Morning Huddle 10/17 - Jets' Ryan Has to Clarify Himself, Pats Clamping Down on Injuries, Today's Links

Ian Logue
October 17, 2013 at 10:33am ET

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Wednesday marked the start of the Patriots' transition on defense as they try to once again adjust from another major personnel loss.

With Jerod Mayo placed on injured reserve New England has already made some changes.  According to several reports it appears that Dont'a Hightower will be wearing the "green dot" on his helmet, which means he'll be the one handling the communication responsibilities to the defensive players.  That's a role that had been handled by Mayo, so now Hightower will handle the duties, and as we mentioned yesterday that was something Erik Frenz of the Boston Globe previously pointed out, as Hightower also did at times during the preseason. They also designated Devin McCourty as a captain, a role he held in 2011 and 2012.

Brady faces the task of making sure the Patriots have a better performance in this rematch.
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This weekend's match-up against the rival Jets will likely be another tough one.  The Patriots won their week two match-up earlier this season against them, albeit by just three points in a 13-10 victory back on September 12th at Gillette Stadium.  In that game New York's defense held quarterback Tom Brady to under 50% passing after he finished 19-of-39 (49%) for 185 yards and one touchdown, which came on the Patriots' first offensive series.  That was a play-action pass to Aaron Dobson, which he took 39 yards with no one around him when he made the reception.  It was also his first NFL catch, and it ended up being the only time New England reached the end zone all night.

Overall one of the Patriots biggest issues were being able to sustain a drive after finishing 4-of-18 (22%) on third down, with Ryan Allen punting 11 times and tied the franchise record with 514 punting yards.  Brady struggled on third down that night, attempting 15 passes with just 6 completions.  It wasn't exactly a strong performance, and Brady knows this time around won't be any easier.

"We played them in Week 2, had a tough time against them," said Brady during his press conference on Wednesday. "It wasn’t a good performance by our team – by our offense certainly – by our team it was actually pretty good; our defense played great. But we’re going to have to go out and do a lot better this week."

Rushing the ball was also an issue, with the Patriots finishing with eight negative carries, their second highest total of the year and it's also the only game so far this season where they didn't have a rush that went over 10 yards.

Meanwhile, the Jets are coming off of a 19-6 loss to the Steelers at home last week and New England is going to have the challenge of dealing with a team that's trying to get back on track while they handle their own issues. Obviously Mayo's gone and Danny Amendola likely won't be out there either after suffering a concussion in Sunday's win over New Orleans. Although he wasn't on the field during the Patriots previous meeting against New York. That's at least something that won't be as big of an adjustment in this week's game plan since that's something they've already dealt with.  One would have to believe we'll likely see an expanded role for Austin Collie, who ended up being a key player during New England's game-winning drive Sunday.

"The role he was put into, he was pretty comfortable with at that point," Brady said of Collie. "It wasn’t like, ‘Let’s go in there and run 85 plays.’ He got put in for a specific role and did a great job with the things that he was asked to do. He’s been building slowly since the day he got here but he’s really been working hard at trying to understand how we do things. Certainly the other night, he was doing things we were all comfortable with him doing."

Also likely missing this weekend could be Aqib Talib, who wasn't in practice on Wednesday.  Talib reportedly suffered a "hip flexor" during Sunday's game against the Saints and most reports seem to believe we won't see him against the Jets.  He's obviously been a key part of the Patriots run so far and we'll likely find out how this defense handles his absence for the first time this year should he be unable to go in this game.

It's going to be a challenging week, but Brady says they'll just have to battle through it.

"We’ve faced some different challenges," said Brady. "I think in the NFL, a lot of teams face challenges it’s just really how you deal with them. We’ve lost some guys, dealt with some issues, like every other team. We’re handling them OK, we’re 5-1. It’s a decent start. It doesn’t really get you anywhere at this point and I think we’re still looking to make improvements.

"I think that’s the most important thing, to try to improve every day in practice and the walkthroughs and hopefully it ultimately translates to better execution over the course of the season. But we’re not really where we need to be right now; we’re trying to get there. "


Rex Ryan continues to be an interesting character, including the fact this week he's told his players to instruct their wives and girlfriends that household chores are off limits as they try and save their energy for Sunday's game.  Recently signed Josh Cribbs said you could see it in Ryan's eyes that "he really wants this game."

“I saw it in his eyes in the team meeting,” Cribbs told the media Tuesday via “…I can tell he really wants this game. He was like, ‘Rest your legs, you go home, don’t do nothing for your wife. Say: ‘Baby, next week. I’m going to take out the trash next week. I’ll take the kids to practice next week because I got to rest for this game.’

“I’m going to tell him to put it on paper, so when I give it to my wife, I’m like, ‘Hey, Rex said that I don’t have to take out the trash.’ He might get a call from my wife.”

Apparently some of the "abstaining" Ryan told his players they felt seemingly meant something else - which reportedly caused Ryan to call another evening meeting last night with the media to "clarify" those comments that he "wasn't talking about S-E-X."  Only in New York.


We've gotten quite a bit of information following injuries this season, something that has been an interesting change compared to recent years as the media has done a good job of letting fans know what's going on with each of the players.  Apparently the team isn't too happy about it, and Luke Hughes of NESN had a good write-up expanding on a previous report that the team is trying to figure out how it's getting out, including involving their security team to try and get to the bottom of it.  Needless to say the days of finding out what's going on may be coming to an end as the team is seemingly clamping down, which may have an effect on how things are reported for the rest of the season.



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