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Tom Brady Post Game Press Conference Transcript – Patriots at Chiefs

On how they recover from a game like this:

“We’ve got to learn from it. ¬†It was just a bad performance by everybody and we want to make sure we never have this feeling again. ¬†We’ve all got¬†to figure out what we have to do better. ¬†We just couldn’t get started, got behind, turned the ball over in the third quarter and then fought in the fourth quarter, which was good to see. ¬†But you’ve got to get ahead of these teams and play from ahead, and play our style. If you get behind to a team that’s a good team on the road, there was a lot of energy, we just couldn’t afford to do that.”

On how he handled the news of coming out of the game:

“They told me I was coming out, so…”

On how they can throw out a game like this as opposed to losing a close one in the final seconds:

“Well, quick, I mean, we have to. Ultimately it’s¬†all going to count the same in the end. ¬†It counts as a loss, so as quickly as we can, we’ve got to move on. ¬†We’re already on a short week. ¬†It’s probably good that it’s a short week. ¬†But you know, we just, like I said, we’re down 17-0 at half time and had to come out to get a spark there in the third quarter and didn’t do that. ¬†We’ve started too slow these halves, first quarter, third quarter, and it put us in a hole and we’re just not making enough plays. ¬†The guys who have opportunities to make plays, we’ve got to make them. ¬†That’s me, certainly,¬†and¬†skill players and we’ve got to do more on first down, we’ve got to gain more first downs,¬†we’ve got to convert on third down, but we don’t convert a¬†third down in the first half and we’re not going to score any points. ¬†If you’re not going to score any points….”

On the fact they struggled converting third downs and if they need more plays like the ones Brandon LaFell made:

“Some great catch and runs by him and I think he’s always done a good job with that. ¬†Those are the things we’re still learning. ¬†But he did a great job tonight, it was great to see, great to be in the huddle with him. ¬†It’s not easy for any of us when we’re down like that and you face some adversity and you want to look across at the other guys and you want to know that you’re fighting with guys that are going to fight until the end. ¬†He certainly did that.”

On the fact there’s not really much they can point to that they’re doing well right now:

“That’s a good point. ¬†I mean I think there’s not much that we’re doing well enough on a consistent basis to score points. ¬†Run game, pass game, consistently when we have to throw it, when we have to run it, convert on third down, red area, it’s all a problem. ¬†Like I said, I wish there was an easy answer. ¬†I don’t think there’s an easy answer. ¬†I think we’ve got to fight our way through it and see what kind of team we have. ¬†But I don’t think there’s going to be any easy games for us, not that we’d ever expect that in the NFL, but we’ve got our work cut out for us. ¬†We’ve got a great football team coming in this week that’s undefeated and we’ve got to play, certainly, our best game to beat them.”

On what went through his mind when he was on the bench by himself when he knew Jinmy Garoppolo was going in the game:

“Well, it’s just a disappointing night. ¬†You never expect these things, we’ve been on the other end of this quite a few times, but we’ve lost some tough road games before and I know we’re not going to quit, there’s one thing I can assure you of that. ¬†There’s not a guy in that locker room that’s going to quit. ¬†We stick together, we work on the things that we need to work on. ¬†We all feel we’ve got a good football team, we just didn’t play like a good football team tonight. ¬†But we’ll see what we’re made of this week.”

On if all the personnel changes up front made it had for him to get comfortable in the pocket:

“You know, I think we’re all trying to do a better job. ¬†I think it’s not necessarily one position, it’s all positions. ¬†A lot of guys have been rotating trying to find combinations that work at every position. ¬†But ultimately the guys who make the most plays and are the most consistent are going to be out there. ¬†It’s a tough night.”

On their difficulty running and stopping the run and the physical toughness of the team:

“That’s part of it. ¬†I mean, I think certainly running the ball and stopping the run¬†is important to the physical toughness of the team. ¬†You just lose control of the game and it becomes one-dimensional like it did there in the third quarter and we stopped running it. ¬†We didn’t do much offensively so, I wouldn’t say we’ve had very productive four games to start but hopefully we can learn from it and understand the things that we’re doing wrong and make the improvements. ¬†But there’s nobody that’s going to dig us out of the hole, we’ve kind of created it for ourselves. ¬†We’re going to have to look each other in the eye, see what kind of commitment we’re willing to make for each other and try to do a lot better.”

