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      August 21, 2002      
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      Kicking off..........
    By: Kevin Rousseau/PatsFans.com

    My name is Kevin Rousseau, and for better or for worse, I've been a Pats fan since day one. I am told that my father went to the Pats-Buffalo game on the day I was born(after comforting and spending quality time with me and my mother, of course) and passed out cigars. According to my research, the Patriots proceeded to get killed that day. In a nutshell, that day would just about sum up what being a Patriots fan was all about. Of course, this all changed for the better on February 4, 2002. I don't think I'll ever forgot the look on my father's face as we sat in Section 639 of the Superdome as Ricky Proehl barrelled into the end zone and tied the game at 17. Never mind the other shoe, this was a steel-tipped Red Wing workboot dropping upon us. Well, we all know how the story turns out.

    No longer am I looking over my shoulder waiting for that shoe. The Patriots are off the schnide and our lives are forever changed. I would hope that if Tom Brady throws three interceptions in one half against Pittsburgh, Joe Andruzzi doesn't shake the West Nile Virus, or Terry Glenn lights up the Pats, I can keep this perspective and remember that probably half of the 32 teams in the NFL are not the owners of a single Vince Lombardi Trophy (Who has time to do research to get the exact number anyways?)

    I hope I can entertain you with this column over the season. I'm still working on the exact details but my thinking is that I'll try to do a quick take on the game and add some random thoughts that hopefully add to your enjoyment of watching the Pats. My goal will be to put out my column by Monday, at the latest, with an occasional extra column as news and events come up.

    Anyways, I'll start off with some random thoughts. I've always enjoyed when Globe and Herald columnists "empty the sports desk drawer of their mind." So without further ado.....

    -Admit it. You are just a tad bit resentful of all the people walking around with Patriots apparel now when you know full well they were standing by the water cooler ripping Belichick right on down to the water boy in Week 3.

    -What happened to Walt Williams? The early reports of training camp had him being the second coming of Gale Sayers?

    -If I ever have the good fortune to meet Gil and Gino, I hope to ask them what thoughts were going through their mind as the clock hit zero in New Orleans. Gino has been there since day one in 1960 and Gil since about the mid-1960s (again, its a research thing). I hope someday, somewhere, somebody writes down all of their terrific anecdotes and stories so we don't lose them when they determine its time to leave on their terms. Enjoy both of them now because they are as good as I've ever heard.

    -Is it me or does Ron Borges have a serious ax to grind? I certainly don't mind the questioning of Brady's long-term capabilities (he'll be just fine, thank you). But what I have a hard time getting over is the sometimes impartial analysis (pro-Raiders/Al Davis, 75-0 Rams victory prediction, etc.) that otherwise clouds the work one of the best football columnists in the land.

    -Will McDonough, another great columnist, was also guilty of this a few years ago in the post-Parcells aftermath.

    I hope you enjoy my column and I look forward to bringing it to you as best I can.


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