survey request as a popup while using Firefox on my desktop.
      Old 55
    12. Claremonster
      What does this mean? Am I being blocked?
    13. Claremonster
      Bad Request

      Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
      Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.


    14. DefenseRules
      Ian was the website down yesterday? I coouldn't access the site at all.
    15. Jackson 2
      Jackson 2
      Hi Ian,
      Hoping you can help me. I keep getting messages saying my dues payment failed via Paypal. I had to get a new credit card because my prior account got hacked. But I paid with my new card last week. Can you help?
      Jackson 2
      Hey Ian

      Its Wayne,How are you doing?

      I wanted to ask you to let me know when the site donation for my account and at Paypal is going to go in,on or around what date?

    17. dalero
      Don't know why my Paypal payment wouldn't go through but it's fixed know. Hope all is well with you. Dale
    18. naF staP
      naF staP
      What's the problem closing threads? Isn't this a discussion board? Funny how you have to get your two cents in and then close a thread before anyone else can respond. I guess you have some power issues, my friend. Let people discuss what they have witnessed or do you really feel the need to have to protect the team if someone says something bad about them? Its funny how you tell about some bad experiences from fans well, I doubt a 12 year old kid was going to cause problems for the team. You must not have kids. We support a team by paying for their merchandise, going to watch them play yet we don't have a say in what they do? Give me a break. If not for fans the players wouldn't be playing. Pretty sad that you cant have a discussion on a discussion board.

      I provide plenty of positive posts to this forum, yet I have one complaint and you have to play power lord and close threads? What type of place do you run here if the only threads that can survive are one's you agree with?
    19. OhExaulted1
      Sorry Ian, I will refrain from STFU in the future. That was a poor choice of commentary. I understand you want to keep a respectable discourse.
      I assume responsibilty and accecpt my warning and am thankfull for not being sanctioned further. I need to show more restraint. I get a little to passionate.

      My apologies,
      Ian from Milton
    20. JoeyC
      Hi Ian, Sorry it took so long to join. You run an excellent forum. I'm in for 5 and will renew every 5 if the forum is still here. If you need my address its
      9 bayview Heights, Coldstream, BC, V1B2B9. Keep up the great work it is much appreciated.... Joe
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