Patriots Release LS Hughlett, TE Beck

Ian Logue
May 16, 2014 at 09:31am ET

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The NFL tends to be a revolving door of players who don't quite fit the puzzle that coaches are trying to piece together.

Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't take them long to figure out which guys don't quite fit.

After joining the team following last weekend's draft, the Patriots released undrafted free agent tight end Tyler Beck, who apparently didn't make enough of an impression during his short stay to warrant being part of the team's competition at tight end heading into training camp.

Beck was only one of three tight ends brought in after the team came up empty at that position in the draft, and also received the lowest amount of guaranteed money of all the rookie free agents,  receiving just a $1500 signing bonus.

Meanwhile,  long snapper Charley Hughlett was also released on Thursday.  Hughlett had been expected to compete with Danny Aiken and was signed back in March as a free agent.  However, it seems the Patriots may instead be feeling more confident in Harvard's Tyler Ott, who according to ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss is reportedly expected to join the team after he finishes his final exams this week.