Patriots Commentary Writer Bob George
      January 07, 2003      
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      Wild Card Weekend Quick Hits
    By: Kevin Rousseau/PatsFans.com

    In the never ending attempt to bring patsfans.com readers fresh material, I am offering some playoff “quick hits” for your consumption.

    My father’s old adage is true; “The only thing a prevent defense prevents is a win.” The Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants demonstrated this last weekend. If you keep giving up 8-15 yard passes, pretty soon the team is in the red zone and ready to score.

    Forget Sharpie. Terrell Owens should sign an endorsement deal with Teflon. What other player can get away from public scrutiny for two consecutive un-sportsmanlike conduct penalties in the last minute of a tense playoff game? If it weren’t for the Giants offsetting stupidity, he would have certainly cost the 49ers the game. Then at the end of the game, he gets away with grandstanding in front of the crowd by conducting a fake orchestra. This guy is Teflon, man. Teflon.

    During Sunday’s game, Giants players proceeded to: throw a cup of ice into the stands and hit a kid, kick a helmet on the sidelines that nearly took off the head of another player, incessantly taunt opposing players, and get flagged for two retaliatory un-sportsmanlike penalties. Doesn’t this behavior reflect on the coaching and team discipline? Say what you want about the 2002 Patriots but they never demonstrated this kind of tomfoolery and chicanery.

    Go ahead. Try and convince me that the 49ers’ Jeff Garcia is not in the category of Steve Young and Joe Montana. Quite simply, he’s the most underrated quarterback in the NFL.

    The finest example of the Cincinnati Bengals frugality has to be the fact that they employ only five full-time scouts. There might be some Texas high school football teams that have more than five scouts.

    Okay, I’m just going to say it. Up until a few years ago, listening to John Madden analyze a game was insightful and fun. I don’t know when it happened but this guy has clearly lost his fastball. While watching the Saturday night Packers-Falcons game, it seemed to this scribe that he was reaching for any type of fresh analysis. This was painfully evident once the game got out of hand.

    The rules for overtime have to change. My suggestion is that if the team who gets the first possession in overtime scores, the opposing team should receive a kickoff and one chance to drive down the field to tie or win the game. If the opposing team does indeed tie the score on this second drive, then they can revert back to sudden death for the rest of overtime.

    All of the special team screw-ups this postseason drive home the fact that we are lucky, very lucky in fact, to have Lonnie Paxton, Ken Walter, and Adam Vinatieri handling the Patriots’ field goals and extra points.

    Don’t you get the feeling that Peyton Manning’s constant calling of audibles at the line of scrimmage has a negligible effect on the Colts’ offensive performance?

    I’m always happy to hear from you at patsfansince72@yahoo.com. See you next week.


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