REPORT: Patriots McDaniels Withdrew His Name From Browns Job Because He Wasn't Their First Choice

Ian Logue
January 09, 2014 at 11:15am ET

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For Josh McDaniels, it looks like if he's going to return someday to being a head coach in the NFL, it has to be the right situation.

Apparently the Browns head coaching job wasn't it.

McDaniels, who reportedly interviewed with Browns brass last Saturday, apparently found out that while Cleveland was interested in hiring him as their next head coach, where he ranked on their list of candidates may have been one of the reasons why he opted out from consideration for the job.

According to's Mary Kay Cabot, McDaniels asked the Browns if he was No. 1 on their list and was told no, citing a source.

If McDaniels opted out after learning that, it's hard to blame him.  He's married with four children and uprooting his family to take a position where he wasn't necessarily their first choice is hard to argue, especially after already having a tough run in his first head coaching tenure in Denver.

Had Cleveland made a full-court press for his services, it's tough to say how that would have influenced his decision.  Fortunately for now it appears he'll be remaining in New England, which if nothing else eliminates any further distractions heading into the postseason.