Wednesday's New England Patriots Links 3/26/14 - Belichick is a hilarious hit at NFL meeting

Ian Logue
March 26, 2014 at 08:33am ET

NFL notes: Don't be surprised if Wise, Rivers rise up for Patriots
New Patriots DL Danny Shelton preps to hit the hill
Patriots center David Andrews excited with his new Georgia Bulldog teammates
Patriots notebook: Patriots hold bonding time at Children’s Hospital
Guregian: Patriots Hall of Famer Matt Light says there’s more to being a successful offensive lineman than the measurables

Here are this morning's top stories:


Wednesday's New England Patriots Links 3/26/14 - Ryan May Get Look at Safety - Karen Guregian - Guregian writes that with the addition of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, Logan Ryan may see time at free safety this season.

Borges: Bill O'Brien's standard off chart - Ron Borges - Borges has a decent read on O'Brien, with some good  insight on the former Patriots' coordinator.

Patriots Notebook: Bill Belichick says go ask Vince Wilfork - Karen Guregian - Guregian files her notebook this morning, which features comments from Belichick saying that anyone wondering about Vince Wilfork to go "talk to him about any of those statements."


Signs of optimism for Patriots, Vince Wilfork? - Ben Volin - Volin files his notebook this morning, and highlights a report that Robert Kraft began "re-recruiting" Wilfork to get him back in the team's good graces.

Bill Belichick using his clout at NFL meetings - Ben Volin - Volin files his "On Football" column this morning, which focuses on Belichick's proposals to try and make some changes to the NFL rule book and his influence overall on the league.


Bill Belichick behind the scenes - Mike Reiss - Reiss highlights a video on featuring Belichick and his meeting with the media yesterday.

Timing key with Wilfork, Patriots - Mike Reiss - Reiss gives his thoughts on the Wilfork situation and feels a lot can change in the span of two weeks, which could allow the two sides to work things out.

Engineering the focus with goalposts - Mike Reiss - Reiss writes the chances of the goalpost change proposed is likely to pass, provided the league can work out the engineering aspects to keep fans safe.


New England Patriots 2014 NFL Draft Prospects: Auburn DE Dee Ford is a 6-foot-2, 252-pound ballistic missile coming off the edge - Nick O'Malley - O'Malley spotlights Ford, and how he might fit in with the Patriots.

New England Patriots 2014 NFL Draft Prospects: Notre Dame tight end Troy Niklas has the tools to be great - he just needs the time - Christopher Jones - Jones looks at a potential tight end for New England in this draft profile.


Agent: Peyton Manning Didn't Want To Make More Money Than Tom Brady - Doug Kyed - Kyed writes that Manning's agent reportedly told Manning how much money Tom Brady made and the quarterback said he didn't want to "make a penny more than that."


Gasper: There's been a 'softening' with Wilfork - CNNSE - The Boston Globe's Chris Gasper talked about the Wilfork situation and believes Wilfork doesn't have the "stomach to take down the Patriots".

Florio: Part of Belichick's pay is to participate - In this video's Mike Florio talks about Bill Belichick's demeanor during his breakfast with the media, but that it's part of the job description for the Patriots' coach.

Belichick notes downside of roster expansion - Tom Curran - Curran has comments from Belichick regarding increasing the number of active players on the game day roster and had some interesting insight on both sides of the argument.


Checking in with rest of AFC East at league meetings - Christopher Price - Price spotlights some of the goings on with other AFC East teams at the league meetings.

Belichick: 'I don't agree' with assessment Patriots falsify injury reports - Christopher Price - Price has comments from Belichick regarding the claims the team isn't truthful with their injury reporting.

NFL Draft's Potential Patriots: Arizona State DT Will Sutton - Arjuna Ramgopal - Ramgopal spotlights another potential defensive tackle the Patriots could target in the draft.


FARINELLA: Kraft should clam up concerning contracts - Mark Farinella - Farinella has a host of "ponderous thoughts" this morning and one of them involves his feeling owner Robert Kraft shouldn't talk about players' contract situations.


Every 'Missed' Extra Point From the 2013 Season [GIFs] - Hayden Bird - Bird has GIF's of every extra point that wasn't made from last season in this entry.


Sandal-clad Belichick claims he's not focused on Broncos - Glen Farley - Farley has comments from Belichick yesterday, where the head coach said he's not worried about what the other teams are doing when asked about the Broncos and their free agent acquisitions.


Bill Belichick is a hilarious hit at NFL meeting - Cindy Boren - Boren has some of the funnier moments from Belichick's meeting with the media on Tuesday.