On if he feels like they need help on the offensive line from an outside player:

“I think those guys are playing really hard. ¬†I mean, they’re working hard every day in practice. ¬†Those decisions are certainly not in my control, I have a lot of confidence in all the guys that are in there. ¬†But like I said,¬†it’s all of us.¬† It’s not one posititon on offense, it’s everybody and certainly the play-makers that we have and the skill¬†guys, we’ve all got to make plays. ¬†That’s what’s going to help our team more than anything.”

On if their struggles come as a big surprise:

“I think we can’t afford to just not be productive, not convert third downs, not score points, then you’re behind against a team on the road with good pass rushers and they just start teeing off, and that’s what they’re good at. ¬†They did the same thing against Miami last week, Miami did the same thing against us in week one when they got ahead of us, so we’ve got to do a better job playing from ahead, we’ve got to have mental toughness when we’re playing from behind, make some plays to get us back in a position to compete with a competitive score. But there’s probably a lot of things to learn tonight that we’ll review, but we’ve got to move on. ¬†We’ve got to do a lot better than what we’re doing right now.”

On how they keep from getting their confidence shaken:

“Well, if you play poorly, you’re not going to win many games, especially on the road against¬†good football teams. ¬†So¬†I think it’s just…we’ve got to find a way to play better and I think that’s what the lesson that we¬†learn from it. ¬†You know, confidence…I’m not worried about whether it goes up or down. ¬†There’s going to be a lot of negativity, everyone’s going to tell us how terrible we are. ¬†It’s¬†just the way it goes in the NFL. ¬†But we’ve got a lot of character in our locker room, we’ve got a lot of guys that are going to play for each other, and we’re going to¬†try and see where we can¬†certainly individually make the improvements that will help us as a team.”

On after a loss like this how excited he is as a player to get back out there and try and erase this loss:

“We’ve got no choice, that’s what we’re faced with and we’d like to go out and do a lot better job than we did tonight. ¬†We’re going to need to do a lot better job. ¬†It’s a good team that we’re playing and hopefully we can learn from this and find some type of silver lining and we certainly never want this feeling again.”

On if he gets any input on the personnel he’d like to see and if not, if he’d like to have some:

“You know, I think those coaches do a great job with coaching and it’s not…I mean, I always have conversations with everybody. ¬†The players, coaches, I mean¬†I’ve been around for a while. ¬†Like I said, we’re all trying to find something that works for all of us and not just at that position, at every position. ¬†Since the beginning of training camp guys have been fighting hard for spots. ¬†Ultimately it comes down to ¬†dependability,¬†consistency and¬†those are things that I’ve got to think about for me in order to help this team win. ¬†That’s what I have to be, consistent and dependable.

On what happened on the interception he threw:

“Which one?”

The one to the safety:

“Yeah, I was just forcing it. Throwing it where I shouldn’t throw it.”

On the fact that since he doesn’t have consistent players, how can he be consistent?

“Yeah…that’s a good question. ¬†Those are the things¬†we’re working to try to¬†figure out what we’re good at so that we can do them¬†consistently so that we can all¬†depend on each other to do it¬†consistently. ¬†But the guys who are out there are fighting hard, I know that. ¬†The backs, the receivers fought hard to the end, tight ends are, offensive line certainly is. ¬†When you lose the way we lost, there’s not a lot to be gained other than the feeling that we have now and understand that we don’t want this¬†feeling again. ¬†We’ve had it before and it’s motivated us and we’ve had some pretty bad losses on the road where we’re not really ever in the game, but this is a tough one.”

On if he ever remembers having to face this much adversity before:

“That’s football. ¬†I mean I think this is…you know, it’s not easy. ¬†Certainly this sport challenges you physically and mentally every day. ¬†It’s certainly not easy for any team to show up and win games. ¬†We’re fighting like every other team in the league. ¬†Our division, we’re there with some other teams that probably aren’t happy about where they’re at, but that’s the reality. ¬†So we’re going to see what we’re made of. ¬†We’ll see what kind of mental toughness we have, see if we can go out there and do something about it because we’re really the only people that can do something about it. ¬†There’s people that¬†are on the field with the opportunity to make the plays to help us win.”


