Patriots' Thompkins Having a Good Camp So Far In His Second Season

Ian Logue
July 26, 2014 at 11:25am ET

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Kenbrell Thompkins is off to a good start so far this preseason. (USA TODAY Images)

After having a full season under his belt, Patriots receiver Kenbrell Thompkins appears more comfortable with things as he begins his second training camp here in New England.

So far, while it’s only been two days, Thompkins has continued to impress through the early part of camp, including laying out for a reception against Darrelle Revis for a touchdown on Friday. The catch drew plenty of cheers from the crowd who were on hand to watch the team in their second practice and considering who it was against, it's certainly something that fans likely hope they'll see more of should he earn a spot on the roster by the time the final cut downs come.

He received a lot of criticism over the latter of half of last season when his production plummeted, but that doesn't appear to have sidetracked him. Instead it's only made him work harder and Belichick had some praise for him on Friday.

"Hard working kid; one of our hardest workers," said Belichick. "He really tries hard to do everything right. Very attentive, very coachable and he’s very hard working."

Hard work and desire is something that can't be coached and is always appreciated by Belichick. Plenty of players have had talent yet have come and gone, largely in part because they didn't want to put in the necessary effort to make themselves better. Guys who work hard tend to do well here and it appears Thompkins has committed himself to trying to take the next step with this offense.

While the team is only two days in, there's still a long way to go and Thompkins is just trying to take everything in stride. When asked about his expectations for the upcoming season, Thompkins said for now he’s just focused on trying to keep working.

“I haven’t even got that far yet,” he said via the Boston Globe. “I’m just trying to make sure that I’m preparing for camp and looking forward to tomorrow.”