Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Lays Claim to QB Test in New 'Draft Day' Movie

Ian Logue
April 07, 2014 at 10:00am ET

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File this under yet another reason to appreciate Bill Belichick as a head coach.

Belichick is known for a lot of his interesting ways to motivate players, but in the new "Draft Day" movie there's one method that he apparently used as a test to find out whether or not prospective quarterbacks actually read the entire playbook provided to them during their evaluation.

In Ben Volin's Sunday NFL Notes yesterday, Volin included a bit from the movie of one of the methods the Browns used to judge whether or not a quarterback read the whole playbook.

They apparently gave them the playbook with a $100 bill taped to the last page. If the prospect returned the playbook and the $100 bill was still there, the team knew the prospect didn't read the entire playbook or had lied about doing so.

It seems this was a method actually invented by Belichick, and Ivan Reitman, the movie’s director, appeared on comedian Dennis Miller’s syndicated radio show last week and spoke about how that detail was added to the flick.

“Denis [Leary] actually went to Bill Belichick for help,” Reitman said of the movie’s other star, who plays the Browns’ coach. “He told him we had the story — you’ll know it when you see it — of the $100 bill. Belichick said, ‘How’d you know about that?’

“And Belichick said, ‘Look, I invented that.’ I think a coach who worked under Belichick told our writers that story, and we put it in there, and it’s very effective where it’s placed.”

Just another reason to appreciate what a clever guy Belichick really is.