“All right, well, obviously we just didn’t have a very good night tonight. It was disappointing. Chiefs played well, we just didn’t really play well enough at all. We gave up some third down conversions in the first half, long drive, field goal at the end of the half, couldn’t really move the ball consistently on offense and then turned it over in the second half and gave up another long drive. We just didn’t play very well, Kansas City played well, so that’s a bad combination for us. ¬†We all have to do a better job.”

On whether or not inserting Jimmy Garoppolo was performance related of Tom Brady or skill related:

“We played everybody tonight.”

On the mixing and matching of personnel on the offensive line:

“Trying to do what we think’s best.”

On if he can pinpoint what problems there are out there in terms of what they’re not doing:

“Well, we need to do everything better offensively. ¬†We had like five first downs in the first half or something like that. ¬†We did a lot of things wrong and we turned the ball over in the second half. ¬†So pretty much, we need to do everything better.”

On whether or not he takes much stock in the fact Garoppolo was able to score a touchdown when he came in:

“I think our team competed. ¬†I mean, I¬†thought we competed there at the end and that’s what they should do.”

On whether or not he believes the quarterback position should be evaluated:

No answer given – laughter from other media members

On how they recover coming off of a game like this:

“Well, we’ve got to have mental toughness. ¬†We’re going to have to have a good week in the short amount of time and Cincinnati had a week off so I’m sure they’ll be ready to go and we’re going to have to really work hard and try to make up for that ground. ¬†There’s nothing we can do about this game, we’ve just got to move¬†ahead.”

On the thinking of using the rookies on the offensive line:

“Trying to win.”

Continues asking a similar question…

“Trying to win.”

On the fact they’ve had a lot of different starters over the first four weeks:

“You asked the question, I answered it.”

On whether or not the problem starts with the quarterback or elsewhere:

“When you get beat like we did, it’s the whole team. ¬†We’ve got to all do a better job. ¬†We’ve got to coach better, we’ve got to play better, everything’s got to be better.”

On if he overestimated how well some of these younger players could play:

“I don’t know. ¬†I’ve said many times, every year we’ve got to go out and prove ourselves every year, all of us. ¬†So we all have to do that.”

On if he thinks he would have been doing this much shuffling up front had they kept Logan Mankins:

“I mean, we can sit here and have a lot of hypothetical questions. ¬†We are where we are and we’re going to do better.”

On how disconcerting the performance of the defense:

“We need to perform better. ¬†It wasn’t good enough.”

On the fact they didn’t run the ball very much in the first half and whether or not they had to get away from the original game plan because they got down early, or if that was¬†the game plan, to spread them out, etc.:

“It was a combination of both. ¬†We didn’t really have a lot of success doing anything. ¬†So I think if we had gained more with the running game we probably would have run it more. ¬†I don’t know.”

On¬†the fact that he probably never would have guessed they would be struggling this much and why he thinks they’re struggling now:

“I never make predictions going into the season. ¬†Never have, never will.”

On the fact it’s very unusual for them to be struggling this much and why he feels that is:

“Because we need to do better. ¬†We need to perform better.”

On the fact that’s fairly obvious:

“We’re going to work at it.”

On the fact both Dobson and Thompkins were out and what went into the decision, obviously knowing he does what’s best for the team…


On why that was in the best interest of the team:

“It’s because we had other players that we thought would contribute, and they did. ¬†Can’t have everybody.”

On whether or not he’ll review Danny Amendola’s position because they don’t appear to be getting much from him:

“I think we’ll try to do the best that we can every week with our entire team. ¬†I don’t think it’s any different than it’s ever been.”

On if this offensive line is fixable, or if he feels they’ll have to go outside and bring somebody else in:

“I mean, I think our team’s going to play better than we played tonight. ¬†So we’ve got to go to work and we’ve got to do that.”

On the fact that they have a short week against a good team and the challenge that presents:

“Every week’s a challenge in the NFL.”

On if he thinks it’s a quick fix:

“I think we’ll work as hard as we can to¬†be ready like we do every week. ¬†I don’t think it’s any different than any other week.”

