Could The Patriots Miss The Playoffs? It's Possible

Ian Logue
December 20, 2013 at 09:40am ET

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The thought of the Patriots missing the postseason is disturbing, but according to CSNNE's Tom Curran, it's unfortunately not out of the realm of possibility with two games to go in the 2013 regular season.

Curran laid out a couple of scenarios that would leave the Patriots as spectators when the postseason begins, and it's certainly something to be concerned about  considering how tough Sunday's game is expected to be.

According to Curran, should the Patriots lose to the Ravens and Bills over these final two games and Miami goes on to win out, the Dolphins would snatch the Division out of New England's hands and make New England a potential wild card team.


Curran also points out that should the above happen and the Ravens win out, and Cincinnati goes 1-1 over the next two weeks, Tom Brady and company will be watching the postseason on television.

From 10-3 to out of the playoffs.  This season has already been a big enough disaster in terms of all the personnel losses and all the adversity they've faced.  Hopefully neither of these scenarios play out, because looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, the Patriots are still in contention for a first round bye.

As it stands right now, should they beat Baltimore and both the Bengals and the Colts lose this weekend, not only will the Patriots earn a playoff birth and win the AFC East, they'll also secure a first round bye.

So there's certainly plenty at stake this weekend, and hopefully the latter scenario begins to take shape because the former would be a tough end to a year that's already been frustrating enough.