Tom Brady's Post Game Press Conference Transcript

Ian Logue
December 22, 2013 at 09:52pm ET

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On how good his fifth straight AFC East title feels:

"That was pretty sweet.  They're a good team and they play well at home.  We've been talking about playing better on the road and we made a bunch of plays, especially on defense and special teams.  We got off to a better start and then the defense just played great.  So it was a great win."

On the early interception by Logan Ryan and the fact it carried on from there defensively:

"That was great.  You can get a lot of confidence.  Those guys were playing with a lot of confidence tonight.  One good play led to another, they got a fourth down stop, they missed a field goal.  We took advantage of some of opportunities and then made a bunch of big plays there at the end.  So it was pretty sweet."

On at the end of the game being able to control the clock:

"It was a great job.  The whole offensive line, the running backs, to finish a game like that was pretty cool.  We had the ability to play tough and play downhill in the run game and when our backs get going, reading those cuts like they were tonight, it was pretty tough to stop."

On if there will be a point when he'll look back at this year given everything that's happened and feel like it's special to be where they are:

"Sure.  I mean, they're all special.  It's hard to come by.  This team's really fought hard all year.  We've earned it, eleven wins in the NFL's not easy and to win a Division Title's not easy.  The competition's pretty stiff and we've faced some adversity, other teams have faced adversity.  It's just the way it is in the NFL.   I think the mental toughness is what's most important.  I think we've shown all year that even if we've been out of games and down, we've fought back and made them close at the end.  We haven't won them all, but we've won enough."

On if he notices if his team isn't the favorite going into a place if there's a little bit of talk about how the other guys are able to stand up to them:

"We know that nobody really picked us to win today, so that was pretty much straight across the board.  I don't know, Zo [Scott Zolak], did you pick us?"

I had you by two:

"[Laughs], just Zo.  [Turns to another reporter] No he doesn't? [Laughs]  Count for us Zo."

On his comments earlier in the year when they were 7-2 talking about how hard it was to win, and they still control everything:

"There's a lot left.  There's a lot of football next week.  It's the biggest game of our season, and typically as the season goes on, the games get bigger because there's fewer of them and we've got one game to play.    That's all that matters is trying to figure out a way to beat Buffalo and they're playing well, they won today.  Defensively they're playing really good.   It's going to be a big challenge for us and it's a holiday week so we've got to make sure we stay on top of this.  We've worked too hard to this point."

On how proud he is of the overall toughness of this win:

"We've shown that we can hang in there.  We've been in there with every team that we've played this year.  The competition's tough but we've just got to keep, like I said, being mentally tough. And whoever is in there has to be able to be counted on to do their job and I think it showed tonight that guys were capable of whoever was in there did a great job and was capable of doing their job."

On how big a deal it was for his team to play the way they did as they're getting ready for the postseason:

"Yeah, that was important.  I think that all three phases of the game really made a bunch of plays.  Offensively, I wish we had done probably a lot of things better than we did than we did tonight, but when we play that way defensively and in the kicking game, we're going to be tough to beat.  So that was pretty sweet."

On if he looks into any of the playoff scenarios:

"Well, we have to win this week. So, this week is our whole season."

On his comments on Peyton Manning setting the touchdown record:

"I didn't know that, that's pretty cool."

On his thoughts on going to see the movie on Friday:

"It was a good experience for our team.  The movie had a good message."

On if he liked it:

"I thought it was great.  Great movie."

On the fact it was a hat and T-shirt game:

"It's in my bag."

On if the luster of wearing them has worn off:

"Absolutely not.  I'll be wearing it all week.  That won't go anywhere.  Hopefully we can keep finding ways to get those hats and T-shirts.  Those games are important and I think we knew that the Dolphins had lost before our game, but it wouldn't have been as good coming in here without winning and getting a hat and T-shirt.  It was a great win against a very good team on the road.  Just what we needed."