On if after a game like this with a short week if they just throw it out and move on, or if they spend more time going over everything:

“I think we’ll take the time that we have and try to¬†use it in the most productive fashion that we can. ¬†I’m sure it will be some combination of both of those, how the percentages fall and all…I don’t know. ¬†We’ll take a look at the film and decide what we feel like’s best.”

On if the interceptions in the second half were just Brady cutting it loose because they were down by so much:

“I don’t know. ¬†I mean…a couple good plays there. ¬†We’ve got to do a better job.”

On if when they’re struggling offensively if they need to make things simpler:

“I think you’ve got to do what you think is best.”

On what he thinks that is:

“I think when we take a look at Cincinnati and go through the game plan on that then we’ll¬†make those decisions.”

On what he said to the team in the locker room right after the game:

“I think any conversations I have with the team are between me and the team, or me and an individual player.”

On what they did in the run game that made them so difficult to defend:

“It was¬†a combination of things. ¬†I don’t think was any one thing or any one play, it was a number of things. ¬†In the end we’ve just got to coach better, we’ve got to play better, we’ve got to tackle better.”

On if they showed any wrinkles in the running game that they weren’t expecting:

“They do a good job of mixing it up. ¬†Andy [Reid] always¬†uses different personnel groups. ¬†They have a good complimentary group of schemes, so they did a good job, obviously. ¬†Give them credit.”

On where some of the problems were, if it was a sub defense, etc.:

“A couple of problems we had were weak-side runs. ¬†I wouldn’t say it was all…I mean I don’t think all the problems were in any one defense, put it that way.”

On coming off of a loss like this:

“They all count the same in the standings. ¬†No way you feel good after¬†a game like that, whenever it is.”

On if he’s worried about Tom Brady’s performance after four games:

“I think we all need to perform better as a team.”


Inside The Numbers: Edelman Has Been Flawless in the Red Zone, Solid on Third Down

Julian Edelman has once again been a big key in New England’s offense during the early part of the 2014 regular season. (USA TODAY Images)

Tom Brady talked on Monday about the performance of one receiver after the slow start the Patriots’ offense has gotten off to and looking closer, Julian Edelman has been a¬†key component in some big situations so far through three games.

The veteran receiver is once again off to a fast start, having already accumulated 22 receptions for 260-yards along with a touchdown. ¬†Through three games last season Edelman had 27 receptions for 201 yards and two touchdowns, so while he’s slightly behind last year’s pace, he’s still well ahead of the next closest receiver, tight end Rob Gronkowski, who has 11 receptions for 116 yards and two touchdowns.

Brady talked about Edelman during his weekly appearance on WEEI, saying that so far the receiver is one of the few who has been productive to this point.

‚ÄúYeah, he‚Äôs done a good job, so that‚Äôs one,‚ÄĚ Brady said via ‚ÄúWe‚Äôve got a lot of other guys on offense. There‚Äôs 22 other guys on offense, so I‚Äôm not going to sit here and say every single guy is clicking. We‚Äôve had one individual player that‚Äôs caught some passes. Great. Does that make a good offense? I don‚Äôt think so.”

Edelman¬†has¬†been flawless in the red zone when Brady’s looked his way, having caught 6-of-6 along with converting three first downs and his touchdown grab. ¬†He was just as solid at this point last year, having hauled in 4-of-5 with two touchdowns.

He’s also been a big key on third down, having caught seven passes on 10 targets, five of which have moved the chains. ¬†He had similar success over the same span last season, having caught 8-of-8 with five first downs and two touchdowns.

Needless to say, Edelman has been doing his part in an offense that is still trying to work out their issues. ¬†Brady admitted that if everyone was playing the way Edelman is, things would certainly be different and that’s something they’ll need to figure out moving forward.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôve all got to figure out how to do a better job of that. It‚Äôs not one person. It‚Äôs not not singling any person out to say, ‚ÄėWow, if this person were out, or if this person were in.‚Äô I mean, if we had 11 people on the field that were producing like Julian Edelman, we‚Äôd have a pretty good offense. We‚Äôve got one guy.”

Thursday’s New England Patriots Links 9/18

Jerod Mayo sat out Wednesday’s session, but according to reports his absence isn’t injury-related. (USA TODAY Images)


Patriots Notebook: Testing passes grade – Jeff Howe: Howe files his notebook this morning, which leads off with the fact that Matthew Slater is among players who are okay with the upcoming drug policy changes in the NFL.

