Patriots Logan Mankins Would Like to See Brady vs Manning - For Real

Ian Logue
January 17, 2014 at 08:36am ET

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There's always talk heading into any big game that includes two marquee quarterbacks of it being a battle between those two players even though they play on opposite sides of the field.

Logan Mankins is looking to win an AFC Championship and hopefully have a chance to win his first Super Bowl.
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They don't necessarily square off against each other, but instead face the defense of their opponent which ultimately ends up being the difference in the game in terms of who can have the most success and put up the most points.

Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins believes it would be cool if that would change.

With all the talk this weekend of "Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning", Mankins told Ron Borges of the Boston Herald that while he knows that the majority of the world will forget about the 21 other guys who play this weekend, he thinks it would be cool if the two could just take the field and battle it out one-on-one.

“This league is about the quarterback,” said Mankins. “That’s how they’re judged (by championships won and lost). It’s not how guards are judged. Is that fair? Well, they do get tons of credit when we win. When we win, everybody forgets the other 21 guys — so I think it would be cool if they drew a circle on the field and let the two of them go at it.”

Mankins was obviously joking, and instead he'll need Brady to be on his game Sunday against Denver's defense to hopefully win this weekend's match-up and advance to the Super Bowl.  Mankins so far hasn't won a championship to this point during his career, and the sting he's felt from losing two Super Bowls as well as last year's AFC Championship are ones that are driving him to hopefully avoid that this weekend.

“Losing big games hurts more than losing other ones — and not just Super Bowls, AFC Championship Games, too," Mankins told the Herald. "They stay with you. Losing those games is why people give that Buffalo team (that lost four consecutive Super Bowls) no credit. These days, there’s one Super Bowl champion and 31 losers.”

Hopefully after Sunday his team isn't one of them.