Jimmy Garoppolo looks like QB to watch – Jeff Howe: Howe has an article on Garoppolo, who he writes is in the best position among his class of rookie quarterbacks.

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Stevan Ridley must keep it up РKaren Guregian: Guregian has an article on Ridley, who likely saw his confidence get a boost following his performance last Sunday.


Ridley looking forward to Patriots’ home opener – Shalise Manza Young: Manza Young has an article on Ridley, who is looking forward to playing the team he followed as a child.


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Raiders vs Patriots Through the Decades – The opposing team’s site goes back through the previous decades and shows how the two teams have fared against each other.


Belichick sees Al Davis in current Raiders roster – Jason Leskiw: Leskiw has an article on the fact that Belichick feels this current group is an Al Davis style of team and that it’s strange not having him in the league.

Patriots Ridley Hoping For a Repeat Performance

Stevan Ridley has family coming to town this weekend, giving him plenty of reasons to want to go out and have a big performance. (USA TODAY Images)

Last week’s performance was a solid one for Stevan Ridley, who carried the football 25 times for 101 yards along with a touchdown during New England’s win over the Vikings. ¬†Now he’s hoping he can go out and do the same thing when the Oakland Raiders come to town on Sunday.

The veteran running back, who grew up as a fan of the Silver and Black as a child, has a family who apparently are also fans of the opposing team this weekend. ¬†Of course, that’s all on hold for now as they’ll get to see their son play against them when the two teams meet on Sunday.

According to the Boston Globe, Ridley’s family will be in town to watch him hit the field against Oakland, adding some additional incentive for him to play well.

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs going to be awesome, man,‚ÄĚ Ridley told the newspaper Wednesday.¬†‚ÄúPersonally, my dad‚Äôs old favorite team was the Raiders, until of course I became a Patriot, so we‚Äôve got about 14 people coming up this weekend. My mom‚Äôs very excited about it and family‚Äôs going to be here, and it‚Äôs going to be an exciting atmosphere to come back to Foxborough and get in the home stadium. We‚Äôre looking forward to it and the team‚Äôs excited about not being on the road and just coming back to New England and playing some Patriot football.‚ÄĚ

Coming off of a season where he faced criticism with holding onto the football, the focus has been better ball security this year and for the most part he’s off to a good start. ¬†The Vikings last weekend and also the Dolphins the week before were all over him on each hit, trying to rip the ball out and being physical with him each time they made contact.

That’s likely something he can expect to deal with all season. ¬†However, so far he’s done his job and the team even went to him in the fourth quarter when it came time to run out the clock. Ridley delivered, carrying 8¬†times for 47-yards (5.9 avg) down the stretch to help New England close out their first win of the season.

‚ÄúIt was good that they stuck with me late in the game, but really that‚Äôs the coaches‚Äô call,” Ridley told the newspaper. ¬†“However I get them, I just go out there and run hard, so over the course of the game, maybe get them to wear down, and that defense was tired.¬†¬†The offensive line was working on them, and that‚Äôs why we have all the big boys up front that we have, is to see if they can sustain our offensive line over four quarters. We felt good about how we were attacking them toward the end, and that‚Äôs how we kept moving the ball.”

Now he’ll try and do the same thing this weekend against a team that has already allowed 400 rushing yards through the first two games. ¬†With his family in town, he certainly has plenty of motivation¬†to go out and have a good performance.¬†

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs going to be awesome,‚ÄĚ Ridley said via ESPN Boston. ‚ÄúPersonally, my dad‚Äôs old favorite team was the Raiders, but I of course became a Patriot. … Family is going to be here. It‚Äôs going to be an exciting atmosphere to come back to Foxborough and get in the home stadium.‚ÄĚ

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Tom Brady so far this season has relied heavily on Julian Edelman. (USA TODAY Images)


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Patriots piling up penalties at alarming rate – Michael Whitmer: Whitmer looks at the number of penalties the Patriots have had over the first two games, which is an unusual staff for the normally disciplined group.


Patriots offense has work to do – Karen Guregian: Guregian has an article on the offense, which so far has been miserable on third down.

Patriots Notebook: Not too bad for rookie – Karen Guregian: Guregian files her notebook this morning, which¬†leads off with Matt Patricia’s impressions of rookie quarterback Derek Carr.


Patriots Take 2: Improved Trench Play Lifts New England To Victory Over Vikings – Erik Frenz: Frenz has a terrific look back at the game in his film review piece, including some breakdowns of some key situations in the game.


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Following up on Patriots’ offensive line – Mike Reiss: Reiss goes down the list of offensive linemen and also breaks down the number of snaps they’ve played.

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Patriots add three to practice squad – Lee Schechter: Schechter has a note on the fact New England added some new additions to their practice squad, including bringing back Darius Fleming.

Leftovers from the Gillette – Lee Schechter: Schechter has some quotes on a variety of topics, including Bill Belichick’s praise for Nate Ebner, who has seen the former Ohio State’s confidence grow over the past couple of seasons.

Patriots’ coaches want balance on offense – Lee Schechter: Schechter has an article on the fact the Josh McDaniles and Bill Belichick want to continue making sure the team has more balance offensively.

Belichick: No idea how policy impacts bans – Lee Schechter: Schechter has an article with comments from Belichick on the league’s impending new drug policy, eith Belichick telling the media he doesn’t have ‘any idea’ of how it will affect current suspended players Brandon Browner of Brian Tyms.

Weekly Mail is Delivered – Mike Reiss: Reiss answers questions in his weekly mailbag, including addressing concerns over Tom Brady’s reliance on Julian Edelman.


Why Bill Belichick is not taking 0-2 Raiders lightly – Mike Petraglia: Petraglia looks at the Raiders, who have a fair amount of talent on the defensive side of the football.


Jerod Mayo, Sealver Siliga Stand Out In Patriots-Vikings Flim Review – Doug Kyed: Kyed does his weekly film review, and he goes down the list of positions with his comments.


Amendola experiment a big failure - Barry Scanlon: Scanlon has an article condemning Amendola, who he feels has played the part of “the invisible man” so far this season.


Brady plays favorites with receivers – Rich Garven: Garven has an article on the fact the receiving numbers are skewed and looks at the numbers favoring Julian Edelman.

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Tom Brady and the offense still have work to do. (USA TODAY Images)


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Patriots Notebook: Reputation takes a hit – Jeff Howe: Howe has an article on the fact that Brady held onto the ball just long enough to make a few key plays Sunday, that lead to a few tough hits that he absorbed.

Patriots-Vikings: 5 takeaways from the game – Jeff Howe: Howe gives his five thoughts from Sunday, which also saw Brady be “oddly disconnected” after the contest.


Expect slow progress from Patriots offense – Christopher Gasper: Gasper has an article on the offense, which he writes still has problems to fix.

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Monday’s New England Patriots Links 9/15

Brady and the offense bounced back during Sunday’s win in Minnesota. (USA TODAY Images)


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Patriots WR Amendola a Non-Factor Through Two Games

Amendola is off to a slow start in 2014. (USA TODAY Images)

During week one of the regular season in 2013, Patriots fans were thought to have gotten a glimpse of what the future might hold for newcomer Danny Amendola after a huge performance to open the regular season.

In that game Amendola, who at the time was coming off of a groin injury during the preseason, finished with a¬†10 catch, 104 yard performance that helped the Patriots beat the Bills 23-21 to start the season. ¬†It was a gutsy performance for Amendola, who re-aggravated the injury during the game and it seemed to plague him for the remainder of the campaign. However, there seemed to be enough of a reason to believe that when he eventually got healthy he could be a valuable weapon in New England’s offense.

Danny Amendola hasn’t been productive so far in 2014.
(USA TODAY Images)

Fastforward to 2014, where the veteran made it through training camp and took part in 71% of the snaps last week in Miami. ¬†However, so far he’s been a non-factor in New England’s offense, which has struggled through two contests and his ineffectiveness has certainly contributed. ¬†He finished with just 3 catches for 16 yards in week one and on Sunday in Minnesota finished without a reception on one target.

As the team continues trying to find an identity on the offensive side of the football, it will likely need to include a way to make Amendola more of a factor than he has been.  He was brought in here to be a bigger part of the offense following the departure of Wes Welker, and his athleticism and quickness appeared to be two terrific attributes that could help this offense become more dangerous.

He’s currently in the second season of a five-year deal that could be worth up to $31 million, including incentives. Most fans heard about his past injury problems but knew how explosive of a player he was when he was healthy.

Heading into this season it seemed that things were lining up for him to shake off what happened last year. Just last month he talked about the fact that with a full year under his belt, he was more comfortable in the offense.

‚ÄúI feel comfortable,‚ÄĚ Amendola told the Boston Globe. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs different. A year under your belt in a new system, in a new place, in a new organization, it‚Äôs kind of like when a rookie comes in for the first time and tries to learn the offense. It might be difficult at times, but that second year that learning curve is much less. I feel very comfortable right now. I‚Äôm just trying to come out here and work.‚ÄĚ

So far, that comfort level hasn’t translated production-wise onto the field. ¬†Now that he’s healthy, the Patriots will certainly need more than Amendola’s been able to give them through the opening two games of 2014. ¬†Tom Brady finished with just 149 yards passing with Julian Edelman (6 receptions, 81-yards) and Rob Gronknowski (4 receptions, 32 yards) as the team’s leading receivers.

On Sunday against the Vikings, Amendola had one reception that was good for 26-yards, but it was called back on an offensive pass interference penalty on Aaron Dobson after he ran into his man and was called for running a pick play on his defender.  The play happened back with 12:04 left in the second quarter.  Amendola never touched the ball again.

Despite the victory, a visibly solemn Tom Brady took to the podium after the game, looking fairly upset as he spoke to reporters.

‚ÄúI‚Äôm happy we won. I just wish we‚Äôd go out there and play like we‚Äôre capable of,” said Brady. ¬†“It‚Äôs just the way it is. ¬†Just glad we won, it‚Äôs a great team win, a lot of guys contributed, a lot of great plays were made, hopefully offensively we can do a better job next week.‚ÄĚ

He knows they’re better than this offensively, and Amendola has to quietly be thinking he’s also better than he’s played thus far. Whether that translates onto the field next Sunday against the Raiders, and in the weeks to come, will certainly be something to keep an eye on.

Tom Brady’s Post Game Press Conference Transcript 9/14

“It’s good to win.” – Tom Brady after Sunday’s win over Minnesota. (USA TODAY Images)

On if it’s exactly where he wants it yet offensively:

“I think we all have a lot of work to do. ¬†So, it’s good to win. ¬†We’ll get back to work tomorrow.”

On if it’s nice to not get hit like he did last week:

“Yeah. ¬†I think we had pretty good control out there, thought we did a good job in the run game. ¬†Took advantage of some opportunities, but hopefully we can do a lot better.”

On the performance of the defense and special teams:

“Yeah, they made a lot of great plays… a lot of great plays, big time plays, that was what we needed and hopefully they keep doing it. ¬†So we’ve got to start producing when we get it and take advantage of some of the things that…you know, getting the ball in¬†short field and¬†stuff, get in the end zone.”

On the play of Julian Edelman:

“Yeah, you know, he’s doing a great job for us. ¬†So he’s a great player, made some great punt returns. ¬†He’s a great player for our team. ¬†So hopefully we can keep making improvements and he’s a big part of that and hopefully we kind of look¬†better.”

On the fact he seems very down and if there’s one thing he can say they need to do better:

“I’m happy we won. ¬†I just wish we’d go out there and play like we’re capable of. It’s just the way it is. ¬†Just glad we won, it’s a great team win, a lot of guys contributed, a lot of great plays were made, hopefully offensively we can do a better job next week.”

On if he thinks a lot needs fixing:

“I think we’re going to try to make improvements. ¬†We’ll get back to work and see what we can do better. ¬†Certainly, same way after last week, try to make some improvements and hopefully we can go out there and do a better job.”

On his thoughts on Stevan Ridley:

“Yeah, some great running, great blocking up front. ¬†He always runs really hard. ¬†We were really close on some runs to breaking him¬†some longer ones, but that was really important for us to be able to run the ball like that. ¬†We’re going to need that all season.”

On the fact he has 149 wins, number two all time and how it feels for him:

“Um…I’m glad we won. ¬†You know what…I don’t think about those things too much. ¬†But I’m glad we won and hopefully we can do better next week.”

“Thanks guys.”